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AUG 21 - All games except Tier 1 winner's bracket are canceled for today due to the monsoon. Games will be rescheduled for Thursday Aug 23 pending new reservations with the city. These games are also OPTOINAL so check with the opposing captain to make sure both teams are available. We apologize for the soggy end to the season.

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Summer League Finals will take place at Breese Stevens Field on Wednesday, August 22nd. Free food and drink for all summer league participants. Guests can get food and drink ($5 donation suggested).


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Backhand Baddies
Self Rating: 4
Performance Rating: (-)

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Date Win
Score Opp.
Opponent Self
Field Game
6/4/2018 (M)c12 Make Cuts, Not War (9-10)4836Olin 2 (Map) (Diagram)6:00
6/6/2018 (W)c13 11 Literally no one here works at Epic (14-6)51273Sandstone 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00SeaFrost
6/11/2018 (M)c10 Reckless D-havior (8-8)31240Burr Jones 1 (Map) (Diagram)7:30
6/13/2018 (W)c13 12 Up in the Air (10-8)31441Manchester 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Royal Blue
6/18/2018 (M)c10 Death Throw (7-10)31104Midtown 4 (Map) (Diagram)6:00black
6/25/2018 (M)c10 12 Ghost Squirrels (10-9)21304Sandstone 2 (Map) (Diagram)6:00Gold
7/2/2018 (M)c10 13 bangerang (11-6-1)31334Manchester 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00
7/11/2018 (W)c11 13 Thunderpants (11-8)51487Sandstone 2 (Map) (Diagram)7:30
7/16/2018 (M)c11 Disc Jockeys (10-7)21436Stoner Prairie B (Map) (Diagram)6:00
7/18/2018 (W)c12 11 Ex Frisbaes (9-9)41397Sandstone 1 (Map) (Diagram)6:00
7/23/2018 (M)c13 Huck Huck Goose (13-7)31396Midtown 3 (Map) (Diagram)5:45
7/30/2018 (M)cAvengers: The Later Years (5-12)31222Manchester 1 (Map) (Diagram)5:45
8/1/2018 (W)c13 GenghDisc Khan (7-9)41535Swan Creek (Map)5:45Sand
8/6/2018 (M)c13 bangerang (11-6-1)31334Midtown 4 (Map) (Diagram)5:45
8/8/2018 (W)Result  Discombobulated (8-8)41206Sandstone 2 (Map) (Diagram)5:45Safety Orange

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Players on the team

Teams can be forfeited for playing any player who is not on this list or for playing any player who is not paid.


  1. Grutzner, Anna
  2. Lee McVey, Hoi Ming (Captain)
  3. Peterson, Abby (Captain)
  4. Reddan, Sophia
  5. Redsten, Genevieve
  6. Schneberger, ZoeCeleste


  1. Benforado, Charlie (Captain)
  2. Buencamino, Adam
  3. Cai, Reggie (SUB)
  4. Cai, Reggie (SUB)
  5. Ericson, Andrew (Captain)
  6. Garvey, Kieran
  7. Hoyt, Sam (Captain)
  8. Jacobs, Daniel Not Paid
  9. Myers, Jake
  10. Quinn, Sean
  11. Rouse, Alex
  12. Scheckel, Teddy
  13. Sumiarta, Jahan
  14. wollaeger, jack

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