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Players looking for teams for Summer League

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DateNameTitleDescriptionContact Info
5/25/2018Zach CoffeyLooking for a Rec MW team!!Hello! my name is Zach and I moved to Madison this past Fall and I have been looking forward to summer ultimate ever since.I have played ultimate for about 5 years now.... All throughout college and four summers with Rockford's Spin-itch team. I am super stoked to have the opportunity to meet new friends and having a blast through the process.815-566-2414 &
5/24/2018Luke StoinskiLooking for a Rec MW teamI recently moved to the to the area. I have played ultimate Frisbee a few times before and had quite a bit fun. I was looking for something fun to do on weeknights and I was hoping to get on a ultimate Frisbee team this
5/22/2018Brian FrederickLooking for an excuse to play more frisbeeI'm a 35 year old non ringer male. I'll probably only make about half the games. I can play either league, part ; 608-213-6220 call or text
5/22/2018Derek RodriguezLooking for a MW teamMale just looking to have some fun. I have minimal ultimate experience but am fairly athletic. I'll admit you may find my focus is often on beer but hey, it's what you do in
5/15/2018Ty MauermanAnyMale, semi-competitive; looking for a team dedicated to having fun, winning, or both; Experienced MUFA player willing to play any position; will bring beer to or 608-449-9058
5/13/2018Brian HartTu/Thurs teamRinger. Won't make west side games often due to work. Let me know!
5/9/2018Ryan HankeBeginner Looking for FunEasy going 31 year old male with little experience looking to have fun. Pretty athletic and could be a good cutter. Have some experience with a disc, just not
5/5/2018Dan SillowMale LF MWMale with longtime handler experience looking for team on MW608-622-1266
4/27/2018Scot KronenfeldLooking for a Rec B or C teamI would prefer B, but open to C as well. Thanks! :)
4/27/2018Scot KronenfeldLooking for a Rec B or C teamWould prefer Rec B, open to Rec C also. Also, would enjoy a team of other parents, if such a thing exists. It'd be nice to bring my kids to some games and have other kids