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The fields for Thursday's playoffs are set. All games are at 6:30. The finals with Try Hard with a Vengeance vs [untitled] will take place on Tuesday, August 20 at Breese Stevens at 7:45pm.

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Warrior Princesses
Self Rating: 5
Performance Rating: 637 (-)

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Date Win
Score Opp.
Opponent Self
Field Game
6/4/2019 (T)c11 11 Tops and Bottoms (15-5-1)51432Olbrich 4 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Blue
6/6/2019 (R)c13 Siberian Khatru (7-10)7926Midtown 2 (Map) (Diagram)7:30Heliconia Pink
6/11/2019 (T)c13 Still Counting (8-8-2)61006Midtown 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00
6/13/2019 (R)c13 Jerkstore (8-10)41385Blackhawk 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Lime green
6/18/2019 (T)c11 Discs Out For Harambe (14-6-1)8830Olin 2 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Silver
6/20/2019 (R)c13 Teach Me How to Hucky (10-8-1)61282Olbrich 2 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Kelly Kapowski Green
6/25/2019 (T)c12 (9-9)61036Stoner Prairie Z (Map) (Diagram)6:00royal blue
7/2/2019 (T)c10 Dank Strats (10-10)8531Midtown 3 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Heliconia Pink
7/9/2019 (T)c12 Can't Touch Disc (5-11)7679Manchester 3 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Forest Green
7/11/2019 (R)c13 Sultans of Swing (9-8)6890Glacier 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Atomic Blue
7/16/2019 (T)c10 The Single Banana (8-10)5796Olbrich 2 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Black/Charcoal
7/18/2019 (R)c12 The OC (11-10)7575Northstar 6 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Atomic Blue
7/23/2019 (T)c12 10 I'm pro Wizard Quest (12-5)8773Stoner Prairie X (Map) (Diagram)5:45Maroon5
7/25/2019 (R)c12 11 Discfunctional (7-11)6587Stoner Prairie Z (Map) (Diagram)5:45Gold
7/30/2019 (T)c13 Dut Dingers (7-10-1)5800Manchester 2 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Royal blue
8/1/2019 (R)c13 Cultured Yogurt (6-10)5722Midtown 3 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Tropic Blue
8/6/2019 (T)cLimp Dizkit (6-13)6600Northstar 6 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Navy
8/8/2019 (R)c12 Absolutely Cloistered (12-8)7742Midtown 3 (Map) (Diagram)5:45

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Players on the team

Teams can be forfeited for playing any player who is not on this list or for playing any player who is not paid.


  1. Carson, Claire
  2. Iyer, Nisha
  3. Meehan, Rachael
  4. Peters, Olivia (Captain)
  5. Promislow, Alysia
  6. Rhoads, Erin
  7. Waggener, MacKenna
  8. Whiting, Deanna


  1. d'Auteuil, Alex
  2. Gillette, Matt
  3. Krahenbuhl, Ben
  4. Panico, Matt
  5. Peters, Mark
  6. Ruenroeng, Ryan (Captain)
  7. Townsend, Cole
  8. Turner, T.J
  9. VanDyke, Nate

Team Bio

We bleed glitter. Our hearts are full.