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Players must sign up by May 15 to ge guaranteed a shirt and disc!

To edit your team's information or designate different captain(s), the current captain can log in and select new or additional captains using the checkboxes next to the roster list, or click Edit this Team to ..edit this team. Please limit the number of captains per team to 3 if possible. (Any team that didn't have a captain had two people randomly assigned)

If you need to edit your shirt size or other registration information, log in and edit your registration by selecting 2018 summer league from the list of leagues on your home page.

Teams must have 6 men and 6 women paid by May 15 to get into the league. Games will start the week of June 4. Shirt/disc pickup will be June 2 or 3 at Wildwood Productions.

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View teams looking for players


View players looking for teams

To add yourself to the list of player looking for team, just login or create a new MUFA account and the link will be on your account page after you log in.

To add your team to the list of teams looking for players, captains can log in, navigate to their team page, and they will see a link to add their team.


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1"MY DISC FELL OFF"0-0.000000000.0
21 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk0-0.000000000.0
312 Inch Discs0-0.000000000.0
4Avengers: The Later Years0-0.000000000.0
5Average Joes0-0.000000000.0
6Backhand Baddies0-0.000000000.0
8Best Friends Squad0-0.000000000.0
9Beta Blockers0-0.000000000.0
11Childisc Gambino0-0.000000000.0
12Compact Discs0-0.000000000.0
14Death Throw0-0.000000000.0
15Disc Jockeys0-0.000000000.0
16Disc Pics0-0.000000000.0
18Ex Frisbaes0-0.000000000.0
20Frisbeenacci Sequence0-0.000000000.0
22GenghDisc Khan0-0.000000000.0
23Ghost Squirrels0-0.000000000.0
25Hold the Disc0-0.000000000.0
26Hot Pie!0-0.000000000.0
27Huck Dynasty0-0.000000000.0
28Huck Huck Goose0-0.000000000.0
29Huck Lords0-0.000000000.0
30Huckuna Matata0-0.000000000.0
32Less Cheer, More Beer0-0.000000000.0
33Limp Discs0-0.000000000.0
34Literally no one here works at Epic0-0.000000000.0
35Macrocycflick Stacktones0-0.000000000.0
36Make Cuts, Not War0-0.000000000.0
37Massive Dump0-0.000000000.0
38Mind the Gap0-0.000000000.0
39No Taste0-0.000000000.0
40Northern Exposure0-0.000000000.0
41Nuclear Wasted0-0.000000000.0
42Old Ruffians0-0.000000000.0
43Old Tomatoes0-0.000000000.0
45Purple Pain0-0.000000000.0
46Reckless D-havior0-0.000000000.0
47Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back0-0.000000000.0
48Respiratory Discstress0-0.000000000.0
49Risky Frizzness0-0.000000000.0
50Ruth Badder Disc-burns0-0.000000000.0
51sand people0-0.000000000.0
52Scotch Ale and APA, Please0-0.000000000.0
53Siberian Khatru0-0.000000000.0
55Team Ramrod0-0.000000000.0
56The Andrew Vig Experience 3.00-0.000000000.0
57The Team Who Must Not Be Named0-0.000000000.0
58Three Buck Huck0-0.000000000.0
61Up in the Air0-0.000000000.0
62West Ultimate0-0.000000000.0
63Whiskey Disc0-0.000000000.0
64You Can't Handle Us0-0.000000000.0
65Young Bloods0-0.000000000.0

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