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Aug 23 - all remaining championships and consolation championships are optional for today. Games are scheduled for 6:30 pm. . Contact your opposing captain to ensure the game will happen.

Tier 1 consolation - Northstar 1

Tier 2 winners bracket championship - Manchester 1

Tier 2 consolation - Sandstone 1

Tier 3 winners bracket championship - Stoner Prairie A

Tier 3 consolation - Sandstone 2

Tier 4 winners bracket championship - Manchester 2

Tier 4 consolation - Northstar 5

Tier 5 winners bracket championship -  Northstar 6

Tier 5 consolation - Manchester 3

Tier 6 winners bracket championship - Midtown 1

Tier 6 consolation - Midtown 2

Tier 7 winners bracket championship - Midtown 3

Tier 7 consolation - Hiestand 1

Tier 8 winners bracket championship - Hiestand 2

Tier 8 consolation -  Northstar 2




View the brackets using the link next to your Group on the standings page.

Summer League Finals will take place at Breese Stevens Field on Wednesday, August 22nd. Free food and drink for all summer league participants. Guests can get food and drink ($5 donation suggested).


Fall League info here:

How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
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Date Win
Score Opp.
Opponent Self
Field Game
6/5/2018 (T)c13 A Good Day to TryHard (14-3-1)12632Burr Jones 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Atomic Blue
6/7/2018 (R)c11 Mini Giraffes (5-12)11984Blackhawk 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Very very light blue
6/12/2018 (T)c13 Mad Carls (4-11)21549Hiestand 3 (Map)6:00
6/14/2018 (R)c11 13 Huckleberry Hounds (10-8)12185Hiestand 2 (Map)6:00Maroon
6/28/2018 (R)c10 Break-fast Club (10-6-1)22186Hiestand 2 (Map)6:00Blue Raspberry
7/3/2018 (T)c13 The Bacon Effect (9-8)21889Olbrich 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Black
7/10/2018 (T)c13 10 Callahan Job FC (12-4)22018Sandstone 2 (Map) (Diagram)7:30Cream
7/12/2018 (R)c12 Madtown Polar Bears (10-7)51719Burr Jones 2 (Map) (Diagram)7:30
7/17/2018 (T)c13 Bomb Snaps (10-7)12496Northstar 2 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Maize
7/19/2018 (R)c13 The Cones of Dunshire (11-7)12430Olbrich 2 (Map) (Diagram)7:30Orange
7/24/2018 (T)c10 13 Peaked in HS (11-6)72003Flagstone 1 (Map)7:15Gold
7/26/2018 (R)c13 Skinny Helmets (9-8)22189Burr Jones 2 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Orange
7/31/2018 (T)c13 Your Mom (10-7)41917Northstar 5 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Orange
8/2/2018 (R)c12 12 Darth Mybo (9-8-1)22106Midtown 2 (Map) (Diagram)7:15Red (sometimes)
8/7/2018 (T)c13 Mike Huckrone (10-6-1)41510Olbrich 2 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Purple
8/14/2018 (T)c11 Madtown Polar Bears (10-7)51719Northstar 6 (Map) (Diagram)7:15
8/16/2018 (R)Result  Floaters (8-9)21747Hiestand 1 (Map)6:30orange
8/21/2018 (T)Result  The Bacon Effect (9-8)21889See msg above6:30Black

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Players on the team

Teams can be forfeited for playing any player who is not on this list or for playing any player who is not paid.


  1. Chatterton, Kayla
  2. DesJarlais, Emily
  3. Dvorak, Kayla
  4. Emmerich, Elizabeth
  5. Euch, Erica (Captain)
  6. Miller, Emily
  7. Schommer, Callie
  8. Vick, Hannah
  9. Wipperfurth, Laura


  1. Dolan, Zac
  2. Doudlah, Raymond
  3. Haas, Rich
  4. Kojis, Charlie
  5. Martinez, Jeremy (Ringer)
  6. Miller, Robert (Captain)
  7. Schommer, Kyle (Captain)
  8. Thompson, Tyler
  9. Wiegel, Taylor
  10. Wright, David

Team Bio

Player information

Hembras (females)

Kayla chatterton - voted most likely to be rookie of the year. Has yet to loose a game of frisbee.

Emily Desjarlais - one girl of the two girls one cup defense. Runner up for most scores 2016. Scoring champion 2017.

Kayla Dvorak - rookie of the year 2017.

Elizabeth Emmerich - moved away to get some time away from the team. Relized how boring life is without frisbee. Moved back to play with us again!

Erica Euch - decided family is better than frisbee. Still joins the team to keep og status. (OG)

Emily Miller - thinks this is "rec" frisbee.

Callie Schommer - Does not always know what is going on but she is always smiling.

Laura Schommer - Lists last name as "wipperforth" so people dont think she is related to Kyle. If they knew frisbee was in her blood they would play harder. Scorekeeper of the year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Hannah Vick - Most D's on players taller than them award 2015, 2016, 2017

HemBros (dudes)

Zac Dolan - also moved away. Did not miss us at all. But his girlfriend signed up so he did as well.

Ray Doudlah - When in doubt huck it deep.

Rich Haas - famous quote "which one of yall mutha fuckas comin in second. Cause all yall mutha fuckas know im winning this shit". Most foul calls against 2016, 2017.

Charlie Kojis - highest catch percentage 2015, 2017. Surprisingly competitive.

Robert Miller - likes to run 8 different defenses. All are zone coverage.

Kyle Schommer - most handblocks with something other than his hand. This concerns Laura more than it should. Had to buy new shorts this year due to jersey color.

Jadon scullion - male rookie of the year 2017. Voted most likely to be rookie of the year again. (First male to do this since Derek McCaslin 2011,2012)

Tyler Thompson - Trusts push pass over backhand. Voted best hair 2017.

Taylor Wiegel - Highest spring league attendance 2018. Loves the game more than his car.

David Wright - Goes by Dave. Season ending injury sidelined him 2017. After three surgeries you can still hear the faint squeek as he walks.