Spring League 2018 > MW Men

Spring League All Star Game / Party - June 3 at 6 pm at Burr Jones. Free beer and pizza!

Summer League registration deadline is Tuesday, May 15 to get a shirt and disc.  Looking for a Team?  View teams looking for players or View players looking for teams.

Captains may pick up their team discs on 4/21 and 4/22 from 12 to 3. After that, M-F, 9 to 5. 

(at Wildwood Productions,  931 E. Main St. Suite 2, turn into the parking lot off Brearly St.)

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Bora vs. BrickfielderStoner Prairie A6:00
Chinook vs. DoldrumsStoner Prairie B6:00
Fohn Wind vs. GibliStoner Prairie C6:00
Kahmseen vs. MistralStoner Prairie D6:00
Moazagoat vs. SamoonSwan Creek6:00


Willy-Willy vs. XlokkStoner Prairie A6:00
Shamal vs. SiroccoStoner Prairie B6:00
Southerly Buster vs. WillawawStoner Prairie C6:00
Zephyr vs. ZondaSwan Creek6:00


Mistral vs. Fohn WindManchester 16:00
Gibli vs. BoraManchester 26:00
Brickfielder vs. DoldrumsManchester 36:00
Samoon vs. KahmseenSandstone 26:00
Xlokk vs. Southerly BusterStoner Prairie A6:00
Zonda vs. Willy-WillyStoner Prairie B6:00
Chinook vs. ZephyrStoner Prairie C6:00
Willawaw vs. ShamalStoner Prairie D6:00
Sirocco vs. MoazagoatSwan Creek6:00


Shamal vs. XlokkBurr Jones 26:00
Southerly Buster vs. ZondaNorthstar 16:00
Willy-Willy vs. ZephyrNorthstar 26:00
Moazagoat vs. WillawawSandstone 26:00
Fohn Wind vs. SamoonStoner Prairie A6:00
Doldrums vs. GibliStoner Prairie B6:00
Bora vs. MistralStoner Prairie C6:00
Chinook vs. BrickfielderStoner Prairie D6:00
Kahmseen vs. SiroccoSwan Creek6:00


Willawaw vs. KahmseenBurr Jones 26:00
Mistral vs. DoldrumsNorthstar 16:00
Gibli vs. BrickfielderNorthstar 26:00
Sirocco vs. Fohn WindSandstone 26:00
Samoon vs. BoraStoner Prairie A6:00
Zephyr vs. Southerly BusterStoner Prairie B6:00
Zonda vs. ShamalStoner Prairie C6:00
Xlokk vs. MoazagoatStoner Prairie D6:00
Chinook vs. Willy-WillySwan Creek6:00


Moazagoat vs. ZondaBurr Jones 26:00
Shamal vs. ZephyrNorthstar 16:00
Southerly Buster vs. Willy-WillyNorthstar 26:00
Chinook vs. GibliNorthstar 56:00
Kahmseen vs. XlokkStoner Prairie A6:00
Brickfielder vs. MistralStoner Prairie B6:00
Doldrums vs. SamoonStoner Prairie C6:00
Bora vs. SiroccoStoner Prairie D6:00
Fohn Wind vs. WillawawSwan Creek6:00


Chinook vs. Southerly BusterBurr Jones 26:00
Mistral vs. GibliHiestand 16:00
Sirocco vs. DoldrumsMidtown 26:00
Willy-Willy vs. ShamalMidtown 36:00
Zonda vs. KahmseenMidtown 46:00
Samoon vs. BrickfielderNorthstar 16:00
Willawaw vs. BoraSandstone 26:00
Zephyr vs. MoazagoatStoner Prairie C6:00
Xlokk vs. Fohn WindSwan Creek6:00


Kahmseen vs. ZephyrBurr Jones 26:00
Chinook vs. MistralHiestand 16:00
Shamal vs. Southerly BusterNorthstar 26:00
Doldrums vs. WillawawNorthstar 56:00
Fohn Wind vs. ZondaNorthstar 66:00
Moazagoat vs. Willy-WillyStoner Prairie A6:00
Gibli vs. SamoonStoner Prairie B6:00
Brickfielder vs. SiroccoStoner Prairie C6:00
Bora vs. XlokkSwan Creek6:00


Willawaw vs. BrickfielderBurr Jones 26:00
Sirocco vs. GibliNorthstar 16:00
Chinook vs. ShamalNorthstar 26:00
Xlokk vs. DoldrumsSandstone 26:00
Samoon vs. MistralStoner Prairie A6:00
Southerly Buster vs. MoazagoatStoner Prairie B6:00
Willy-Willy vs. KahmseenStoner Prairie C6:00
Zephyr vs. Fohn WindStoner Prairie D6:00
Zonda vs. BoraSwan Creek6:00


Fohn Wind vs. Willy-WillyBurr Jones 26:00
Kahmseen vs. Southerly BusterNorthstar 16:00
Samoon vs. ChinookNorthstar 26:00
Bora vs. ZephyrSandstone 26:00
Shamal vs. MoazagoatStoner Prairie A6:00
Mistral vs. SiroccoStoner Prairie B6:00
Gibli vs. WillawawStoner Prairie C6:00
Brickfielder vs. XlokkStoner Prairie D6:00
Doldrums vs. ZondaSwan Creek6:00


Xlokk vs. GibliBurr Jones 26:00
Moazagoat vs. ChinookNorthstar 16:00
Sirocco vs. SamoonNorthstar 26:00
Zonda vs. BrickfielderSandstone 26:00
Mistral vs. WillawawStoner Prairie A6:00
Shamal vs. KahmseenStoner Prairie B6:00
Southerly Buster vs. Fohn WindStoner Prairie C6:00
Willy-Willy vs. BoraStoner Prairie D6:00
Zephyr vs. DoldrumsSwan Creek6:00


Sirocco vs. ChinookBurr Jones 26:00
Gibli vs. ZondaHiestand 16:00
Fohn Wind vs. ShamalNorthstar 16:00
Kahmseen vs. MoazagoatNorthstar 26:00
Doldrums vs. Willy-WillySandstone 26:00
Southerly Buster vs. BoraStoner Prairie A6:00
Samoon vs. WillawawStoner Prairie B6:00
Mistral vs. XlokkStoner Prairie C6:00
Brickfielder vs. ZephyrSwan Creek6:00


Kahmseen vs. ChinookBurr Jones 16:00
Zonda vs. MistralBurr Jones 26:00
Gibli vs. ZephyrMidtown 26:00
Moazagoat vs. Fohn WindMidtown 36:00
Shamal vs. BoraMidtown 46:00
Xlokk vs. SamoonNorthstar 16:00
Willawaw vs. SiroccoNorthstar 26:00
Willy-Willy vs. BrickfielderNorthstar 56:00
Southerly Buster vs. DoldrumsNorthstar 66:00


Doldrums vs. ShamalHiestand 16:00
Bora vs. MoazagoatNorthstar 16:00
Fohn Wind vs. KahmseenNorthstar 26:00
Brickfielder vs. Southerly BusterSandstone 26:00
Willy-Willy vs. GibliStoner Prairie A6:00
Sirocco vs. XlokkStoner Prairie B6:00
Samoon vs. ZondaStoner Prairie C6:00
Mistral vs. ZephyrStoner Prairie D6:00
Willawaw vs. ChinookSwan Creek6:00