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The fields for Thursday's playoffs are set. All games are at 6:30. The finals with Try Hard with a Vengeance vs [untitled] will take place on Tuesday, August 20 at Breese Stevens at 7:45pm.

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I'm pro Wizard Quest
Self Rating: 8
Performance Rating: 773 (-)

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Date Win
Score Opp.
Opponent Self
Field Game
6/4/2019 (T)c13 Disco-fever (10-9)8728Manchester 3 (Map) (Diagram)7:30Red
6/6/2019 (R)c13 Honey Badgers (15-5)51665Swan Creek (Map)6:00Maize
6/11/2019 (T)c13 Great Big D (6-12)893Blackhawk 2 (Map) (Diagram)7:30White
6/13/2019 (R)c13 Orbidiscs (6-11-2)8119Stoner Prairie Z (Map) (Diagram)6:00Kelly Green
6/18/2019 (T)c13 10  Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters (11-8)7681Blackhawk 2 (Map) (Diagram)7:30Red
6/20/2019 (R)c13 Resting Disc Face (8-9)8264Manchester 4 (Map) (Diagram)7:30Texas Orange
6/25/2019 (T)cDiscGrace (7-11)8494Manchester 4 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Kelly Green
7/2/2019 (T)c12 The Physbees (11-9)7629Blackhawk 2 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Gold
7/9/2019 (T)c10 Dank Strats (10-10)8531Brittingham 1 (Map) (Diagram)7:30Heliconia Pink
7/11/2019 (R)c13 Discs Out For Harambe (14-6-1)8830Manchester 4 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Silver
7/16/2019 (T)c13 10 Can't Touch Disc (5-11)7679Olin 3 (Diagram)6:00Forest Green
7/18/2019 (R)c11 The Single Banana (8-10)5796Glacier 2 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Black/Charcoal
7/23/2019 (T)c10 12 Warrior Princesses (5-12-1)5637Stoner Prairie X (Map) (Diagram)5:45Texas Orange
7/25/2019 (R)c11 A Parliament of Owls (10-7)7824Midtown 3 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Tropic Blue
7/30/2019 (T)c11 The Incredible Huck (9-10)7784Stoner Prairie Y (Map) (Diagram)7:15Maroon
8/1/2019 (R)c10 Absolutely Cloistered (12-8)7742Olbrich 4 (Map) (Diagram)7:15
8/6/2019 (T)c13 Dank Strats (10-10)8531Hiestand 1 (Map)7:15Heliconia Pink

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Players on the team

Teams can be forfeited for playing any player who is not on this list or for playing any player who is not paid.


  1. Alfredson, Abbey
  2. Allman, Nicole
  3. Bricker, Marielle
  4. Dalton, Christina
  5. Dalton, Emma
  6. Diederichs, Kelsey
  7. Genova, Jill
  8. Laurenzi, Jessie (Captain)
  9. Perreth, Sarah
  10. Puig, Lourdes
  11. Thomas, Nikki
  12. Williamson, Meirah


  1. Allman, Nathan
  2. Daniels, John
  3. Goossens, Joe
  4. Harlan, Mitchell (Captain)
  5. Krzebietke, Ryan
  6. Madamba, Matt
  7. Moy, Alex
  8. Perreth, Sam (Captain)
  9. Phouybanhdyt, Brandon
  10. Schaller, Casey
  11. Scharlau, Paul
  12. Schmoldt, Everett
  13. Strauch, Jared
  14. Tsang, Riley

Team Bio

The first threads of this team trace their origin to the season of 2014. A team full of ringers, highly skilled players, and Mitch. It competed at the highest levels of Mufa frisbee finishing the season in 13th place. This would be the start of an era in mufa frisbee that continues to send shockwaves about the league. Austin Reif would form a team the following summer and be given the highest honor available to a Mufa Captain, a team name derived solely from his sister's name.
Thug Reif would be born. The team was made mostly extremely good and extremely new players. Placing 35th the team would lay the foundation for next season with a world’s first denim game and jerseys that would be 3 times larger than large. Boundaries of Frisbee frivolity were pushed to the limits, but there was still room for improvement. With the addition of some Morton Salt Boys and the return of many OG Thug Reifers, the next season’s team would propel itself to 25th place. It was a journey with more Thug and Chugs, garage roofs summited, and 40's consumed than in any other season in history.
The next season would bring a name change, and a return to 35th place. Original titled Thug Reif Part 3: Reifer Madness the team would change their name midseason, to Cornballers to memorialize the clashing of titans in a pit of corn. Some might call this the end of the Reif dynastic era, and in some ways they would be wrong. Austin Reif's teachings live on in the hearts and minds of those that played with him and those that repeat his mantra of "I fucking love winning". His decision to pursue a full time job and competitive club frisbee left the team without a Reif at the helm for the first time in years. Listless and in need of a heading the team didn't choose a name and went by TBD for the duration of the long and arduous ultimate season.The wafting scent of boiling yams would draw in a new crowd of players dipping their toe to the ultimate community. Courtney would nearly kill a man demonstrating the team's retention of its thuggish roots.The placing of TBD that season was a palindromic 101st place.
Who knows what this coming season will hold for those who are pro Wizard Quest. Surely it will include the classic constants of, Sam Perreth in a jersey that is too large, and one game that features just the right amount of denim. It is rumored Austin Reif might return for a brief stint giving hope to all who admire him. Will I'm pro Wizard Quest rise up the standings to find themselves in the familiar 35th place? Or will they be able to find a position in the standings higher than 101? Take a sip of a warm red dog and lean back and watch us spike some discs in celebration for it will be a wondrous journey to embark on.