Spring League 2019 > MW Women


The last two games for Spring league will be held on May 27th and May 29th.

Spring League All Star Game is on May 31st at Demetral field. The womens game is at 6 with the mens game at 7:30. Pizza and beer/soda will be available for all spring league participants. Guests are asked for a $5 donation to attend. 
 Please nominate one person from your team to play in the all-star game. You should poll your team for willingness/ability to play in the game. Captains are to respond once your team has made their decision.

Player List

# Name Team Not Paid
1 Abrams, Katie Szechuan Pepper
2 Armstrong, Lauren Bay Leaf
3 Blackmore, Kelli Galangal
4 Borth, Laura Galangal
5 Botelho, Courtney Mustard Seed
6 Bradshaw, Lauren Szechuan Pepper
7 Bruckner, Maggie Szechuan Pepper
8 Burns, Sarah Mustard Seed
9 Chen, Holly Mustard Seed
10 Clevenger, Caitlin Szechuan Pepper
11 Conant Gilles, Coral Galangal
12 Cuarenta, Amelia Not paid
13 De Cicco, Susan Galangal
14 Del Dotto, Laura (Pants) Mustard Seed
15 Diehl, Erica Bay Leaf
16 Doege, Sarah Mustard Seed
17 Dungan, Allison Bay Leaf
18 Ebert, Elizabeth Rosemary
19 Fan, Katie Mustard Seed
20 Fink, Sara Wintergreen
21 Finn, Claudia Wintergreen
22 Flowerman, Camila Mustard Seed
23 Frommgen, Jessica Rosemary
24 Gauthier, Amanda Bay Leaf
25 Gilmore, Kendell Wintergreen
26 Gjerloev, Amalia Mustard Seed
27 Hawkins, Meghan Galangal
28 Held, Lizabeth Wintergreen
29 Jensen, Lani Bay Leaf
30 Johnson, Everett Szechuan Pepper
31 Johnston, Annie Galangal
32 Just, Elizabeth Mustard Seed
33 Kappes, Monica Szechuan Pepper
34 Kasper, Shanna Rosemary
35 Katz, Kensey Mustard Seed
36 Khokhar, Maria Bay Leaf
37 kloepper, sarah Bay Leaf
38 LaRue, Heather Szechuan Pepper
39 Leanna, Kimi Galangal
40 Marion, Stacey Bay Leaf
41 McCreary, Katie Bay Leaf
42 McKinney, Grace Rosemary
43 McQuaig, Marit Rosemary
44 Mijal, Katherine Galangal
45 Morita, Catherine Rosemary
46 Moynihan, Kylie Szechuan Pepper
47 Negrin, Samantha Rosemary
48 O'Connor, Kelly Wintergreen
49 Pernsteiner, Jessica Bay Leaf
50 Peterson, April Galangal
51 Phillips, Lisa Mustard Seed
52 Pieper, Jessie Rosemary
53 Poklemba, Clea Bay Leaf
54 Prouty, Mallory Galangal
55 Punt, Meg Wintergreen
56 Pyatskowit, Nina Wintergreen
57 Rasmussen, Lindsey Bay Leaf
58 Ravelo, Laurel Szechuan Pepper
59 Reams, Kendra Mustard Seed
60 Rettler, Alyssa Wintergreen
61 Sauerhaft, Julia Szechuan Pepper
62 Sawyer, Cadence Rosemary
63 Schmitt, Heather Szechuan Pepper
64 Shea, Gracie Wintergreen
65 Showers, Lyndsy Galangal
66 Smith, Stephanie Wintergreen
67 Spees, Morgen Rosemary
68 Spyker Mechelke, Annette Wintergreen
69 Stanger, Margo Rosemary
70 Sund, Nicky Mustard Seed
71 Taylor, Rachel Galangal
72 Umhoefer, Heidi Wintergreen
73 Vicen, Emma Bay Leaf
74 Vogel, Kara Szechuan Pepper
75 Wagner, Karli Galangal
76 Wente, Hannah Wintergreen
77 Witt, Marika Rosemary