Summer League 2019 > MW Swiss

The fields for Wednesday's games are set. The finals with Mind the Gap vs Huck Huck Goose will take place on Tuesday, August 20 at Breese Stevens at 6pm.

Finals is Tuesday, August 20th at Breese Stevens Field. Information here:¬if_id=1564424073173228

Fall League Registration Information here:

The MUFA Board of Directors is holding a public meeting on Sunday, August 11th at the Fitchburg Dane. Information here:

Contact Wildwood Productions with any shirt questions or additional shirt or disc purchases:

DO NOT park in double stalls intended for vehicles with trailers. You will get a ticket.

Confirmed teams have 6 paid women and 6 paid men on their roster. The league maximum is 128 teams on MW and 128 teams on TR. After that the league is full. MW won't fill up, but TR will so don't have your players register late if it's important to play in TR.

Teams Confirmed

  1. 12 Inch Discs
  2. 2 Beer 2 Cheer
  3. Amateur Gods 2: Electric Boogaloo
  4. Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
  5. Average Joe's
  6. bangerang
  7. Big Disc Energy
  8. Big Doug's Hammers
  9. Boat n' Ho Stacks
  10. Cheetahs
  11. Compact Discs
  12. CUBE
  13. Death Throw
  14. Disc Jockeys
  15. Discappointments
  16. Discombobulated
  17. Discospondylitis
  18. DISCount Double Check
  19. Exercise script
  20. Flat Ball Truthers
  21. Flickmingos
  23. Friendly Flickers
  24. Frisbeasts
  25. Game of Throws
  26. GenghDisc Khan
  27. Getting Viggy with it
  28. Ghost Squirrels
  29. Green Eggs and Hammers
  30. Hammer Rumpus
  31. Hot Pie!
  32. Huck Huck 2: Huck Huck Harder
  33. Huck Huck Goose
  34. Indecent Discposure
  35. JAG
  36. Late Team
  37. Mark Dumps
  38. Massive Dump
  39. Mind The Gap
  40. MUFAsa FC
  41. Northern Flickers
  42. Old Ruffians
  43. Omar's School of Disc Golf Highlights
  44. Penultimates
  45. Philosofriends
  46. Red Squadron Episode IX: Down to Force
  47. Ruth Badder Disc-Burns
  48. Ryan Shaw Play-Doh Factory Experience
  49. Scoober Snacks
  50. Sloth Co.
  51. The Flying Saucers
  52. The Gut Microbiome
  53. The Team Who Must Not Be Named
  54. Three Buck Huck
  55. Thunderpants
  56. Twolfpack II: The Twequel
  57. We Survived The Snap
  58. Whiskey Disc
  59. Wumbology
  60. Young Bloods

Teams Not Confirmed

There are no teams.