Summer League 2018 > Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR

Aug 23 - all remaining championships and consolation championships are optional for today. Games are scheduled for 6:30 pm. . Contact your opposing captain to ensure the game will happen.

Tier 1 consolation - Northstar 1

Tier 2 winners bracket championship - Manchester 1

Tier 2 consolation - Sandstone 1

Tier 3 winners bracket championship - Stoner Prairie A

Tier 3 consolation - Sandstone 2

Tier 4 winners bracket championship - Manchester 2

Tier 4 consolation - Northstar 5

Tier 5 winners bracket championship -  Northstar 6

Tier 5 consolation - Manchester 3

Tier 6 winners bracket championship - Midtown 1

Tier 6 consolation - Midtown 2

Tier 7 winners bracket championship - Midtown 3

Tier 7 consolation - Hiestand 1

Tier 8 winners bracket championship - Hiestand 2

Tier 8 consolation -  Northstar 2




View the brackets using the link next to your Group on the standings page.

Summer League Finals will take place at Breese Stevens Field on Wednesday, August 22nd. Free food and drink for all summer league participants. Guests can get food and drink ($5 donation suggested).


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Bae Blades
Self Rating: 2
Performance Rating: (-)

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Date Win
Score Opp.
Opponent Self
Field Game
6/5/2018 (T)c12 10 The Cones of Dunshire (11-7)12430Stoner Prairie F (Map) (Diagram)6:00Orange
6/7/2018 (R)c13 Dominant Fat (6-11)21729Glacier 3 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Hamburger Bun
6/12/2018 (T)c13 FrisBFFs (13-5)12581Hiestand 2 (Map)6:00WHITE
6/14/2018 (R)c13 2Spooky (8-9)11917Manchester 2 (Map) (Diagram)7:30
6/19/2018 (T)c13 Bomb Snaps (10-7)12496Stoner Prairie D (Map) (Diagram)6:00Maize
6/28/2018 (R)c13 Untitled 2 (10-7)22352Swan Creek (Map)6:00Navy
7/3/2018 (T)c13 Break-fast Club (10-6-1)22186Hiestand 2 (Map)6:00Blue Raspberry
7/10/2018 (T)c13 A Good Day to TryHard (14-3-1)12632Olin 3 (Diagram)6:00Atomic Blue
7/12/2018 (R)c12 Happy Salmon (13-5)12567Olbrich 1 (Map) (Diagram)7:30purple/white
7/17/2018 (T)c11 13 Skinny Helmets (9-8)22189Burr Jones 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Orange
7/19/2018 (R)c13 The Bacon Effect (9-8)21889Olbrich 4 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Black
7/24/2018 (T)c13 The Cones of Dunshire (11-7)12430Flagstone 2 (Map)7:15Orange
7/26/2018 (R)c10 11 Huckleberry Hounds (10-8)12185Olbrich 4 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Maroon
7/31/2018 (T)c13 Untitled 2 (10-7)22352Flagstone 2 (Map)7:15Navy
8/2/2018 (R)c13 FrisBFFs (13-5)12581Northstar 5 (Map) (Diagram)7:15WHITE
8/7/2018 (T)c13 Huckleberry Hounds (10-8)12185Midtown 2 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Maroon
8/16/2018 (R)c12 FrisBFFs (13-5)12581Burr Jones 2 (Map) (Diagram)5:45WHITE

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Players on the team

Teams can be forfeited for playing any player who is not on this list or for playing any player who is not paid.


  1. Ebert, Elizabeth
  2. Flowerman, Camila (Ringer)
  3. Hartlaub, Caitlin
  4. Knauss, Eleanor
  5. Ramey, Claire
  6. Reams, Kendra (SUB)
  7. Sobotik, Atzie
  8. Stanger, Margo (Captain)
  9. Strickland, Amanda


  1. Biliyar, Vikas
  2. Garlock, Daniel (Ringer)
  3. Kopp, Patrick
  4. Mallmann, Jack
  5. Moody, Ben (Captain)
  6. Olsson, Spencer
  7. Schon, Michael
  8. Witter, Zeke

Team Bio

A young boy named Moodster (Ben Moody) enters the Regional Baeblade Qualifying Tournament, where he encounters Margz (Margo Stanger) and Dan (the man) Garlock. After defeating them, they organize a team, known as the BAE BLADES, along with Mila, Zeke, Amanda, Spencer, Tbone, Vikas, Caitlin, Mike, Ida, Jack, and Eleanor. Pat tags along as their manager. The BAE BLADES tour Madison to register for MUFA while confronting many obstacles along the way. We'll have to see how the season plays out. LET IT RIP!