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LeagueDateTeam NameTitleDescriptionContact Info
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/15/2017Disco RobotoLooking for more layersHello! We are Disco Roboto, a super casual frisbee team looking for a few more players! All skill levels welcome!651-600-5939
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/4/2017Shart Weeklooking for one woman to complete our rosterwe are looking for another lady to join our TR league (we signed up for the 6/7:30 mixed time slot). A little about our team... -We like to play hard ( i.e. really focus on fundamentals) but also, and more importantly, have fun and be good spirited. -Our average age is 26-28, but any age is welcomed. -our experiences range from only league players to regional level club players. -we also got second in the BCD Mufa league last year!
Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW 5/4/2017Average JoesLooking for ladies and/or lady/guy combosWe are a Monday/Wednesday team that plays a mix of east/west games. Team makeup includes experienced to a few years of ultimate. Need ladies, but have some spots open for guys that bring ladies to the team. You can reach me email
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/3/2017Habeas PorpoiseLooking for ladies or dudes with ladiesOur team has been around for several years now, but has been decimated since last season by people having babies, moving out of town, playing other sports, etc. We have a really great record, "great record" meaning we have a really good record of showing up to games and having fun. We generally do not care about if you are a great player, a new player, cannot throw, cannot run, or anything like that. If you show up and play your darndest, well shoot, we will take that. If you are looking for a fun, low-stress, laid-back, inclusive and non-competitive team... we are the team for you!
Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW 5/3/2017Hot Pie!Looking for Female Handle rExperienced MW Intermediate Swiss team looking has lost several players this year and is looking for a female handler to complete the roster. We like to win, but are more concerned with having fun and getting everyone involved.
Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR 5/2/2017Can't Touch DiscLooking For More FemalesWe have a Red T/Th team that is looking for more female players. We have a wide variety of skill levels, athletic ability, and competitiveness. Many members are couples with infants/toddlers, so they will be on the sidelines cheering you
Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW 5/1/2017Huck Huck GooseLooking for 6-8 more players (women needed)We are a mix of new and experienced MUFA players (all in our early/mid-20s). A group of us have played for 2-3 years and want to keep the team going even though we do not have the numbers. We are competitive, but are ultimately there to have a good time! Email me if you have questions and/or are interested in joining the