Spring League 2019 > MW Men

The last two games for Spring league will be held on May 27th and May 29th.

Spring League All Star Game is on May 31st at Demetral field. The womens game is at 6 with the mens game at 7:30. Pizza and beer/soda will be available for all spring league participants. Guests are asked for a $5 donation to attend.
 Please nominate one person from your team to play in the all-star game. You should poll your team for willingness/ability to play in the game. Captains are to respond once your team has made their decision.

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Cumin vs. NutmegSandstone 16:00
Jakhya vs. Juniper BerrySandstone 26:00
Ginger vs. KawakawaStoner Prairie A6:00
Allspice vs. WormwoodStoner Prairie C6:00
Chili Pepper vs. SaltStoner Prairie D6:00
Barberry vs. TarragonStoner Prairie X6:00
Chives vs. SaffronStoner Prairie Y6:00


Cumin vs. GingerGlacier 16:00
Chili Pepper vs. Juniper BerryHiestand 16:00
Chives vs. JakhyaHiestand 26:00
Allspice vs. SaltNorthstar 16:00
Tarragon vs. SaffronNorthstar 26:00
Wormwood vs. NutmegNorthstar 56:00
Barberry vs. KawakawaNorthstar 66:00


Chili Pepper vs. GingerSandstone 16:00
Chives vs. CuminSandstone 26:00
Salt vs. NutmegStoner Prairie A6:00
Tarragon vs. KawakawaStoner Prairie C6:00
Wormwood vs. Juniper BerryStoner Prairie D6:00
Saffron vs. AllspiceStoner Prairie X6:00
Barberry vs. JakhyaStoner Prairie Y6:00


Salt vs. Juniper BerryGlacier 16:00
Tarragon vs. JakhyaGlacier 26:00
Wormwood vs. GingerHiestand 26:00
Barberry vs. CuminManchester 26:00
Chili Pepper vs. ChivesManchester 36:00
Allspice vs. NutmegNorthstar 26:00
Saffron vs. KawakawaNorthstar 66:00


Tarragon vs. CuminMidtown 16:00
Wormwood vs. ChivesMidtown 26:00
Barberry vs. Chili PepperSandstone 26:00
Nutmeg vs. Juniper BerryStoner Prairie A6:00
Saffron vs. JakhyaStoner Prairie D6:00
Kawakawa vs. AllspiceStoner Prairie X6:00
Salt vs. GingerStoner Prairie Y6:00


Saffron vs. CuminGlacier 26:00
Salt vs. ChivesHiestand 16:00
Tarragon vs. Chili PepperNorthstar 16:00
Wormwood vs. BarberryNorthstar 56:00
Allspice vs. Juniper BerryNorthstar 66:00
Nutmeg vs. GingerStoner Prairie A6:00
Kawakawa vs. JakhyaStoner Prairie C6:00


Nutmeg vs. ChivesManchester 26:00
Saffron vs. Chili PepperManchester 36:00
Jakhya vs. AllspiceManchester 46:00
Juniper Berry vs. GingerMidtown 16:00
Kawakawa vs. CuminMidtown 36:00
Salt vs. BarberryStoner Prairie A6:00
Tarragon vs. WormwoodStoner Prairie C6:00


Salt vs. TarragonGlacier 16:00
Nutmeg vs. BarberryHiestand 16:00
Saffron vs. WormwoodHiestand 26:00
Allspice vs. GingerNorthstar 16:00
Jakhya vs. CuminNorthstar 26:00
Juniper Berry vs. ChivesNorthstar 56:00
Kawakawa vs. Chili PepperNorthstar 66:00


Jakhya vs. Chili PepperManchester 36:00
Juniper Berry vs. BarberryManchester 46:00
Kawakawa vs. WormwoodSandstone 16:00
Nutmeg vs. TarragonSandstone 26:00
Cumin vs. AllspiceStoner Prairie A6:00
Ginger vs. ChivesStoner Prairie D6:00
Saffron vs. SaltStoner Prairie Y6:00


Allspice vs. ChivesGlacier 16:00
Cumin vs. Chili PepperGlacier 26:00
Ginger vs. BarberryHiestand 16:00
Jakhya vs. WormwoodHiestand 26:00
Juniper Berry vs. TarragonNorthstar 66:00
Kawakawa vs. SaltSandstone 16:00
Nutmeg vs. SaffronSandstone 26:00


Jakhya vs. SaltMidtown 16:00
Juniper Berry vs. SaffronMidtown 26:00
Kawakawa vs. NutmegMidtown 36:00
Cumin vs. WormwoodStoner Prairie A6:00
Chili Pepper vs. AllspiceStoner Prairie C6:00
Chives vs. BarberryStoner Prairie D6:00
Ginger vs. TarragonStoner Prairie X6:00


Chives vs. TarragonGlacier 26:00
Cumin vs. SaltHiestand 26:00
Juniper Berry vs. KawakawaNorthstar 16:00
Chili Pepper vs. WormwoodNorthstar 56:00
Allspice vs. BarberryNorthstar 66:00
Jakhya vs. NutmegStoner Prairie A6:00
Ginger vs. SaffronStoner Prairie C6:00


Chili Pepper vs. NutmegManchester 46:00
Ginger vs. JakhyaMidtown 26:00
Wormwood vs. SaltSandstone 16:00
Barberry vs. SaffronSandstone 26:00
Tarragon vs. AllspiceStoner Prairie A6:00
Cumin vs. Juniper BerryStoner Prairie D6:00
Chives vs. KawakawaStoner Prairie X6:00


Nutmeg vs. ChivesGlacier 16:00
Saffron vs. Chili PepperGlacier 26:00
Salt vs. BarberryHiestand 16:00
Kawakawa vs. CuminHiestand 26:00
Jakhya vs. AllspiceNorthstar 16:00
Juniper Berry vs. GingerNorthstar 26:00
Tarragon vs. WormwoodNorthstar 56:00


Kawakawa vs. WormwoodHiestand 16:00
Nutmeg vs. TarragonHiestand 26:00
Cumin vs. AllspiceNorthstar 26:00
Ginger vs. ChivesNorthstar 56:00
Saffron vs. SaltNorthstar 66:00
Jakhya vs. Chili PepperSandstone 16:00
Juniper Berry vs. BarberrySandstone 26:00