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AUG 21 - All games except Tier 1 winner's bracket are canceled for today due to the monsoon. Games will be rescheduled for Thursday Aug 23 pending new reservations with the city. These games are also OPTOINAL so check with the opposing captain to make sure both teams are available. We apologize for the soggy end to the season.

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Summer League Finals will take place at Breese Stevens Field on Wednesday, August 22nd. Free food and drink for all summer league participants. Guests can get food and drink ($5 donation suggested).


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Teams looking for players for Summer League

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LeagueDateTeam NameTitleDescriptionContact Info
Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW 5/15/2018Frisbee4dayzM/W East Side TeamPretty fun/casual team. M/W, east side. Need more players in general but especially women. Feel free to just sign up. Frisbee4dayz (if there are 2 in the dropdown, pick the first one) and password is "dayz." Let me know if you have any questions and I can add you to our FB
Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW 5/15/2018Frisbee4dayzStill looking for women playersWe have 6 women right now, so we can definitely use more! Have plenty of
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/15/2018Whiskey discTaking guy/girl baggagesChill Tues/Thurs team primarily looking for women (duh) but we have space to take a guy/girl pair or two. No skill level required, we expect to end up in the lower half of Swiss. Average age of team is mid-to-late 20s but we get along with all ages. We can promise at least one SIDELINE DOG per game!! Our goals are get some exercise, have fun, make friends, drink beer and pet dogs. Not necessarily in that
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/14/2018Sofa KingdomLooking to Add A Woman or TwoWe are a team of veterans looking for another woman or two to round out our roster. We generally play in the 3rd Tier of Swiss in the Tuesday-Thursday League. We enjoy a good, spirited game of ultimate and a better time of socializing after the game. Optional tubing trips available. Women with male baggage may be
Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW 5/13/2018Some TasteLooking for 2 Lady FriendsJust a group of college kids having some summer fun. No experience needed, you will learn how to play! About half the team plays at the Division 1 College
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/11/2018Cooper is the Best DogLooking for 1-2 handlersConfirmed team looking to bolster our ranks with a couple individuals who can handle well. We are a middle of the pack skilled team that are pretty laid back. If you are interested, shoot me an
Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW 5/11/2018Average JoesNeed Ladies and MenWe need roughly 2-4 men and 4 ladies. Currently interested in men that bring ladies to the
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/11/2018Siberian KhatruLooking for 4-5 womenWe are looking for 4-5 women to join our Tu/Th team or for another Tu/Th team willing to take on 2 women and 7 guys. We’ve been playing together a while just pretty low I numbers this
Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW 5/10/2018TardiscsStill need ladies 2-3Team that plays for fun with a variety of experience
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/8/2018Glitter Pirates XIILooking for 1-2 WomenAhoy Mateys! We are a 12th year team looking for a couple ladies of any skill level. We have a wealth of experience and a wide skill range. Team - Glitter Pirates XII Days - Tu / Th If you are interested, please e-mail. Thanks!
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/8/2018JerkstoreIntermediate T/Th team looking for 1-2 womenMy T/Th team (Jerkstore) is looking for another 1-2 women. This is our 7th season, and we typically finish around the middle of Swiss. The team is a mix of experienced/newer and athletic/less athletic players. We are most concerned with having a fun team that shows up to games. Thanks!
Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW 5/7/2018TardiscsLooking for more playersDue to miscommunications about playing this year, we are short players both men and women. We could use about 5 guys and 6 ladies. Send me a request and I will send you the team info to sign
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/7/2018Team Awesome!Looking for 1-2 more womenIf there happen to be any women looking to join a storied (read that: old) team this summer, Team Awesome! is looking for another 1-2 women yet. We usually end up in the middle of swiss, Tues/Thurs. Thanks!
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/4/2018Bascom SwillLooking for 1 womanWe had one lady drop and could use a replacement. Any skill