Summer League 2018 > Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR

Schedules are final for July 24 and 26. 

Starting this week, the top 8 teams as well as the bottom 8 teams can play each other a second time. Game times are now 5:45 and 7:15 for the rest of the season.

Player List

# Name Team Not Paid
1 (Tim Piotrowski), Pio StripNGo
2 Abbott, Kate Disctopia
3 Abbott, Tenley Frisbabes
4 Abrams, Katie 2Spooky
5 Acierno, Caitlin Breaking Wind Not paid
6 Adam, David The Physbees
7 Adams, Evie Not paid
8 Adams, Evie FrisBFFs Not paid
9 Adams, Evie The Cones of Dunshire Not paid
10 Adams, Ken Your Mom
11 Adams, Mat A Parliament of Owls
12 Aderhold, Topher frisBEES?
13 Adibhatla, Srikar Discertators
14 Agnew, Isaiah Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
15 Agudelo, David Dandy Lions
16 Ahlgrim, Alison Team Hot Stuff
17 Akutsu, Takamichi Dominant Fat
18 Akyuz, Tarik Happy Salmon
19 Alexander, Andy Green Eggs and Hammers
20 Alexander, Graeme Green Eggs and Hammers
21 Alexander, Kelsen Viking Meat Birds
22 Alexander, Laura The Otter Team
23 Alexander, Sarah Mad Carls
24 Allman, Nate TBD
25 Altwegg, Hannah Bascom Swill
26 Alvin, James Penultimates
27 Ambrosio, Matthew DiscPun
28 Ames, Al No Talent Ass Clowns
29 Amini, Chad Disc-It and Gravy
30 Amiri, Zachary Break-fast Club
31 Amundson, Alexa Callahan Job FC
32 Anderson, Brett Discfunctional
33 Anderson, Christina Ring of Fire
34 Anderson, Emily Thundering Turtle Troupe
35 Anderson, Eric Whiskey disc
36 Anderson, Ian Ring of Fire
37 Anderson, Joanna Breaking Wind
38 Anderson, Josiah Disciples
39 Anderson, Kayla Drunk Chupacabra
40 Anderson, Kori Ring of Fire
41 anderson, kyle Fugwump
42 Anderson, Mark Cultured Yogurt
43 Anderson, Nate Ring of Fire
44 Anderson, Paige Rough Riders 2018
45 Anderson, Peter Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
46 Andres, Logan Huckleberry Hounds
47 Andrews, Michael DiscGrace Not paid
48 Andrews-Ohlman, Jacob Discs Out For Harambe
49 Angel, Karla Pacifists With Discs
50 Anistranski, Joe The Cones of Dunshire
51 Antolak, Alex The Physbees
52 Anzalone, Gabi Breaking Wind
53 Apfelbach, Peterson Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
54 Aquite, William Spotted Cows
55 Argus, Cara Great Big D
56 Ark, Eric Skinny Helmets
57 Armstrong, Lauren Untitled 2
58 Arteaga, Gabriela Mad Carls Not paid
59 Arvold, Drew Whiskey disc
60 Askling, Kevin Parental Advisory
61 Aslesen, Matthew Team Discount
62 Astfalk, Tim Green Eggs and Hammers
63 Atwell, Beth Green Eggs and Hammers
64 Augarten, Abby MUFAsa
65 Aure, Dave Glitter Pirates XII
66 Baader, Andrew Team Hot Stuff
67 Bach, Kathryn Huckleberry Hounds
68 Baehman, Brad Cooper is the Best Dog
69 Bahl, Angie Disc-It and Gravy
70 Bailey, Brent Penultimates
71 Bailey, Jett Penultimates
72 Bailey, Reez Penultimates
73 Bajaj, Nihit Frisbeers
74 Baker, Bernadette Green Eggs and Hammers
75 Baker, Brandon Thundering Turtle Troupe
76 Baker, Drake Panthers
77 Balch, Genevieve Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
78 ball, christopher Disc-It and Gravy
79 Ball, Scott Disciples
80 Ballentine, Dillon Whiskey Discs
81 Ballentine, Tyler Re-do!
82 Balogh, Bobbi Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
83 Baltus, Joe Thundering Turtle Troupe
84 Banks, Maya FrisBFFs
85 Barberg, Adrienne Great Big D
86 barbiaux, peter Sultans of Swing
87 Bardouche, Kari A Good Day to TryHard
88 Barnes, Tyler Fugwump
89 Barrett, Genny Can't Touch Disc
90 Bartholomew, Tucker The Bacon Effect
91 Bartlett, Abby Honey Badgers
92 Bastian, Leah Rough Riders 2018
93 Bauer, Bryson Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
94 Bauer, Jamie Skinny Helmets
95 Bauer, Jonathan 2Spooky
96 Bauer, Megan (Vingers) Skinny Helmets
97 Bauer, Zoie Whiskey Discs
98 Baumann, Jess Panthers
99 Bautista, Gabriel Still Counting
100 Baylis, Patrick Bomb Snaps Not paid
101 Beasley, Maddy
102 Beck, Emeline Needle in a Ho Stack
103 Beckerle, Connor Frisbeers
104 Bedford, Daniel 8-inch Floppy Disc
105 Beitlich, Carrie Earth Ninjas
106 Beleutz, Jocelyn 2Spooky
107 Bell, Cole Flying Hucks
108 Bell, Garrett Frisbeers
109 Bell Smith, Christen DiscGrace
110 Bellerose, Kaitlin Frisbeers
111 Benford, Maya Disc in a Box
112 Benner, Bayleigh Tasteful Nudes
113 Benson, Jordan Floaters
114 Benson, Miguel Nerd Herd
115 Benzine, Tyler Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
116 Berg, Kelsey Untitled 2
117 Berg, Luke Untitled 2
118 Berger, Greta Mini Giraffes
119 Berkowitz, Briana The Bacon Effect
120 Bernard, Zoe frisBEES?
121 Bernau, Ksenija Breaking Wind
122 Bernau, Shane Breaking Wind
123 Bernstein, Althea Penultimates
124 Bero, Jimmy Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
125 Berry, Emily Maury's Sleeperhold Not paid
126 Berry, Lindsay Honey Badgers
127 Berry, Tessa A Good Day to TryHard
128 Betagole, Chris Scoober Snacks
129 Bevers, Mike FrisBFFs
130 Bielski, Harrison Floaters
131 Bierman, Brian Bascom Swill
132 Bieser, Mike Backhanded Compliments
133 Biliyar, Vikas Bae Blades
134 Bilodeau, Nicholas Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
135 Binkley, Christiana Discertators
136 Binkley, John Your Mom
137 Birkinsha, Andrew Can't Touch Disc
138 Birschbach, Ian Backhanded Compliments
139 Bishop, Camille Dank Strats
140 Bitant, Sarah The Physbees
141 Blackburn, Sam Mad Carls
142 Blackmore, Carly Game of Throws
143 Blackmore, Kelli Game of Throws
144 Bliefernicht, Jenny Parental Advisory
145 Blose, Luke Whiskey disc
146 Blumenthal, Stephanie Disc in a Box
147 Boatman, Anna DISCR/Cut9
148 Boatman, Anna Jerkstore Not paid
149 Boatman, Anna No Talent Ass Clowns Not paid
150 Bock, Aaron Dandy Lions
151 Bock, Alexandria Glitter Pirates XII Not paid
152 Bock, Alexandria Your Mom
153 Bock, Dan Your Mom
154 Bodnar, Josh Darth Mybo
155 Bodnar, Luke Darth Mybo
156 Boehm, Frederick Tops and Bottoms
157 Boehmer, David The Incredible Huck
158 Boehmer, Hailey The Incredible Huck
159 Boerigter, Ben Panthers
160 Boguski, John Discertators
161 Bohlmann Kunz, Miriam
162 Boland, Dan DiscPun
163 Bolanowski, Paul Darth Mybo
164 Boley, Paige Exit 69
165 Bolha, Anna Octicorns
166 Bolha, Matthew Octicorns
167 Bonebright, Madi Madtown Polar Bears
168 Boritzke, Sarah Rough Riders 2018
169 Borth, Laura The Cones of Dunshire
170 Bosscher, Alicia Bomb Snaps
171 Bosscher, Georgia Bomb Snaps
172 Bosscher, Nate Bomb Snaps
173 Bostrom, Emily Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
174 Botelho, Courtney Bascom Swill
175 Bottjen, Sarah The Otter Team
176 Bowman, Mickey 8-inch Floppy Disc
177 Boyer, Lindsay Bascom Swill
178 Boyle, Aidan Mini Giraffes
179 Boyle, Colin Needle in a Ho Stack
180 Boysen, Andrew TBD
181 Braaten, Megan Discs Out For Harambe
182 Bradley, Robert Tops and Bottoms
183 Brandt, Michael Rough Riders 2018
184 Brar, Victor DiscPun Not paid
185 Brauer, Sebastian Frisbabes
186 Braukhoff, Nate Madtown Polar Bears
187 Braun, Felix A Good Day to TryHard
188 Brenner, Craig The Physbees
189 Brenner, Karl Happy Salmon
190 Brenner, Kristen (KB) Happy Salmon
191 Bricker, Marielle TBD
192 Brickerman, David twolfpack
193 Brickerman, Maggie twolfpack
194 Briddell, Nora Octicorns
195 Bridwell, James Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
196 Brooks, Bryan The Cones of Dunshire
197 Brotz, Jeb Thundering Turtle Troupe
198 Brown, Kevin The Single Banana
199 brown, kyle Dank Strats
200 Brown, Travis Bascom Swill
201 Brownlee, Erika Happy Salmon
202 Bruce-Allington, Amaya Scoober Snacks
203 Bruckbauer, Steven Tasteful Nudes
204 Bruckner, Maggie The Decency Police
205 Bruecken, Josh 4th Class Relics
206 Brunmeier, Brian DiscGrace
207 Brunner, Kate Ring of Fire
208 Brunner, Todd Ring of Fire
209 Bryan, Nick Warrior Princesses
210 Bubela, Masha Thundering Turtle Troupe
211 Buckner, Jerrod Hammer Throw Shawty
212 Bucy, Molly Nerd Herd
213 Budde, Melisa The Decency Police
214 Budreau, Ethan Rough Riders 2018
215 Buehl, Jeremy The Bacon Effect
216 Bugasch Scopoline, Stefanie New Phone, Who Disc?
217 Bukowski, Emma Scoober Snacks
218 Bulman, Jeremy Hammer Throw Shawty
219 Burlingham, Scott Huckleberry Hounds
220 Burr, Matthew Spotted Cows
221 Burtley, Robert Teach Me How to Hucky
222 Butler, Ben Teach Me How to Hucky
223 Butler, Beth Teach Me How to Hucky
224 Butler, David StripNGo
225 Butler, Jackson DISCR/Cut9
226 Butler, Katelyn DISCR/Cut9
227 Buzzell, Colie Cultured Yogurt
228 Bye, John Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
229 Cabaj, John The OC
230 Cable, Katie Scoober Snacks
231 Cahoon, Sam Dank Strats
232 Cai, Reggie Peaked in HS
233 Calvey, Chris DTF: Down to Flick
234 Cambria, Michael Discfunctional
235 Campbell, Bryan Needle in a Ho Stack
236 Campbell, Bryce Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
237 Campbell, Logan Sofa Kingdom
238 Campbell, Mitchell Mad Carls
239 Campbell, Stephanie Needle in a Ho Stack
240 Campbell, Tracy DiscPun
241 Candee, Lynde Discfunctional
242 Candee, Zach Discfunctional
243 Cann, David Bascom Swill
244 Cann, David Disc in a Box Not paid
245 Canton, Aaron The Gut Microbiome
246 Canty, Anna Team Awesome!
247 Carlson, Alex Tops and Bottoms
248 Carlson, Tim Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
249 Carman, Jake Sofa Kingdom
250 Carnal, Oliver Madtown Polar Bears
251 Carpenter, Andrea Scoober Snacks
252 Carson, Josh Pacifists With Discs
253 Caruth, Brad Teach Me How to Hucky
254 Cary, Austin Untitled 2
255 Casey, Isaac Frisbabes
256 Casey, Noah Frisbabes
257 Cassidy, Sean Your Mom
258 Casterline, Heather Breaking Wind
259 Castillo, Victoria Darth Mybo
260 Catchpole, Zak Penultimates
261 Catey, Tori DISCR/Cut9
262 Ceithamer, Steven Exit 69
263 Ceperley, Liz The Bacon Effect
264 Chang, Anna The Otter Team
265 Chang, Gary Discs Out For Harambe
266 Chang, Haeyeun Tasteful Nudes
267 Chang, Matt The Otter Team
268 Charles, Tyler Sofa Kingdom
269 Charron, Lisa The Single Banana
270 Chasen, Elissa A Parliament of Owls
271 Chatterton, Kayla How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
272 Chen, Albert DISCR/Cut9
273 Chen, Holly Untitled 2
274 Chen, Lily Disciples
275 Chen, Philip Sofa Kingdom
276 Cheung, Dominic Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
277 Chiang, Michelle The OC
278 Chilsen, Maggie Ring of Fire
279 Chin, Chris Dominant Fat
280 Chin, Dan 4th Class Relics
281 Chiu, Esther 8-inch Floppy Disc
282 Cho, Nelly Disciples
283 Chopp, Rick Grimace and the Hamburglars
284 Choudhury, Faraz Needle in a Ho Stack
285 Christensen, Todd Sultans of Swing
286 Christenson, Ky Disc-It and Gravy
287 Christman, Maximilian Bascom Swill
288 Christoffel, Europa Backhanded Compliments
289 Cigelske, Michael Octicorns
290 Clark, Isaac The OC
291 Clark, Noah The OC
292 Clarson, Angie Green Eggs and Hammers
293 Clay, Matt Pacifists With Discs
294 Cleary, Kyle Exit 69
295 Clemens, Lisa Skinny Helmets
296 Clevenger, Caitlin Dominant Fat
297 Clevenger, Sam Nerd Herd
298 Coffin Ness, Lukas Green Eggs and Hammers
299 Cohen, Jacob Re-do!
300 Cohen, Zachary DISCR/Cut9
301 Colbert, Alyssa Disc-fil-A
302 Cole, Hannah Disciples Not paid
303 Cole, Hannah Disciples Not paid
304 Collingwood, Courtney The Cones of Dunshire
305 Collingwood, Joel Scoober Snacks
306 Collins, Becky Great Big D
307 Collins, Chris Great Big D
308 Collins, Grace Great Big D
309 Collins, Joe Maury's Sleeperhold
310 Colten, Greg Still Counting
311 Comeau, Nickolas Backhanded Compliments
312 Compton, Grace Happy Salmon
313 Conant Gilles, Coral Spotted Cows
314 Condon, Kate New Phone, Who Disc?
315 Connor, Kieran Teach Me How to Hucky
316 Considine, Colleen Sultans of Swing
317 Consigny, Dane Frisbabes
318 Converse, Mei-Lien Untitled 2
319 Coogan, Matt Happy Salmon
320 Coogan, Ross Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
321 Cooley, Allison Disc-It and Gravy
322 Cooney, Peter frisBEES?
323 Coons, Jim Dandy Lions
324 Cooper, Emma Bascom Swill
325 Cooper, Jason Discs Out For Harambe
326 Corcoran, Mitchell Disc in a Box
327 Corcoran, Nicholas Panthers
328 Cornell, Megan Spicy B's
329 Cornille, Brian Bomb Snaps
330 Corrado, Phil The Physbees
331 Costanza, Carol Thundering Turtle Troupe
332 Covert, Matt Team Hot Stuff
333 Cowan, Vivian Mini Giraffes
334 cowgill, john The Cones of Dunshire
335 Cox, Leo The Otter Team
336 Coyne, Brendan Discs Out For Harambe
337 cRABB, zACH Tops and Bottoms
338 Crafton, Zack Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
339 Crapo, Joe Frisbeers
340 Craven, Sam Discertators
341 Crawford, Philip A Parliament of Owls
342 Crehan, Caroline Space Hucks
343 Crummy, Ellen Discertators
344 Cuarenta, Amelia Huckleberry Hounds
345 Curley, Claire Dandy Lions
346 Curran, Aaron Dandy Lions
347 D, J Frisbeers
348 d'Auteuil, Alex Warrior Princesses
349 Daane, Monica Jim
350 Dahler, Casey Drunk Chupacabra
351 Dain, Alina TBD
352 Dally, Aiden Penultimates
353 Dally, Cian Penultimates
354 dally, declan Penultimates
355 Dally, John Penultimates
356 Dalton, Christina TBD
357 Daniels, Ellie A Good Day to TryHard
358 Dantas, Jordan Disc-fil-A
359 Danz, Tonya Team Awesome!
360 Danzinger, Mike Team Discount
361 DaPolito, Kate The Gut Microbiome
362 Dapper, Amy Dominant Fat
363 Dart, Jenna Whiskey disc
364 Davenport, Grace Drunk Chupacabra
365 Davern, Jenni Happy Salmon
366 Davidson, Jenny Glitter Pirates XII
367 Davis, Chris Dominant Fat
368 Davis, Julie DiscPun
369 Davis, Nicole Sofa Kingdom Not paid
370 Davis, Tiffany Can't Touch Disc
371 Dawson, Chris Space Hucks
372 Day, Steve twolfpack
373 de Bruijn, Bieke Jim
374 De Cicco, Laura Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
375 De Cicco, Michael Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
376 De Cicco, Susan Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
377 Deane, Katelyn DTF: Down to Flick
378 DeAngelis, Jesse The Incredible Huck
379 Dedrick, Tyler Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
380 Degeneffe, Kristin Team Hot Stuff
381 Degrand, Ross Your Mom
382 Degrand, Susan Your Mom
383 DeGrave, Michael Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
384 DeGroot, Marissa Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
385 Del Dotto, Laura (Pants) The Bacon Effect
386 Delannay, Martine Green Eggs and Hammers
387 Delmastro, Lauren Break-fast Club
388 Demos, Luke Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
389 Denruiter, Mike The Bacon Effect
390 Denruiter, Trisha The Bacon Effect
391 Dent, Matt
392 Derauf, Sam Whiskey Discs
393 DeSerano, Danielle Grimace and the Hamburglars
394 DesJarlais, Emily How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
395 DesRochers, Lexi Whiskey Discs
396 Detert, Ana Skinny Helmets
397 dettling, deiter Green Eggs and Hammers
398 DeVries, John Cultured Yogurt
399 Dias, Andrew Nerd Herd
400 Diaz, Saul Frisbabes Not paid
401 Dickmann, Connor Cooper is the Best Dog
402 Diederichs, Kelsey TBD
403 Diehl, Erica MUFAsa
404 Diehl, Scott MUFAsa
405 DiGiulio, Rose Scoober Snacks
406 Dillingham, Caleb Tops and Bottoms
407 Dillon, Kevin Octicorns
408 Dilweg, Mercer Peaked in HS
409 Dinh, Lucas Cooper is the Best Dog
410 Dinkle, Meghan Warrior Princesses
411 Dinsmoor, Trevor Jim
412 Dirks, Alden DiscPun
413 Dispanet, Anthony Team Awesome!
414 Dispensiere, Alex Discs Out For Harambe
415 dittmann, cally Disctopia
416 doak, aric FrisBFFs
417 Doege, Sarah Skinny Helmets
418 Dolan, Zac How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
419 Doll, Karen Team Discount
420 Domann, John Darth Mybo
421 Domann, Paul Darth Mybo
422 Dominic, Sherin TBD
423 Donaldson, Charles Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
424 Donar, Jake Space Hucks
425 Donatello, Michael Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
426 Donkle, Julia Callahan Job FC
427 Donovan, Anna Panthers
428 Donovan, Patrick Huckleberry Hounds
429 Donovan, Val Huckleberry Hounds
430 Dontje Lindell, Isaac Discs Out For Harambe
431 Dooley, Dylan Madtown Polar Bears
432 dopf, allison Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
433 doran, travis Bomb Snaps
434 Dorr, Brandon Whiskey disc
435 Doty, Brigid twolfpack
436 Doty, Natalie Discfunctional
437 Doty, Pat twolfpack
438 Doudlah, Raymond How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
439 douglas, maggie Huckleberry Hounds
440 Douglass, Sam The Gut Microbiome
441 Doxtater, Thomas Still Counting
442 Doyle, Seamus Peaked in HS
443 Drapac, David A Parliament of Owls
444 Draus, Jessica Break-fast Club
445 Dreifke, Sarah 8-inch Floppy Disc
446 Drengler, Jeff Pacifists With Discs
447 Drewiske, Brittany Glitter Pirates XII
448 Drews, Adam Untitled 2
449 Drews, Rebekah Untitled 2 Not paid
450 Drews, Rebekah Untitled 2
451 Driscoll, Eva Skinny Helmets
452 Driscoll, Kie Skinny Helmets
453 Driscoll, Paderic Skinny Helmets
454 Droese, Dan Teach Me How to Hucky
455 Droese, Kayla Teach Me How to Hucky
456 Droese, Matt Teach Me How to Hucky
457 Dubey, Jared A Parliament of Owls
458 Dubiel, Katarzyna Discertators
459 Duchek, Michael Parental Advisory
460 Duckert, Sadie Backhanded Compliments
461 Duckworth, Alex Honey Badgers
462 Duff, Joey Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
463 Duff, Patrick Exit 69
464 Duncombe, Natalie 2Spooky
465 Dungan, Allison A Parliament of Owls
466 Dunkelberger, Greg Glitter Pirates XII
467 Dunkin, Erik Breaking Wind
468 Dunnington, Gwen Viking Meat Birds
469 Dupke, Timothy StripNGo
470 Durette, Andrew Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
471 Dvorak, Kayla How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
472 Dvorak, Shayla Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
473 Dwyer, Mary DiscGrace
474 Eagan, Brendan FrisBFFs
475 Easland, Kayla Whiskey Discs
476 East, Matt Frisbeers
477 Ebben, Bethany Disc-fil-A
478 Ebben, Nathan Re-do!
479 Eberle, Megan Madtown Polar Bears
480 Ebert, Elizabeth Bae Blades
481 Ebley, Andrea Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
482 Ebley, Kyle Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
483 Edge, Andrew A Parliament of Owls
484 Edlund, Sarah Your Mom
485 Effa, Ashley Thundering Turtle Troupe
486 Egan, Sarah Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
487 Eggert, Max Great Big D
488 Eggert, Nick Great Big D
489 Ehlerding, Emily The Physbees
490 Ehlers, Simon Glitter Pirates XII
491 Ehr, Nimi A Parliament of Owls
492 Ehringer, Abby Cultured Yogurt
493 Eichenseher, Joseph Parental Advisory
494 Eifler, Evan Spotted Cows
495 Elias, Alex Frisbeers
496 Ellis, Brad Mini Giraffes
497 ellmann, adam Peaked in HS Not paid
498 Ellmann, Adam Peaked in HS
499 Emmerich, Elizabeth How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
500 Endres, Tia DISCR/Cut9
501 Engbring, Kelly The OC
502 Enge, Jolene Jim
503 Engstrom, Eric Viking Meat Birds
504 Erb, Merissa Penultimates
505 Erickson, Sam Untitled 2
506 Eskens, Mikayla The Physbees
507 Euch, Erica How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
508 evans, dave A Parliament of Owls
509 Evans, Edward Tasteful Nudes
510 Evensen, Claire Backhanded Compliments
511 Ewald, Kelsey Mini Giraffes
512 Exley, Nick Earth Ninjas
513 Fallon, Caroline Exit 69
514 Fallon, Monica Exit 69
515 Fallon, Tim Exit 69
516 Falsey, Rachel Whiskey disc
517 Fan, Katie Floaters
518 Farness, Jakob Panthers
519 Fasbender, Kate The Bacon Effect
520 Fauble, Jacob Disctopia
521 Faust, Daniel The Decency Police
522 Fawcett, David Spotted Cows
523 Fedora, Adrienne Disc-fil-A
524 Fedora, Rachel Mike Huckrone
525 Fedorowicz, Samantha Scoober Snacks
526 Fehling, Michael FrisBFFs
527 Felber, Joe Dominant Fat
528 Felix, Daniel Fugwump
529 felland, jeff Team Awesome!
530 Feltman, Elizabeth Cooper is the Best Dog
531 fenchel, jeff Pacifists With Discs
532 Feng, Brad Discfunctional Not paid
533 Ferjancic, Peter The Physbees
534 Fernandez, Andrew Frisbabes
535 Ferraresi, Teagan Penultimates
536 Fiene, Amber Hammer Throw Shawty
537 Fiene, Brianna A Parliament of Owls
538 Figurski Eichenseher, Ann Parental Advisory
539 Filteau, Kari DiscGrace
540 filteau, matt DiscGrace
541 Fink, Katelyn Fugwump
542 Finn, Geno frisBEES?
543 finn, laurel FrisBFFs
544 Finne, Dana Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
545 Finta, Mark Drunk Chupacabra
546 Fiori, Marie Dank Strats
547 Fischer, Kaitlyn Dank Strats
548 Fiske, Lindsey Can't Touch Disc
549 Fiske, Paul Can't Touch Disc
550 Fitzgerald, Jack Panthers
551 Flanagan, Laura Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
552 Flanagan, Patrick Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
553 Flannery, Brian
554 Flick, Robin DiscPun
555 Flowerman, Camila Bae Blades
556 Fogeltanz, Blair Rough Riders 2018
557 Foote, J A Parliament of Owls
558 ford, Michelle Honey Badgers
559 Forslund, Nick Still Counting
560 Foss, Meg Ring of Fire
561 Fox, Kevin Parental Advisory
562 Fox, Sarah Parental Advisory
563 Francoeur, Charlotte The Cones of Dunshire
564 Frank, Anthony Teach Me How to Hucky
565 Frank, Kristi Earth Ninjas
566 Frank, Zoe Panthers
567 Frankel, Cassie Tops and Bottoms
568 Frautschy, Lexy DiscPun
569 Frautschy, Paige DiscPun
570 Frederick, Brandt DISCR/Cut9
571 Fredrickson, Steven Can't Touch Disc
572 Freeberg, Lindsay Sofa Kingdom
573 Freeman, Nate Jim
574 Freeman, Nate Mini Giraffes Not paid
575 Freiburger, Daniel Fugwump
576 Freire, Victor Dandy Lions
577 Fremont, Henry 2Spooky
578 French, Sydney Scoober Snacks
579 Friant, Sagan Jerkstore
580 Friesen, Joe Pacifists With Discs
581 Fritz, Samuel The Gut Microbiome
582 Frommgen, Jessica The Single Banana
583 Frost, Kevin StripNGo
584 Fruhling, Kyle Floaters
585 Fugate, Andrew Jim Not paid
586 Gabriel, Hugh Frisbabes
587 Gabryshak, Cody DTF: Down to Flick
588 Gadzinski, Rick Space Hucks
589 Gadzinski, Samantha Space Hucks
590 Gale, Megan The OC
591 Galles, Benjamin The OC
592 Garbie, Natalie Rough Riders 2018
593 Gardner, Reed The Decency Police
594 Gardner, Will Discfunctional
595 Garlock, Daniel Bae Blades
596 Gartland, Matthew Flying Hucks
597 Garvey, Jessica Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
598 Garvey, Joshua Break-fast Club
599 Gaskill, Marissa New Phone, Who Disc?
600 Gates, Athena Madtown Polar Bears Not paid
601 Gatti, Anthony Discs Out For Harambe
602 Gauen, Kim twolfpack
603 Gauthier, Amanda Mini Giraffes
604 Gawin, Danielle Sultans of Swing
605 Gehred-O'Connell, Nemo Dandy Lions
606 Gehrke, Shaile Whiskey disc
607 Geiger, Holly Fugwump
608 Geisler, Ellen Breaking Wind
609 Geleynse, Katelyn 4th Class Relics
610 Gent, Whitney Sultans of Swing
611 George, Cathy Tops and Bottoms
612 Gerovac, Brittany 8-inch Floppy Disc
613 Gerzema, Katrina Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
614 Gessner, Kelly Frisbeers
615 Gessner, Lauren Frisbeers
616 Gibson, Ashley The Incredible Huck
617 Gibson, Chris DiscGrace
618 Gibson, Ean The Incredible Huck
619 Giesey, Mary Jane Huck Huck Goose
620 Giguere, Kate The Gut Microbiome
621 Gilbert, Jessica Parental Advisory
622 Gilles, Geoffery Spicy B's
623 Gillette, Amani Teach Me How to Hucky
624 Gillette, Matt Warrior Princesses
625 Gillman, Danny Flying Hucks
626 Gilmore, Kendell Team Hot Stuff
627 Gilmore, Melissa Needle in a Ho Stack
628 Gingrich, Jakob Disctopia
629 Ginsburg, Emily The Decency Police
630 Ginsburg, Samuel The Decency Police
631 Ginther, Liddy The Gut Microbiome
632 Gionet, Michelle The Bacon Effect
633 Gionet, Mike The Bacon Effect
634 Gjerloev, Amalia Bascom Swill
635 Glaser, Diantha Team Hot Stuff
636 Glaser, Matt Team Hot Stuff
637 Glinka, Rose The Cones of Dunshire
638 Glisczinski, Eva Mike Huckrone
639 glodoski, danna Cooper is the Best Dog
640 Glover, Katie Whiskey Discs
641 Godfrey, Jared DTF: Down to Flick
642 Goetsch, Alexandra Cooper is the Best Dog
643 Goetz, Jason Jim
644 Goff, Peter Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
645 Gohdes, David Skinny Helmets
646 Gohman, Austin Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
647 Gokey, Elizabeth Pacifists With Discs
648 Gold, Tyler Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
649 Goldberg, Rachel Re-do!
650 Goldberger, Alexander Fugwump
651 Goldenberg, Grace Peaked in HS
652 Goldenberg, Henry Peaked in HS
653 Goldenberg, Sarah Green Eggs and Hammers
654 Golding, Adriana New Phone, Who Disc?
655 goldsmith, randall
656 Golenberg, Netta DISCR/Cut9
657 Gollup, Alex Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
658 Gomez, Eli Break-fast Club
659 Gonzalez, Olivia Fugwump
660 Good, Walker The Bacon Effect
661 goodge, martha MUFAsa
662 Goodman, Kyle Jim
663 Gordon, Daanika A Parliament of Owls
664 Gordon, Elana Re-do!
665 Gordon, Tom Still Counting
666 Goslin, Catherine Grimace and the Hamburglars
667 Gosselin, Caroline Flying Hucks
668 Gosselin, Elizabeth Huckleberry Hounds
669 Gottschall, Dane Darth Mybo
670 Gotwals, Sarah Disc-It and Gravy
671 Govindaraju, Gokul
672 Goyette, Evan Jim
673 Gozo, Genevieve 4th Class Relics
674 Grabow, Ben Drunk Chupacabra
675 Grace, Jacob DiscPun
676 Graff, Georgina Still Counting
677 Gralak, Alex Re-do!
678 Grande, Grace Mini Giraffes
679 Grandon, Colin Untitled 2
680 Grant, Daniel Mad Carls
681 Gratz, Brian Sofa Kingdom
682 Gratz, Kelly (Hussy) Sofa Kingdom
683 Greeley, Matt Disc-fil-A
684 Greenberg, Rebecca The Gut Microbiome
685 Gregus, Kelly Needle in a Ho Stack
686 Gresham, Lauren twolfpack
687 Griffin, Kyle Jim
688 Griffin, Sarah Jim
689 Grimmer, karen Disc-It and Gravy
690 Grinde, Matthew Mike Huckrone
691 Groce, Christopher Fugwump
692 Grogan, Brittany Rough Riders 2018
693 Gross, Jessica Bascom Swill
694 Groux, Scott Break-fast Club
695 Gruben, Natalie Madtown Polar Bears
696 Grupe, Dan twolfpack
697 Grupe, Molly twolfpack
698 Grzesiak, Brad The Decency Police
699 Guarnieri, Erin frisBEES?
700 Guenzi, Marissa Viking Meat Birds
701 Gullickson, Erica Spotted Cows
702 Gumber, Amanda Thundering Turtle Troupe
703 Gupta, Ankur Game of Throws
704 Haas, Rich How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
705 Haber-Fawcett, Ariel Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
706 Haerr Hartmann, Geordi (General) Callahan Job FC
707 Hagen, Kristin Spicy B's
708 Hagen, Matthew Spicy B's
709 Hagen, Mikaela Mad Carls
710 Hagenow, Michael The Cones of Dunshire
711 Haglund, Emelia DiscGrace
712 Hahn, Ian A Good Day to TryHard Not paid
713 Hahn, Ian Break-fast Club Not paid
714 Hajdu, Jake twolfpack
715 Hale, Patrick DiscGrace
716 Hall, Ian The Otter Team
717 Hall, Kendall DiscPun
718 Hall, Mackenzie Jim Not paid
719 Hall, Ryan Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
720 Halverson, Emily Breaking Wind
721 Hamel, Skylar Still Counting
722 Hamer, Emily The OC Not paid
723 Hamilton, Eric DiscPun
724 Hammacher, Chance Exit 69
725 Hammer, Nicholas Peaked in HS
726 Hammes, Sarah Cultured Yogurt
727 Hampel, Nick Huck Huck Goose
728 Hanauer, Kevin Callahan Job FC
729 Hancock, Mark Parental Advisory
730 Handel, Garret frisBEES?
731 Hanko, Jason Your Mom
732 Hanneman, Pete Nerd Herd
733 Hannemann, Sara Team Hot Stuff
734 Hansel, Emily Game of Throws
735 Hansen, Creed Teach Me How to Hucky
736 Hansen, Jon The Physbees
737 Hansen, Kelsey The Physbees
738 Hanson, Addison Break-fast Club
739 Hanson, Kati Disc in a Box
740 Hanson, Kyle Great Big D
741 Harari, Joe Bomb Snaps Not paid
742 Harari, Joe Bomb Snaps Not paid
743 Harlan, Mitch TBD
744 Harms, David Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
745 Harney, Ben 2Spooky
746 Harrington, Isaac New Phone, Who Disc?
747 Harris, Mark Sultans of Swing
748 Harrison, Daniel Discs Out For Harambe
749 Harrison, Sam The Decency Police
750 Harrison, Spencer Frisbabes
751 Hart, Brian Floaters Not paid
752 Hartigan, Connor Huckleberry Hounds
753 Harting, Sam Discfunctional
754 Hartke, Sam Mad Carls
755 Hartlaub, Caitlin Bae Blades
756 Hasselbacher, Kevin Spicy B's
757 Hathaway, Aaron TBD
758 Hatheway, Elizabeth No Talent Ass Clowns
759 Haugen, Crystal Octicorns
760 Haugen, Gina Discs Out For Harambe
761 Haughwout, Jean Earth Ninjas
762 Haukinz, Austin A Good Day to TryHard
763 Hauscarriague, Matt Jim
764 Hauser, Emma Game of Throws
765 Hausmann, Katie Discertators
766 Hawkins, Meghan Bascom Swill
767 Hawkins-Podboy, Sarah Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
768 Haws, Spencer Discertators
769 Hayden, Katie Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
770 Haynes, Lauren Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
771 Hazen, Anna Disc in a Box
772 Hazen, Megan Cooper is the Best Dog
773 Healy, Jeff 8-inch Floppy Disc
774 Healy, Michael A Parliament of Owls
775 Hebert, Sam A Good Day to TryHard
776 Heidke, Adam The Incredible Huck
777 Heidke, Tracy The Incredible Huck
778 Heidtke, Elizabeth Huck Huck Goose
779 Heikkinen, Ben Drunk Chupacabra
780 Heili, Ben Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
781 Heili, Sarah Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
782 Heiman, Mark Scoober Snacks
783 Heinze, Clinton Breaking Wind
784 Heinze, Sarah Breaking Wind
785 Heinzeroth, Mallory The Incredible Huck
786 Held, Lizabeth Mini Giraffes
787 hellestad, grant Mini Giraffes
788 Hellgren, Dana Team Discount Not paid
789 Helmholdt, Nicole Disc-fil-A
790 Helmich, Kate Discertators
791 Helmig, Bill TBD
792 Helton, Kimi Spotted Cows
793 Helzer, Kyle Tasteful Nudes
794 Henderson, Kayla Grimace and the Hamburglars
795 henderson, todd FrisBFFs
796 Heneghan, Beth Anne 4th Class Relics
797 Heneghan, Joey 4th Class Relics
798 Hennes, Anthony Drunk Chupacabra
799 Hennessey, Lisa Teach Me How to Hucky
800 Hensler, Heather Skinny Helmets
801 Hensler, Zoe Discs Out For Harambe
802 Hermsen, Jack Cooper is the Best Dog
803 Herrick, Ryland twolfpack
804 Hess, Nicholas Earth Ninjas
805 Hettinger, Christine Whiskey Discs
806 Hettinger, Maddie Whiskey Discs
807 Heugel, Aaron A Parliament of Owls
808 Heyn, Brigham Thundering Turtle Troupe
809 Heyvaert, Lucas Game of Throws
810 Heywood, Kyle Panthers
811 Hibler, Kiara Earth Ninjas
812 Hickey, Monica Sultans of Swing
813 Higgins, Joseph Rough Riders 2018
814 Highman, Jeff C. Space Hucks
815 Hildebrand, Rachel Huckleberry Hounds
816 Hilgendorf, Amy No Talent Ass Clowns
817 Hilgendorf, David No Talent Ass Clowns
818 Hill, Marshall Whiskey disc
819 Hill-Gorman, Elinor Penultimates
820 Hinkens, AJ DTF: Down to Flick
821 Hippensteel, Greta FrisBFFs
822 Hnilicka, Clarice Spicy B's
823 Ho, Vicki Disciples
824 Hobbie, Jacob Huckleberry Hounds
825 Hobert, Nathan Discfunctional
826 Hoffman, Katelyn The Bacon Effect
827 Hoffman, Matt The Otter Team
828 Hoffman, Will twolfpack
829 Hoffmann, Jake A Parliament of Owls
830 Hofmeister, Tammy Penultimates
831 Hoke, Graham Sultans of Swing
832 Holland, John Cultured Yogurt
833 Holman, Sarah Bomb Snaps
834 Holmes, Adam Frisbabes
835 Holmes, Jenny Tops and Bottoms
836 holt, andy Skinny Helmets
837 Holt, Micah Viking Meat Birds
838 Holtz, Karina Ring of Fire
839 Hooper, Kate Discfunctional
840 Hooper, Kirk Discfunctional
841 Hopefl, Sarah Bascom Swill Not paid
842 Hopefl, Sarah Darth Mybo Not paid
843 Hopefl, Sarah Darth Mybo
844 Horecki, Michael Huck Huck Goose
845 Horsley, Chris Bascom Swill
846 Horsley, Whitney Bascom Swill
847 Horvath, Zoe Dandy Lions
848 Hovde, Glenn Skinny Helmets
849 Howell, Abby Mike Huckrone
850 Howering, Craig Bascom Swill
851 Hoyt, Ben Frisbabes
852 Hrovat-Staedter, Luke Grimace and the Hamburglars
853 Hsu, Ben The Single Banana
854 Hsu, Vincent The Bacon Effect
855 Huang, Mingwei Warrior Princesses
856 Hubbard, Anna Flying Hucks
857 Hubbard, Emily Callahan Job FC
858 Huemer, Kayla Untitled 2
859 Huff, Kim No Talent Ass Clowns
860 Huffer-kiesow, Caylyn Tops and Bottoms
861 Huibregtse, Tom The Gut Microbiome
862 Hulsether-Brugge, Joel Flying Hucks
863 Hultquist, Hailey Disctopia
864 Hum, Kristen Frisbeers
865 Huncosky, Danny Untitled 2
866 Hungerford, Hilary Game of Throws
867 Huo, Yujia (Evie) The Decency Police
868 Hurt, Chris Thundering Turtle Troupe
869 Hutchinson, Ben 2Spooky
870 Hutchinson, Rachel Dank Strats
871 Hutchison, Andrew Disc-It and Gravy
872 hutchison, liam The Gut Microbiome
873 Hutson, Mark Lil' Uzi Vert Stack Not paid
874 Huynh, Mailee Tasteful Nudes
875 Hwang, Nick 'DJ' Bascom Swill
876 Hwang, Nick 'DJ' twolfpack Not paid
877 Igl, Jonathan Breaking Wind
878 Iglar, Chris Team Discount
879 Iglar, Ellie Team Discount
880 Iglar, Sophie Team Discount
881 Imhoff-Smith, Katie Mae Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
882 Imhoff-Smith, Ted Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
883 immen, will New Phone, Who Disc?
884 Ingebritsen, Ryan Mike Huckrone
885 ironside, norm Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
886 Irwin, Julian The Single Banana
887 Isaac, Jonathan Mad Carls
888 Isensee, Jeremy Viking Meat Birds
889 Ishikawa, Andrew Break-fast Club
890 Itzkowitz, Emily Discs Out For Harambe
891 Iyer, Nisha Warrior Princesses
892 Jacobson, Brian Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
893 Jacobson, Nick FrisBFFs
894 Jacques, Lindsey Disctopia
895 Jaeger, Dannie Octicorns
896 Jaeger, Mae Octicorns
897 Jaeger, Pete Octicorns
898 Jaeger, Renata Octicorns
899 James, Andrew Spotted Cows
900 Janes, Aurora
901 Jang, Jin Backhanded Compliments
902 Janney, Michael StripNGo
903 Janson, Jack Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
904 Janson, Maureen Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
905 Janusz, Dana Whiskey disc
906 Jaquish, Abby Callahan Job FC
907 Jaramillo Mesa, Helena DISCR/Cut9
908 Jarzyna, Martin The Gut Microbiome
909 Jeanes, Beth Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
910 Jeffers, Alex The Single Banana
911 jeffers, matt Disc in a Box
912 Jegla, Norrin Fugwump
913 Jeglum, Sara Needle in a Ho Stack
914 Jens, Madeline Drunk Chupacabra
915 Jensen, Eric Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
916 Jensen, John Dominant Fat
917 Jensen, Lani Darth Mybo
918 Jensen, Nathan Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
919 Jensen, Rebecca Drunk Chupacabra
920 Jensvold, Zena Discertators
921 Jeppson, Gunnar The Single Banana
922 Jeppson, Keely The Single Banana
923 Jeppson, Thor The Single Banana
924 Jesien, Alina Drunk Chupacabra
925 Jester, Peter Disc-It and Gravy
926 Jimenez, Tony DISCR/Cut9
927 Jofre, Paqui Green Eggs and Hammers
928 Johnson, Ben Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
929 Johnson, Mirva Fugwump
930 Johnson, Rachel Mad Carls
931 Johnson, Zoe Frisbabes
932 Johnston, Kadina Disctopia
933 Jones, Andrew Dank Strats
934 Jones, Eric Jim
935 Jones, Hunter Team Awesome!
936 Jones, Matt (Shirtless) Sofa Kingdom
937 Jones, TK Sofa Kingdom
938 Jordahl, Ella Frisbabes
939 Jordan, Erin Huckleberry Hounds
940 Jordan, Nick Huckleberry Hounds
941 Jorgensen, Jen Ring of Fire
942 jorgensen, nate Ring of Fire
943 Jorgensen, Niels Needle in a Ho Stack
944 Joseph, Julia 2Spooky
945 Joseph, Mark Exit 69
946 Jossart, Jonah Not paid
947 Jossart, Jonah Disc in a Box
948 Jossart, Lee Disc in a Box
949 Joyce, Jason Earth Ninjas
950 Joyes, Zach Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
951 Juch, Tyler Cultured Yogurt
952 Juel, Zeke DTF: Down to Flick
953 Juhnke, Joanne Pacifists With Discs
954 Justman, Luke Disc in a Box
955 Kaio, Aaron Parental Advisory
956 Kaiser, Dan Huck Huck Goose
957 Kaldor, Amos Callahan Job FC
958 Kamiyama, Matt DISCR/Cut9
959 Kammerman, Jeff The Physbees
960 Kane, Ali Sofa Kingdom
961 KANE, JOANNE No Talent Ass Clowns
962 Kannapell, Claire Spotted Cows
963 Kaplan, Dan A Parliament of Owls
964 Kappes, Monica FrisBFFs
965 Karch, Emily DTF: Down to Flick
966 Karsh, Don Exit 69
967 Kasper, Shanna Mike Huckrone
968 Katechis, Greg The Otter Team
969 Kaul, Teddy The Cones of Dunshire
970 Kaur, Divneet Sultans of Swing
971 Kautzer, Nate Jerkstore
972 Kavalier, Sam Cultured Yogurt
973 Kazer, Alex DiscPun
974 Kearns, Nick Dank Strats
975 Keeley, Keefe A Parliament of Owls
976 Keeley Yonda, Andrew A Parliament of Owls
977 Keevil, Jon Earth Ninjas
978 Keevil, Margo Earth Ninjas
979 Keevil, Simon Earth Ninjas
980 Keisling, Carson Panthers
981 Keller, Hana Teach Me How to Hucky
982 Kelley, Tara Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
983 Kelly, Aaron Breaking Wind
984 Kelly, Dan Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
985 Kelly, Jack Untitled 2
986 Kelly, Lisa Penultimates
987 Kelly, Sean Rough Riders 2018
988 Kelly, William Penultimates
989 Kelsey, Petra A Parliament of Owls
990 Kempfer, Molly Great Big D
991 Kenealy, Kasey Happy Salmon
992 Kenealy, Thom Happy Salmon
993 Kenefick, Sean Not paid
994 Kenefick, Sean Skinny Helmets Not paid
995 Kennebeck, Olivia Disc-It and Gravy
996 Kenney, Alyssa DiscGrace
997 Kenney, Megan Team Awesome!
998 Kentala, Jacob Tasteful Nudes
999 Kernsteffen, Julian Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1000 Kerr, Ann Flying Hucks
1001 Kersten, James A Good Day to TryHard
1002 Kessens, Ryan DISCR/Cut9
1003 Keys, Cameron Dominant Fat
1004 Keyser, Alex Discs Out For Harambe
1005 Khanna, Neil Flying Hucks
1006 Khokhar, Maria Fugwump
1007 Kiefer, David Green Eggs and Hammers
1008 Kim, Bryan Bomb Snaps
1009 Kincaid, Ginny DiscPun
1010 Kinsey, Julia Re-do!
1011 Kinzley, Corentine Disc-It and Gravy
1012 Kishter, Stephanie Flying Hucks
1013 Kisling, Shelby twolfpack
1014 Kitchin, Lia Discs Out For Harambe
1015 Kittleson, Hans 2Spooky
1016 Kizewski, Nicholas Cooper is the Best Dog
1017 Klatt, Jason MUFAsa
1018 Kleckner, James No Talent Ass Clowns
1019 Klein, Mark Discertators
1021 Kleinhans, Nathan FrisBFFs
1022 Klinner, Jackie Your Mom
1023 Klinner, Peter Your Mom
1024 Klippenstein, Kelli Frisbeers
1025 kloepper, sarah Fugwump
1026 Kloppenburg, Micah Ring of Fire
1027 Knauss, Eleanor Bae Blades
1028 knavel, william Tasteful Nudes
1029 Knecht, Julia Backhanded Compliments
1030 Knepel, Laura Dominant Fat
1031 Knetter, Lillian Frisbabes
1032 Knickmeier, Dan StripNGo
1033 Knickmeier, Tamara StripNGo
1034 Knight, Adam Huck Huck Goose
1035 Knight, Jonathan Huck Huck Goose
1036 Knight, Justin Huck Huck Goose
1037 Knipfer, Benjamin Needle in a Ho Stack
1038 Knoche, Lauren Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1039 Knowlton, Robert No Talent Ass Clowns
1040 knudson, kate A Parliament of Owls
1041 Knutson, Joey Mini Giraffes
1042 Kober, Kelsey Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1043 Kobs, Jason Teach Me How to Hucky
1044 Koch, Zachary The Bacon Effect
1045 Koehler, Lauren Sofa Kingdom
1046 Koenig, Quinn Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1047 Koepke, Duncan Penultimates
1048 Koeshall, Hunter Disc-fil-A
1049 Kohl, Andy Disc-It and Gravy
1050 Kohl, Evan Floaters
1051 Kohrs, Andrew The Otter Team
1052 Koiwai, Taku Huckleberry Hounds
1053 Kojis, Charlie How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
1054 Kokinos, Brittney Break-fast Club
1055 Kollenbroich, Ben Dandy Lions
1056 Kollenbroich, erin Dandy Lions
1057 Konkol, Emily Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1058 koontz, noelle Earth Ninjas
1059 Koops, Lauren Bomb Snaps
1060 Koops, Sawyer Bomb Snaps
1061 Kopatz, Carli DiscGrace
1062 Kopish, Treeman Jerkstore
1063 Kopp, Patrick Bae Blades
1064 Korte, Ben New Phone, Who Disc?
1065 Koscik, Audra Octicorns
1066 Koscik, Rebecca Octicorns
1067 Koslov, Kat DiscPun
1068 Kosmerl, Emily Earth Ninjas
1069 Kosmerl, Paul Earth Ninjas
1070 Kraemer, Chris Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
1071 Kraemer, Mark Discfunctional
1072 Kraemer, Nichole Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
1073 KRAUSE, TRISTAN Scoober Snacks
1074 Kravitz, Dana Warrior Princesses
1075 Kregel, Lindsey Dank Strats
1076 Kregel, Steve Dank Strats
1077 Krentz, Ben Rusty Breaking Wind
1078 Krentz, Kimberly Discfunctional
1079 Kretschmann, Kyle DTF: Down to Flick
1080 Krishnarao, Dhanesh DiscPun
1081 Kroeger, Anne twolfpack
1082 Kromrey, Joe Fugwump
1083 Krueger, Emily Callahan Job FC
1084 Krueger, Karl Tops and Bottoms
1085 Krueger, Kyle Sultans of Swing
1086 Kruse, Ericka The Decency Police
1087 Kubsh, Adam Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1088 Kubsh, Alysha Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1089 Kuecker, Julianna Drunk Chupacabra
1090 Kuecker, Katie Drunk Chupacabra
1091 Kuehl, Ashley A Parliament of Owls
1092 Kuhlman, Krista Disc-It and Gravy
1093 Kujoth, Kelsey Teach Me How to Hucky
1094 Kulp, Micah Pacifists With Discs
1095 Kumar, Arjun The Cones of Dunshire
1096 Kundert, James Bascom Swill
1097 Kuplic, Tom Viking Meat Birds
1098 Kuran, Simon A Good Day to TryHard
1099 Kurek, Jeff Viking Meat Birds
1100 Kurek, Kate Viking Meat Birds
1101 Kurian, David Mini Giraffes
1102 Kysely, Tracy Parental Advisory
1103 kysely, tristan Parental Advisory
1104 Lacina, Brian Backhanded Compliments
1105 Lackey, Bryce The Gut Microbiome
1106 Lafayette, David Dank Strats
1107 LaFever, Matt A Good Day to TryHard
1108 Laidlaw, Thomas Backhanded Compliments
1109 Lamb, Brandon Dank Strats
1110 Landis, Greta DiscPun
1111 Lane, Matt Disctopia
1112 Langland, Emily A Good Day to TryHard
1113 Langreck, Heath Not paid
1114 LaPorte, Connor Frisbeers
1115 Lark, Tyler Spicy B's
1116 Laroque, Marc Maury's Sleeperhold
1117 Larsen, Alex Glitter Pirates XII
1118 Larson, Andrew Honey Badgers
1119 Larson, Benjamin Sofa Kingdom
1120 Larson, Danielle 2Spooky
1121 Larson, Edward Panthers
1122 Larson, Emily Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1123 Larson, Emma Panthers
1124 Lasater, Bart Can't Touch Disc
1125 Lauer, Chloe Team Awesome!
1126 Lauer, Rob Team Awesome!
1127 Laurent, Beth Spicy B's
1128 Laurenzi, Jessie TBD
1129 Lawson, Andrea The Decency Police
1130 Lawson, Christopher DiscPun
1131 Lawton, Tommy Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
1132 Lebakken, Aaron Panthers
1133 Lebakken, Mya Panthers
1134 LeClere, Ellen Tops and Bottoms
1135 LeDonne, Becky Happy Salmon
1136 Lee, Andrew Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
1137 Lee, Jason Disctopia
1138 Lee, Joseph Cultured Yogurt
1139 Lee, Justin Octicorns
1140 Lee, Shulamite Disciples
1141 Leichter, Sarah Whiskey disc
1142 Lemberger, Mykenzie frisBEES?
1143 Lempke, Claire Dandy Lions
1144 Lerdahl, Jim Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
1145 LeRoy, Kevin 4th Class Relics
1146 Lesniewski, James frisBEES?
1147 Lester, Ben Viking Meat Birds
1148 Leuker, Danielle Grimace and the Hamburglars
1149 Levin, Derek Huck Huck Goose
1150 Lewandowski, Abby Rough Riders 2018
1151 Lewandowski, Andrew MUFAsa
1152 Lewandowski, Kate MUFAsa
1153 Lewandowski, Rachel Rough Riders 2018
1154 Lewandowski, Sarah Jerkstore
1155 Lewein, Alex Parental Advisory
1156 Lewein, Laura Parental Advisory
1157 Lewer, Katharine Mini Giraffes
1158 Lewis, Abby Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1159 Lewis, Brandon Disciples
1160 Lewis, Margaret The Otter Team
1161 Lewis, Mark 2Spooky
1162 li, alec Bascom Swill
1163 Li, Ben Honey Badgers
1164 Li, Betty Honey Badgers
1165 Li-Barbour, Patrick Honey Badgers
1166 Libs, Christina The Otter Team
1167 Lica, Jon Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
1168 Lichty, Carrin A Parliament of Owls
1169 Liegel, Amy Jerkstore
1170 Lieven, Chris No Talent Ass Clowns
1171 LIEVEN, Laura No Talent Ass Clowns
1172 Lievsay, Diana Game of Throws
1173 Lin, Norman Disciples
1174 Lin, Peter The Cones of Dunshire
1175 Lindahl, Ana Whiskey disc
1176 Lindberg, Ann
1177 Lindblom, Jack Cooper is the Best Dog
1178 Lindgren, Eric Mad Carls
1179 Lindorfer, Charles Nerd Herd
1180 Link, Charlie Cultured Yogurt
1181 Lipp, Zach Disc-fil-A
1182 Lipscomb, Skyler Still Counting
1183 Liska, Benjamin 2Spooky
1184 Litersky, Ann Jerkstore
1185 Litscher, Jenna Disc in a Box
1186 Little, Gracie Peaked in HS
1187 Littler, Anneka Disciples
1188 Litzau, Kathryn Huck Huck Goose
1189 Liu, Dayu DTF: Down to Flick
1191 Liu, Jessica A Good Day to TryHard
1192 Liu, Kevin Fugwump
1193 Liu, Wallace Discertators
1194 Livingston, Paul DiscPun
1195 Lo, Debby Frisbeers
1196 long, david Green Eggs and Hammers
1197 longoria, christine StripNGo
1198 Longoria, Cuco StripNGo
1199 Lonnerstater, Brandon Needle in a Ho Stack
1200 Loomis, Shane 8-inch Floppy Disc
1201 Lopp, Brenden Discs Out For Harambe
1202 Lor, Souameng Nerd Herd
1203 Lord, Nicole Huck Huck Goose
1204 Lou, Marika The Bacon Effect
1205 Lowenberg, Nicholas Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1206 Loyo, Christian Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
1207 Lu, Brian Disciples
1208 Ludema, Colin Mike Huckrone
1209 Ludtke, Joshua Great Big D
1210 lukas, christian Untitled 2
1211 Lumina, Adam Nerd Herd
1212 Lumina, Alix Space Hucks
1213 Lumley, Margaret Dank Strats
1214 Lundgren, Catherine The Gut Microbiome
1215 Lundgren, Paul Disciples
1216 Luo, Victor Untitled 2
1217 Lwin, Nay-Soe Honey Badgers
1218 Lyke, Rob Mike Huckrone
1219 Lyles, Kevin The Decency Police
1220 Lyman, Melissa DTF: Down to Flick
1221 Lynch, Austin Honey Badgers
1222 Lynch, Austin Whiskey disc
1223 Lynch, Carly Breaking Wind
1224 Lynch, Chris Breaking Wind
1225 Lynch, Danielle The Single Banana
1226 Lynch, Tina Discertators
1227 m, reis Grimace and the Hamburglars
1228 Mabry, Patrick Spotted Cows
1229 Macchiavelli, Sofia DISCR/Cut9
1230 Madamba, Matt TBD
1231 Madden, Mike Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
1232 Madfis, Nikki Nerd Herd
1233 Madison, Allison Sultans of Swing
1234 Mael, Casey The OC
1235 Mager, Danny Green Eggs and Hammers
1236 Maggiori, Justin Jim
1237 Magruder, Kate FrisBFFs
1238 Mahkorn, Katie Disc-It and Gravy
1239 Mahn, Carolyn The OC
1240 Maj, Gregory Cooper is the Best Dog
1241 malerba, joel Happy Salmon Not paid
1242 Malin, Marianna Madtown Polar Bears
1243 Malkus, Annelise DiscGrace
1244 Malladi, Ashish Discs Out For Harambe
1245 Mallmann, Jack Bae Blades
1246 Malloy, Matt Team Awesome!
1247 Malloy, Michele Team Awesome!
1248 Malmquist, Eli Madtown Polar Bears
1249 Malone, Matthew Disc-fil-A
1250 Maloney, Tracey Team Awesome!
1251 Maly, Brandon Mike Huckrone
1252 Maly, Russell Great Big D
1253 Mance, Claire A Parliament of Owls
1254 Mancina, Sarah Dominant Fat
1255 Mandli, Drew 8-inch Floppy Disc
1256 Mandli, Jordan 8-inch Floppy Disc
1257 Mandli, Kelsey 8-inch Floppy Disc
1258 Mandli, Kieran Panthers
1259 Maniscalco, Mario DTF: Down to Flick
1260 Mao, Jerry Mike Huckrone
1261 marach, alex Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
1262 Marcott, Sarah 8-inch Floppy Disc
1263 Marcotte, Sarah Green Eggs and Hammers
1264 Marion, Stacey A Parliament of Owls
1265 Marischuk, Khailee Discertators
1266 Mark, Monica The Single Banana
1267 Marks, Michelle DISCR/Cut9
1268 Marquardt, Sam DISCR/Cut9
1269 Marschall, Justin The Incredible Huck
1270 Marschall, Katelyn The Incredible Huck
1271 Marsh, Ian The Physbees
1272 Marshall, Alec Penultimates
1273 Martens, Andrew Team Hot Stuff
1274 Martens, Scott No Talent Ass Clowns
1275 Martin, Andy Nerd Herd
1276 Martin, Denise Earth Ninjas
1277 Martin, Jennifer Dandy Lions
1278 Martin, Joseph Needle in a Ho Stack
1279 Martin, Joshua Tasteful Nudes
1280 Martinez, Jeremy How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
1281 Martyna, Bryn Viking Meat Birds
1282 Marvin, Anne No Talent Ass Clowns
1283 Maskalunas, Jeff Floaters
1284 Mason, Marquis Hammer Throw Shawty
1285 Massey, Heath Disc-It and Gravy
1286 Mateling, Marian Thundering Turtle Troupe
1287 Mathes, Charley Your Mom
1288 Mathes, Gavin Team Hot Stuff
1289 Mathie, John Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
1290 Mathieu, Dylan Team Hot Stuff
1291 Mathur, Nitish Dank Strats
1292 Matrosic, Charlie The Physbees
1293 Matrosic, Christina The Physbees
1294 Matthews, Nicholas Nerd Herd Not paid
1295 Mattimiro, Thomas Mike Huckrone
1296 Mattson, Erik The Incredible Huck
1297 Mayeshiba, Tim Dandy Lions
1298 McCammon, Benjamin Disc-fil-A
1299 McCammon, Jessica Disc-fil-A
1300 McCarthy, Keith New Phone, Who Disc?
1301 McCaughey, Maxwell Grimace and the Hamburglars
1302 McConnell, Christie Fugwump
1303 McCormick, Carl Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1304 McCoy, Drew DTF: Down to Flick
1305 McCreary, Katie A Parliament of Owls
1306 McDevitt, Grace Viking Meat Birds
1307 Mcdonal, Erin Exit 69 Not paid
1308 McDonald, Alan Discfunctional
1309 Mcdonald, Erin Exit 69
1310 McDonald, Liam Exit 69
1311 McDonald, Maria Discfunctional
1312 McDonald, Renee Huck Huck Goose
1313 McDonald, Tom Drunk Chupacabra
1314 McDonald, Xavier frisBEES?
1315 McDonell, Jordan Jerkstore
1316 McDonough, Kaitlin Parental Advisory
1317 McDougal, Courtney The Otter Team
1318 McDowell, Sean Disciples
1319 McGilligan, Fiona Floaters
1320 McGinnes, Marguerite Sultans of Swing
1321 McGraw, Kelly frisBEES?
1322 McGroarty, Erin Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1323 McGuire, Colin MUFAsa
1324 McHugh, Dan Space Hucks
1325 McHugh, Megan Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
1326 McKittrick, Corinne FrisBFFs
1327 McKittrick, Tristan FrisBFFs
1328 McLean, Dalton Tasteful Nudes
1329 McMackin, Meghan Needle in a Ho Stack
1330 McMahon, Bridget Jim
1331 McMahon, Rachel Discertators
1332 McMinn, Patrick DISCR/Cut9
1333 McMinn, Russ Teach Me How to Hucky
1334 McNeil, David Mad Carls
1335 McNulty, Charles DiscGrace
1336 Meehan, Rachael Warrior Princesses
1337 Meeks, Andrew The Physbees
1338 Mehrer, Chris DISCR/Cut9
1339 Meidl, Colin Panthers
1340 Meidl, Eden Panthers
1341 Meister, Alyson Dandy Lions
1342 Meixelsperger, Casey Dominant Fat
1343 Melanz, Daniel Team Hot Stuff
1344 Melberg, Max The Bacon Effect
1345 Mellen, Troy Ring of Fire
1346 Meltzer, Noah Floaters
1347 Melvin, Jaclyn Nerd Herd
1348 Menard, Laura The Otter Team
1349 Merlin, Emily Earth Ninjas
1350 Mesmer, Amber Darth Mybo Not paid
1351 Messner, Jonathan Happy Salmon
1352 Mettel, Kaden Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
1353 Metzloff, Tyler Flying Hucks
1354 Meyer, Allison Octicorns
1355 Meyer, Dominick frisBEES?
1356 Meyer, Greg Octicorns
1357 Meyer, Jessica frisBEES?
1358 Meyer, Nathan Bomb Snaps
1359 Meyer-Rainford, Rowan Penultimates
1360 Miao, Max DISCR/Cut9
1361 Michael, Lauren Your Mom
1362 Michaud, Alex New Phone, Who Disc?
1363 Mickelson, Emma Peaked in HS
1364 Mickelson, Leah Peaked in HS
1365 Mijal, Katherine FrisBFFs
1366 Mikolajczyk, Dave Thundering Turtle Troupe
1367 Mikolajczyk, Jonathan Thundering Turtle Troupe
1368 Mikutowski, Kate Bomb Snaps
1369 Milbourn, Michael Team Awesome!
1370 Miles, Molly Nerd Herd
1371 Miles, Zach Sultans of Swing
1372 Millen, Annie Sofa Kingdom
1373 Miller, Amanda 4th Class Relics
1374 miller, cassie Spotted Cows
1375 Miller, Dane The Incredible Huck
1376 Miller, Emily How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
1377 Miller, Hannah Maury's Sleeperhold
1378 Miller, Ian Discertators
1379 Miller, Izaak Discertators
1380 Miller, John FrisBFFs
1381 Miller, Megan Hammer Throw Shawty
1382 Miller, Robert How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
1383 Miller, Ryan 2Spooky
1384 Miller, Tim Tasteful Nudes
1385 Milovets, Eli Untitled 2
1386 Milstein, Cody Break-fast Club
1387 Modi, Sarah Frisbeers
1388 Moe, Katie The Gut Microbiome
1389 Mohamed, Liban Disciples
1390 Mohr, Mary The Otter Team
1391 Moktader, Arif Discfunctional
1392 Mollet, Jordan Team Hot Stuff
1393 Monarch, Ben Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
1394 Mondloch, Stephanie Dominant Fat
1395 Monoceros, BC Still Counting
1396 Montagna, Stephen Disc-It and Gravy Not paid
1397 Montanye, Mary frisBEES?
1398 Montgomery, Sophia Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1399 Monthie, Alex Hammer Throw Shawty
1400 Moody, Ben Bae Blades
1401 Moore, Jen The Cones of Dunshire
1402 Moore, Jerott Space Hucks
1403 Moore, Nick The Cones of Dunshire
1404 Moore, Spencer Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
1405 Moran, Jesse Whiskey Discs
1406 Moran, Sean MUFAsa
1407 Morgan, Lindsey 2Spooky
1408 Morgan, Virginia Frisbabes
1409 Morita, Catherine Dominant Fat
1410 Morley, Phil DISCR/Cut9
1411 Morrell, Elizabeth Can't Touch Disc
1412 Morrow, Chris Tops and Bottoms
1413 Morrow, Darien Dank Strats
1414 Morrow, Liza Huck Huck Goose
1415 Moses, Lisa Space Hucks
1416 Mosher, Lindsay Jim
1417 Motz, Jenna Discertators
1418 Moy, Alex TBD
1419 Moynihan, Kylie No Talent Ass Clowns
1420 Mroczenski, Jordyn Cooper is the Best Dog
1421 Muellenberg, Joe A Parliament of Owls
1422 Mueller, Carl Fugwump
1423 Mueller, Derek 2Spooky
1424 Mueller, Mallory 8-inch Floppy Disc
1425 Muesse, Jobst The Decency Police
1426 Mukherjee, Rohin Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
1427 Mulcahy, Brooke Tops and Bottoms
1428 Mulchrone, Ashley Glitter Pirates XII Not paid
1429 Mullen, Maura Teach Me How to Hucky
1430 Mundy, Alex Untitled 2
1431 Munger, Jacob Spicy B's
1432 Munz, Mike Hammer Throw Shawty
1433 Munz, Niki Hammer Throw Shawty
1434 Murdock, Evan Earth Ninjas
1435 Murphy, Alaina Thundering Turtle Troupe
1436 Murphy, Bridget Thundering Turtle Troupe
1437 Murphy, Caitlin FrisBFFs
1438 Murphy, Chris Green Eggs and Hammers
1439 Murphy, Helen Green Eggs and Hammers
1440 Murphy, Jessica 8-inch Floppy Disc
1441 Murphy, Joe Team Discount
1442 Murphy, Seamus Team Discount
1443 Murray, Jacob DISCR/Cut9
1444 Murray, Jacob Jerkstore Not paid
1445 Murray, Kevin The Bacon Effect
1446 Murray, Stephanie The Bacon Effect Not paid
1447 Muth, Crosby Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
1448 Myatt, Jason Jerkstore
1449 Myhre, Kyle Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
1450 Nacewicz, Jeremy A Parliament of Owls
1451 Nafziger, Ty Breaking Wind
1452 Nash, Peter Your Mom
1453 Nauman, Gracia Madtown Polar Bears
1454 Neary, Colleen No Talent Ass Clowns
1455 Neckermann, Riley Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1456 Necklen, Robert twolfpack
1457 Neider, Mark Discfunctional
1458 Nelsen, Tyler Disc-fil-A
1459 Nelson, Ben Bomb Snaps
1460 Nelson, Brooke The Gut Microbiome
1461 Nelson, Christine Team Discount
1462 Nelson, Courtney Maury's Sleeperhold
1463 Nelson, David Team Discount
1464 Nelson, Halla Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1465 Nelson, Hannah Madtown Polar Bears
1466 Nelson, Jack Madtown Polar Bears
1467 Nelson, Jimmy Team Hot Stuff
1468 Nelson, Mary Team Discount
1469 Nelson, Victoria Huckleberry Hounds
1470 Nemcek, Molly Bascom Swill
1471 Ness, Erik Green Eggs and Hammers
1472 Ness, Kathryn The OC
1473 Neuville, Gina 4th Class Relics
1474 Newberry, Jeanette Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1475 Newman, Jeremy Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1476 Ngo, Thuan Disciples
1477 Ngo, Tina Disciples
1478 Nguyen, Alex Jim
1479 Nicholas, Dykstra Viking Meat Birds
1480 Nichols, Caitlin Maury's Sleeperhold
1481 Nichols, Ethan Disc-fil-A
1482 Nichols, Matthew Maury's Sleeperhold
1483 Nichols, Stephanie Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1484 Nicol, Noah Peaked in HS
1485 Niebler, Nicole DTF: Down to Flick
1486 Nielsen, Pete Huckleberry Hounds
1487 Nielsen-Fox, Hans Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1488 Niemi, Jess Frisbeers
1489 Niesen, Holli Glitter Pirates XII
1490 Nijhawan, Nico Disc in a Box
1491 Nikolich, Anna Your Mom
1492 Nissley, Kathy Pacifists With Discs
1493 Nitschke, Chip Sultans of Swing
1494 Nitschke, Marie Sultans of Swing
1495 Noltemeyer, Cory Drunk Chupacabra
1496 Noltner, Michael The Incredible Huck
1497 Norman, Matthew The Gut Microbiome
1498 Norris, Ella The Gut Microbiome
1499 Nuelle, Luke The OC
1500 Nuelle, Tom The OC
1501 O'Brien, Chase The Cones of Dunshire
1502 O'Connell, Caitlin Sultans of Swing
1503 O'Connell, Christian The OC
1504 O'Connell, Dustin Disc in a Box
1505 O'Connell, Megan Grimace and the Hamburglars
1506 O'Connor, Kelly A Good Day to TryHard
1507 O'Donnell, Laurie StripNGo
1508 O'Hara, Sean Sofa Kingdom
1509 O'Herron, Kara Still Counting
1510 O'Keefe, Jesse Grimace and the Hamburglars
1511 O'Kelly, Myles Green Eggs and Hammers
1512 Oakleaf, Lydia Pacifists With Discs
1513 Oakleaf, Michael Pacifists With Discs
1514 Oberling, Mark Spotted Cows
1515 Oelstrom, Kevin Ring of Fire
1516 Okerstrom, Rachel The OC
1517 Oleson, Amanda The Single Banana
1518 Olig, Chris (Bus) Your Mom
1519 Olschesky, Mark Huck Huck Goose
1520 olson, david Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
1521 Olson, Eric Jerkstore
1522 Olson, Erick Viking Meat Birds
1523 Olson, Erik Drunk Chupacabra
1524 Olson, Grady Disc-It and Gravy
1525 Olson, Josh Glitter Pirates XII
1526 Olson, Morgan Hammer Throw Shawty
1527 Olson, Paige Lil' Uzi Vert Stack Not paid
1528 Olson, Sam Disciples
1529 Olson, Spencer Disc-fil-A
1530 Olsson, Spencer Bae Blades
1531 Opansky, Ryan Backhanded Compliments
1532 Oreel Dispanet, Amos Team Awesome!
1533 Orner, Emily Happy Salmon
1534 Orthey, Eric MUFAsa
1535 Orum, Bryn twolfpack
1536 Orum, Jon twolfpack
1537 Ossmann, Nick MUFAsa
1538 Osterholz, William A Parliament of Owls
1539 Otis, Ashley Maury's Sleeperhold
1540 Ott, Emily Cultured Yogurt
1541 Oury, Hannah Great Big D Not paid
1542 Oury, Hannah Great Big D Not paid
1543 Paborriboon, Phetnakhone TBD
1544 Paddock, Eva Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1545 Padilla, Marshall
1546 Page, Peter Cultured Yogurt
1547 Pahl, Douglas twolfpack
1548 Pahl, Kate twolfpack
1549 Pahnke, Lauren Huck Huck Goose
1550 Paker, Elizabeth TBD
1551 Pakula, Ryan The Otter Team
1552 Palese, Monica Space Hucks
1553 Palmer, Mark Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1554 Pan, Mark DTF: Down to Flick Not paid
1555 Panico, Matt Warrior Princesses
1556 Pankratz, Erin Nerd Herd
1557 Pankratz, Jena Spicy B's
1558 Pape, Erica Jim
1559 Parana, Lucas Frisbabes
1560 Parise, Jim StripNGo
1561 Parish Day, Makenna The Single Banana
1562 Parizo, Alice Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1563 Park, Ian No Talent Ass Clowns
1564 Park, Jong Pacifists With Discs
1565 Parrell, Ben FrisBFFs
1566 Patel, Arti Rough Riders 2018
1567 Patel, Kush MUFAsa
1568 Patterson, Aaron Team Awesome!
1569 Patterson, Kayla The Cones of Dunshire
1570 Patterson, Leah Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1571 Paulsen, Zack Flying Hucks
1572 Paust, Amien Callahan Job FC
1573 Paust, Rami A Callahan Job FC
1574 pavela, kayla Floaters
1575 Payne, Amy Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1576 Peace, Jane Disc-It and Gravy
1577 Pearce, Anne The Single Banana
1578 Pearce, Tom The Single Banana
1579 Pearson, Christine twolfpack
1580 Pederson, Savannah Space Hucks
1581 Peebles, Robb Octicorns
1582 Pelletier, Ali Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
1583 Peot, Brad Spicy B's
1584 Perinchery, Rivin Disctopia
1585 Perkerwicz, Luke Spicy B's
1586 Pernsteiner, Jessica A Parliament of Owls
1587 Perreth, Sam TBD
1588 Perry, Grant Discfunctional
1589 Perry, Megan Discfunctional
1590 Person, Test Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1591 Perucco, Lauren FrisBFFs
1592 Perucco, Lauren FrisBFFs Not paid
1593 Peters, Ben Octicorns
1594 Peters, Mark Warrior Princesses
1595 Peters, Olivia Warrior Princesses
1596 Petersen, Ben Panthers
1597 Peterson, Anne The Decency Police
1598 Peterson, April Dominant Fat
1599 Peterson, Ben DiscPun
1600 Peterson, Gordon A Good Day to TryHard
1601 Petesch, Darin Frisbeers
1602 Petri, Laura Viking Meat Birds
1603 Petrie, Michael Earth Ninjas
1604 Petrovich, Luke Scoober Snacks
1605 Petti, Megan Dank Strats
1606 Peyton, Megan Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1607 Peyton, Ryan Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1608 Peyton, Steve Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1609 Pfammatter, Jesse Re-do!
1610 Pfeiffer, Shaili Ring of Fire
1611 Phelps, Jayd Huck Huck Goose
1612 Phelps, Kayla Huck Huck Goose
1613 Phelps, Ty Mad Carls
1614 Phillips, Andrew 4th Class Relics
1615 Phillips, Kaya Sofa Kingdom
1616 Phillips, Lisa 4th Class Relics
1617 Phouybanhdyt, Brandon TBD
1618 Phouybanhdyt, Brandon TBD Not paid
1619 Pieper, Jessie The Single Banana
1620 Pieper, Sam Panthers Not paid
1621 Pike, Katie Sofa Kingdom
1622 Pike, Sara Mini Giraffes
1623 Pillsbury, Gemma Maury's Sleeperhold
1624 Pino, Joseph Honey Badgers
1625 Pinter, Alex Nerd Herd
1626 Piper, Laurel Team Hot Stuff Not paid
1627 Piper, Laurel Team Hot Stuff Not paid
1628 Pistono, Paige Cooper is the Best Dog
1629 Place, Austin Jim
1630 Pleshek, Anthony Sultans of Swing
1631 Pochatila, Kevin Happy Salmon
1632 Poje, Julia Spicy B's
1633 Poletti, Jon FrisBFFs
1634 Poletti, Tiffany Earth Ninjas
1635 Pollari, Tim Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
1636 Pollock, Keith Ring of Fire
1637 Polom, Tim Fugwump
1638 Pols, Rebecca Your Mom
1639 Poole, Glenn The Cones of Dunshire
1640 Pope, Michelle Bascom Swill
1641 Poskin, Zach Glitter Pirates XII
1642 Post, Rachel Dandy Lions
1643 Potter, Alesha The Cones of Dunshire
1644 Povolny, Hannah Disc-fil-A
1645 Presser, Audrey Hammer Throw Shawty
1646 Presser, David Hammer Throw Shawty
1647 Presser, William Hammer Throw Shawty
1648 Presto, Anthony Frisbeers
1649 Preston, Michelle Exit 69
1650 Prickette, Tyler Drunk Chupacabra
1651 Pringle, Hannah Rough Riders 2018
1652 Propsom, Donald Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1653 Prosapio, Philip Dominant Fat
1654 Prothero, Chelsea Team Awesome!
1655 Prouty, Mallory Sofa Kingdom
1656 Prucha, Austin Bomb Snaps
1657 Przybylski, Ryan Mike Huckrone
1658 Puchner, Tim Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
1659 Pueschel, Eric Ring of Fire
1660 Pugh, Dan Cultured Yogurt
1661 Pulvermacher, Courtney frisBEES?
1662 Punt, Colin Happy Salmon
1663 Punt, Meg Happy Salmon
1664 Pyatskowit, Drew Team Hot Stuff
1665 Pyatskowit, Nina Team Hot Stuff
1666 Qin, Frank Happy Salmon Not paid
1667 Qualle, Christopher Mini Giraffes
1668 Quattrucci, Izzy Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1669 Queoff, Steven Disctopia
1670 Quinn, Ashley Maury's Sleeperhold
1671 Quinn, Clare Not paid
1672 Quinn, Clare Not paid
1673 Quinn, Clare Bascom Swill Not paid
1674 Quintana, Joey Huckleberry Hounds
1675 Quintanilla, Daniel Pacifists With Discs
1676 Racchini, Kristin Drunk Chupacabra
1677 Radday, Brian Scoober Snacks
1678 Radle, Jennifer Space Hucks
1679 Radtke, elias Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
1680 Rahman, Nadia The Incredible Huck
1681 rajpal, siddharth TBD
1682 Ramey, Claire Bae Blades
1683 Rampone, Kate Whiskey disc
1684 Ranabhat, Nico Peaked in HS
1685 Ranabhat, Samu The Gut Microbiome
1686 Ranheim, Will Peaked in HS
1687 Raschke, Jim Drunk Chupacabra
1688 Rasmussen, Brandon MUFAsa
1689 Rasmussen, Lindsey MUFAsa
1690 Ratzburg, Mark Dominant Fat
1691 Raulin, Aaron Skinny Helmets
1692 Raulin, Christopher Skinny Helmets
1693 Raulin, Ellyssa Skinny Helmets
1694 Raulin, Matthias Skinny Helmets
1695 Rauman, Seth Hammer Throw Shawty
1696 Raykovich, Nick Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
1697 Reader, Shannon Grimace and the Hamburglars
1698 Reams, Kendra Bae Blades Not paid
1699 Rebhorn, Andrew Cultured Yogurt
1700 Rebhorn, Grace Cultured Yogurt
1701 Redemann, Sam Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1702 Reed, Laura Dank Strats
1703 Reed, Nicholas Dank Strats
1704 Reeg, Ali Tasteful Nudes
1705 Reeg, Emerald Grimace and the Hamburglars Not paid
1706 Rees, Evan Discertators
1707 Reese, Becky Tasteful Nudes
1708 Reeser, Nate Pacifists With Discs
1709 Refetoff, Sofia Green Eggs and Hammers
1710 Reilly, Kaylene Dandy Lions
1711 Remington, Michael Grimace and the Hamburglars
1712 Renfro, Audrey Cultured Yogurt
1713 Renjilian, Ginny Whiskey disc Not paid
1714 Renn, Kristel MUFAsa
1715 Repp, Lauren Discertators
1716 Reske, Jon (Assistant to the Captain) Team Awesome!
1717 Reszutek, Brian The Otter Team
1718 Reuter, Brandon Rough Riders 2018
1719 Rheineck, Lisa Fugwump
1720 Rhoades, Lauren Jim
1721 Rhoads, David Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
1722 Rhoads, Erin Warrior Princesses
1723 Ricchio, Gino Rough Riders 2018
1724 Rich, Kacie Dank Strats
1725 Rich, Pat Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1726 Richards, Garrett Can't Touch Disc
1727 Richards, Keith Can't Touch Disc
1728 Richards, Maggie Can't Touch Disc
1729 Richards, Miranda Can't Touch Disc
1730 Richards, Shay Can't Touch Disc
1731 Rickert, Chris Parental Advisory
1732 Riedeman, David Frisbeers
1733 Riedl, Curt Glitter Pirates XII
1734 Rifken, Kate Space Hucks
1735 Riga, Michael DISCR/Cut9
1736 Riley, Brian Nerd Herd
1737 Rinka, Daniel 4th Class Relics
1738 Rippl, David Teach Me How to Hucky
1739 Roach, Greg The Decency Police
1740 Robert, Domi Needle in a Ho Stack
1741 Roberts, Cortney Dandy Lions
1742 roberts, jay Disc-It and Gravy
1743 Roberts, Olivia Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1744 Roberts, Zachary Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1745 Robertson, Drew Game of Throws
1746 Robertson, Sam Flying Hucks
1747 Robinson, Courtney DiscPun
1748 Robinson, Margaret
1749 Rodems, Tamara Tasteful Nudes
1750 Rodriguez, Daniela A Good Day to TryHard
1751 Rodriguez, Joey Still Counting
1752 Rodriguez, Jonas DISCR/Cut9
1753 Rodriquez, Nicholas Maury's Sleeperhold
1754 Rogers, Alex Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
1755 Rogers, Alex Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1756 Rogers, Nick Breaking Wind
1757 Rohde, Bill Jerkstore
1758 Rohde, Jessica Backhanded Compliments
1759 Rohde, Nicole TBD
1760 Rohlfing, Jordan Space Hucks Not paid
1761 Rohowetz, Anthony Glitter Pirates XII
1762 Rohowetz, Jesse Glitter Pirates XII
1763 Rolfs, Zachary Dank Strats
1764 Roling, Kaitlynne Floaters
1765 Romaniak, Rachael MUFAsa
1766 Romens, Dave Team Hot Stuff Not paid
1767 Romero, Sofia Tasteful Nudes
1768 Romney, Chris Can't Touch Disc
1769 Romney, Scott Can't Touch Disc
1770 Romney, Tyler Can't Touch Disc
1771 Root, TJ Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1772 Rosenberg, Jacob Frisbabes
1773 Rosenberg, Ken Sofa Kingdom
1774 Rosenberger, James Breaking Wind
1775 Rosenberry, Samuel Thundering Turtle Troupe
1776 Rosin, Jacob Teach Me How to Hucky
1777 Rosin, Mackenzie Teach Me How to Hucky
1778 Rosin, Nathan Teach Me How to Hucky
1779 Rosing, Franny Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
1780 Rosing, Raymond Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
1781 Rosplock, Ben Re-do!
1782 rosplock, michael Re-do!
1783 Roychowdhury, hridindu Discertators
1784 Rozema, Soren Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
1785 Rozema, Zoe Lil' Uzi Vert Stack Not paid
1786 Rozeske, Tom Spotted Cows
1787 Rubin-Calvert, Tamar Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1788 Rubrich, Emily Teach Me How to Hucky
1789 Ruchti, Jason Thundering Turtle Troupe
1790 Ruechel, Adam Jim
1791 Ruechel, Kira Mike Huckrone
1792 Ruenroeng, Ryan Warrior Princesses
1793 Rufener, Kevin Pacifists With Discs
1794 Ruhl, Jason Team Awesome!
1795 Rupiper, Mike Parental Advisory
1796 Rust, Adrienne Breaking Wind
1797 Rustleund, Andrew 8-inch Floppy Disc
1798 Rutherford, Natalie Still Counting
1799 Rutherford, Veronica Still Counting
1800 Ryan, David 4th Class Relics
1801 Ryan, Roman Earth Ninjas
1802 Rylander, Lennea Disc in a Box
1803 Rynes, Scott Maury's Sleeperhold
1804 Sackett, Penelope Earth Ninjas
1805 Sackett, Sam Earth Ninjas
1806 Sackett, Sara Earth Ninjas
1807 Sackett, Zoe Earth Ninjas
1808 Saddison-Bradford, Shane TBD
1809 Saeugling, Sarah Pacifists With Discs
1810 Saeugling, Sean Pacifists With Discs
1811 Sageser, Zach Jim
1812 Sago, Cecilia StripNGo
1813 Sakai, Jill Ring of Fire
1814 Sakowski, Joe Honey Badgers
1815 Salem, Kelley Discfunctional
1816 Salvi, Amanda 4th Class Relics
1817 Sanders, Aurelia No Talent Ass Clowns Not paid
1818 Sanders, Tom Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1819 Sandholm, Lily Frisbabes
1820 Santarius, Kate Discs Out For Harambe
1821 Santner, Bill No Talent Ass Clowns
1822 Sard, Melanie Sofa Kingdom
1823 Sasse, William Scoober Snacks
1824 Sauerhaft, Julia 2Spooky
1825 Sawyer, Cadence 2Spooky
1826 Sayles, Keith No Talent Ass Clowns
1827 Schaefer, John Dominant Fat
1828 Schafer, Brad 4th Class Relics
1829 Schaff, Margaret The Otter Team
1830 Schaffer, Leah Dank Strats
1831 Schaller, Casey TBD
1832 Schaller, Marvin 8-inch Floppy Disc
1833 Schally, Dan Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
1834 Schauf, Samantha Octicorns
1835 Schelitzche, Clay Happy Salmon
1836 Schelitzche, Molly Happy Salmon
1837 Schelly, Ian Spicy B's
1838 Scherer, Megan Dandy Lions
1839 Schewe, Ted Callahan Job FC
1840 Schiedermayer, Daniel frisBEES?
1841 Schkirkie, Jacob Octicorns
1842 Schlabach, Jacob Pacifists With Discs
1843 Schlaefer, Jacob Bascom Swill
1844 Schleck, Max Cooper is the Best Dog
1845 Schmeckpeper, Jessica Discfunctional
1846 Schmid, Mike Dandy Lions
1847 Schmidt, Laurel Mad Carls
1848 Schmidt, Mac Floaters
1849 Schmidt, Ryan Pacifists With Discs
1850 Schmitt, Ellie Green Eggs and Hammers
1851 Schmock, William The Decency Police
1852 Schmoldt, Everett TBD
1853 Schoenike, Michele TBD Not paid
1854 scholz, soren Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1855 Schomer, Rebecca Team Hot Stuff Not paid
1856 Schommer, Callie How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
1857 Schommer, Kyle How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
1858 Schon, Michael Bae Blades
1859 Schoone, Matalin Scoober Snacks
1860 Schottler, Chase Backhanded Compliments
1861 Schottsy, Dance Breaking Wind
1862 Schramm, Pete Sofa Kingdom
1863 Schroeder, Chris The Bacon Effect
1864 Schroeder, Jenna Mad Carls
1865 Schroeder, Lacie Great Big D
1866 Schuchardt, Sarah Frisbeers
1867 Schulenberg, Michael Dandy Lions
1868 Schulting, Cody The Physbees
1869 Schultz, Leo Sultans of Swing
1870 Schultz, Malory Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
1871 Schultz, Melissa Re-do!
1872 Schultz, Nick Dandy Lions
1873 Schulz, Jordan Bomb Snaps
1874 Schuster, Jessica Darth Mybo
1875 Schuster, Matt Darth Mybo
1876 Schuyler, Zachary 8-inch Floppy Disc
1877 Schwantes, Nathan twolfpack
1878 Schwartz, Helen Fugwump
1879 Schwartz, Lauri Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1880 Schwarz, Allison Grimace and the Hamburglars
1881 Schwerin, Andrea StripNGo
1882 Schwerin, Rob StripNGo
1883 Schwier, Alexandra Frisbeers
1884 Scopoline, Kevin New Phone, Who Disc?
1885 Scopoline, Martha New Phone, Who Disc?
1886 Scudder, Joly Not paid
1887 Scudder, Joly Lil' Uzi Vert Stack Not paid
1888 scullion, jadon Bomb Snaps
1889 Seaborne, Koby Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
1890 Sebald, Cole The OC
1891 Sebald, Heather The OC
1892 Seim, Gretchen Space Hucks
1893 Selig, Jenelle Viking Meat Birds
1894 Seligman, Aaron Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
1895 Seling, Alex Fugwump
1896 Sellin, Adam Jerkstore
1897 Selvaraj, Brahadeesh Sultans of Swing
1898 Semlow, Andie Hammer Throw Shawty
1899 Sepulveda, Jonathan 4th Class Relics
1900 Serba, Jake Breaking Wind
1901 Servais, Eric Disc-It and Gravy
1902 Severa, Stephanie Glitter Pirates XII
1903 Sexson, Kelly Spotted Cows
1904 Shackelford, Jesse Cultured Yogurt
1905 Shannon, Sam Dandy Lions
1906 Shaw, Lauren Tops and Bottoms
1907 Shea, Elisabeth Parental Advisory
1908 Shea, Michael Tasteful Nudes
1909 Sheahan, Julia Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
1910 Shearer, Melinda
1911 Sheehan, Evan DISCR/Cut9
1912 Shekem, Colin The Otter Team
1913 Shelman, Spencer Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
1914 Shelton, Daniel Jerkstore
1915 Shepard, Andrew The Physbees
1916 Shepherd, Amber Disc-fil-A
1917 Sherwin, Justin Whiskey disc
1918 Shinners, Ben Spicy B's
1919 Shinners, Clare Spicy B's
1920 Shipley, Amy Team Awesome!
1921 Shoemaker, Olivia Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
1922 Short, Maddie Hammer Throw Shawty
1923 Showers, Lyndsy Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
1924 Showers, Stefen Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
1925 Shriwise, Patrick Bomb Snaps
1926 Shropshire, Jake Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
1927 Shultz, Darren Skinny Helmets
1928 Shupryt, Jim Jim
1929 Sibley, Alicia Team Awesome!
1930 Sibley, Sam Team Awesome!
1931 Sickels, WIll The Physbees
1932 Siebers, Ben Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
1933 Siebers, Kate Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
1934 Sielaff, Corey frisBEES?
1935 Sierzchula, Will Mad Carls
1936 Sikora, Miranda Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
1937 Silbaugh, Kennedy Madtown Polar Bears
1938 Silcock, Erin Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
1939 Silverberg, Sam Whiskey Discs
1940 Silverman, Michelle Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
1941 simon, jon DiscGrace
1942 Simon-Wambach, Lucas Huckleberry Hounds
1943 Singer, Jeremy Disc-fil-A
1944 Sipes, Donald Jim
1945 Skalla, Alex Disc in a Box
1946 Skavdal, Hannah DiscGrace
1947 Skene, Brittany Can't Touch Disc
1948 Skene, Luke Can't Touch Disc
1949 Skinner, Colin The Bacon Effect
1950 Skwierczynski, Damian Game of Throws
1951 sladky, kris Grimace and the Hamburglars
1952 Slama, Troy Team Awesome!
1953 Slater, Monica Parental Advisory
1954 Slattery, Zoe twolfpack
1955 Slaymaker, Arlen Frisbabes
1956 Slaymaker, Laura
1957 Sleeth, Anne Huckleberry Hounds
1958 Smid, Cory Mike Huckrone
1959 Smisek, Tom Disctopia
1960 smith, adam (Kashmir) Still Counting
1961 Smith, Alex Happy Salmon
1962 Smith, Chris The Single Banana
1963 Smith, Jack Rough Riders 2018
1964 Smith, Jordan Space Hucks
1965 Smith, Joseph Drunk Chupacabra
1966 Smith, Justin Darth Mybo
1967 Smith, Matt DiscGrace
1968 Smith, S Frisbeers
1969 Smith, Sarah Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
1970 Smith, Stephanie Happy Salmon
1971 Smits, Eric New Phone, Who Disc?
1972 Sobotik, Atzie Untitled 2
1973 Sobotik, Ida Bae Blades
1974 Sokup, Ryan Madtown Polar Bears
1975 Sommers, Cosette Darth Mybo
1976 Sonnemann, Emily Ring of Fire
1977 Sonnemann, Kevin Ring of Fire
1978 Sorelle, Andrea Re-do!
1979 Southard, Luke Discs Out For Harambe
1980 Sowieja, Emma Frisbeers
1981 Spackman, Hugh Can't Touch Disc
1982 Specht, Kyela Exit 69
1983 Spees, Morgen Mike Huckrone
1984 Spees, Powers Mike Huckrone
1985 Spierings, Erin Panthers
1986 Spitzig, Taylor Tasteful Nudes
1987 Spivey, Charles Drunk Chupacabra
1988 Splinter, Mitchell Thundering Turtle Troupe
1989 Spoden, James Jim
1990 Spoerk, Nick Mike Huckrone
1991 Sponem, Aspen Great Big D
1992 Sponseller, Nicole Frisbabes
1993 Sprangers, Megan Teach Me How to Hucky
1994 Spreacker, Peyton Honey Badgers
1995 Springer, Mari A Good Day to TryHard
1996 Srebnick, Taylor Floaters
1997 Staats, Eric Discfunctional
1998 Stack, Aidan Panthers
1999 Stahnke, Alexis Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
2000 Stahnke, Ashley Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
2001 Stanger, Margo Bae Blades
2002 Stankey, Matt Still Counting
2003 Stanton, Katy FrisBFFs
2004 Stark, Kami Frisbabes
2005 Stark, Kevin Jerkstore
2006 Statz, Amber DTF: Down to Flick
2007 Statz, Branden DTF: Down to Flick
2008 Statz, Fiona Disciples
2009 Stauber, Sam Pacifists With Discs
2010 Stauffacher, Alison Hammer Throw Shawty Not paid
2011 Stauffer, Tommy Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
2012 Stec, John A Good Day to TryHard
2013 Steck, Nicole Glitter Pirates XII
2014 Steckel, Tobiah Disctopia
2015 Steffes, Adam No Talent Ass Clowns
2016 Stein, Amanda Green Eggs and Hammers
2017 Stein, Jason Green Eggs and Hammers
2018 Stein, Xavier Green Eggs and Hammers
2019 Stein, Zane Green Eggs and Hammers
2020 Steinbock, Robbie Mini Giraffes
2021 Steinmetz, Cory 4th Class Relics
2022 Stella, Laura No Talent Ass Clowns
2023 Stendahl, Andrew Hammer Throw Shawty
2024 Stendahl, Candice Hammer Throw Shawty
2025 Stephens, Allie Breaking Wind
2026 Stern, David Sultans of Swing
2027 Steussy-Williams, Alexandra DiscPun
2028 Stevens, Sarah Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
2029 Stevenson, Julia Panthers
2030 Stevenson, Sophia Jim
2031 Stewart, Erik Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
2032 Stewart, John DiscGrace
2033 Stiglbauer, Case Maury's Sleeperhold
2034 Stineman, Mike Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
2035 Stineman, Sarah Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
2036 stolen, josh Whiskey Discs
2037 Stolt, Matthew
2038 Storhoff, Brittany Darth Mybo
2039 Stowers, Travis A Parliament of Owls
2040 Strahler, Erik Drunk Chupacabra
2041 Strand, Paul The Physbees
2042 Strauss, Bo Happy Salmon
2043 Strawman, Kelly Viking Meat Birds
2044 Strickland, Amanda Bae Blades
2045 Stringer, Heidi DiscGrace
2046 Strupp, Andrew "Strupp Throat" The Single Banana
2047 Stuedemann, Sara Bomb Snaps
2048 Su, Vickie 2Spooky
2049 Sukup, Matt Breaking Wind
2050 Sullivan, Amy Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
2051 Sullivan, Kelly 8-inch Floppy Disc
2052 Sullivan, Maddy Peaked in HS
2053 Sullivan, Morgan Hammer Throw Shawty
2054 Summers, Caleb Madtown Polar Bears
2055 Sunde, Colin A Good Day to TryHard
2056 Sutherlin Sovern, Atticus Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
2057 Sutherlin Sovern, Ruby Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
2058 Swagger, Hinky Frisbeers
2059 Swain, Michael FrisBFFs
2060 Swartz, Teddi Your Mom
2061 Sweitzer-Beckman, Mike DiscGrace
2062 Swenson, Nicholas Madtown Polar Bears
2063 Swesey Caruth, Micah Teach Me How to Hucky
2064 Swetz, Abigail Sofa Kingdom Not paid
2065 Switzler, Matt Frisbeers
2066 Sykes, Christopher Skinny Helmets
2067 Sylla, Joshua Exit 69
2068 T, Tracy 4th Class Relics
2069 Tabilas, Cali Rough Riders 2018
2070 Tabor, Josh The OC
2071 Taebel, Zack Disctopia
2072 Taft, Jessica Spotted Cows
2073 Taitt, Brandon Mad Carls
2074 Talavera, Anita Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
2075 Tall, Chris Team Awesome!
2076 Talwar, Aikum Floaters
2077 Tam, Christine DiscPun
2078 Tan, John Disc in a Box
2079 Tan, Kevin Peaked in HS
2080 Tande, Libby Huck Huck Goose
2081 Tanke, Alexander The Gut Microbiome
2082 Taylor, Aaron Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
2083 Taylor, Nick Fugwump
2084 Taylor, Rachel Whiskey disc
2085 Tcherneva, Mira Flying Hucks
2086 Teclaw, Mary Ellen DISCR/Cut9
2087 Teel, Alex Pacifists With Discs
2088 Teofilo, Grace Mike Huckrone
2089 Terhaar, Abbey Discfunctional
2090 Terranova, Joseph Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too
2091 Terrien, Kate Spotted Cows
2092 Terrien, Ricky Spotted Cows
2093 Thanholt, William Jim
2094 Thao, Angela Honey Badgers
2095 Theisen, Travis Spotted Cows
2096 Thelen, Julie DTF: Down to Flick
2097 Thieleke, Elliot Whiskey disc
2098 Thio, Glen Game of Throws
2099 Thiry, Moriah Disc-fil-A
2100 Thomas, Chris Discertators
2101 Thomas, Nathan Honey Badgers
2102 Thomas, Sydney Honey Badgers
2103 Thompson, Ben Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
2104 Thompson, Catherine Peaked in HS
2105 Thompson, Chris Team Discount
2106 Thompson, Hillary Jerkstore
2107 Thompson, James Fugwump
2108 Thompson, Jeremy Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind Not paid
2109 Thompson, Kasey Maury's Sleeperhold
2110 Thompson, Lauren Peaked in HS
2111 Thompson, Mark Maury's Sleeperhold
2112 Thompson, Mia Team Discount
2113 Thompson, Tyler How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
2114 thor, sai Thundering Turtle Troupe
2115 Thorne, Madison Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
2116 Thornton, Rachel Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
2117 Thronson, Leif Maury's Sleeperhold
2118 Tice, Josh Hammer Throw Shawty
2119 Timberlake, Karen Penultimates
2120 Tobin, Harold DiscGrace
2121 Toburen, Sydney Hammer Throw Shawty
2122 Tonnaire, Marion A Good Day to TryHard
2123 Topel, Tiffany frisBEES?
2124 Toy, Alex Disc in a Box
2125 Toy, Ashley Disc in a Box
2126 Tradewell, Claire The Bacon Effect
2127 Trantow, Jake MUFAsa
2128 Traun, Ben Spicy B's
2129 Traun, Haley Team Hot Stuff
2130 Treacy, Sean Mini Giraffes
2131 Tredupp, Chelsea Sultans of Swing
2132 Treichel, Kristin Darth Mybo
2133 Trescher, Courtney Peaked in HS
2134 Trinkle, Dennis Jerkstore
2135 TRINKLE, Dora Jerkstore
2136 Trujillo, Anji Discertators
2137 Tsai, Andy Disciples
2138 Tseytlin, Misha Untitled 2
2139 Tucker, John Tasteful Nudes
2140 Turkington, Fred Disc-It and Gravy
2141 Turner, Bethany Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
2142 Turner, Leah The Physbees
2143 Turner, T.J Warrior Princesses
2144 Turpin, Lucas 8-inch Floppy Disc
2145 Tushman, Lindsey Mini Giraffes
2146 Udelhofen, Eric Mad Carls
2147 Uitz, Markus Whiskey disc
2148 Ullrich, Peter Floaters
2149 ulrey, scott Green Eggs and Hammers
2150 Umhoefer, Heidi Team Hot Stuff Not paid
2151 Unrein, Joseph Break-fast Club
2152 Vaccaro, Nina Flying Hucks
2153 Van Haasteren, Katherine Game of Throws
2154 Van Hook, Lea Honey Badgers
2155 Van Horne, Kevin Honey Badgers
2156 Van Hulle, Luke Teach Me How to Hucky
2157 van Kan, Sef Callahan Job FC
2158 Van Thomme, Jack Glitter Pirates XII
2159 Van Thomme, Megan Glitter Pirates XII
2160 Vance, Joseph Pacifists With Discs
2161 Vandenbroucke, Justin twolfpack
2162 Vandermeuse, Scott Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP
2163 Vanderwist, Michelle Game of Throws
2164 VanDyke, Nate Warrior Princesses
2165 VanDyke, Priscilla Warrior Princesses
2166 Varjabedian, Ani New Phone, Who Disc?
2167 Vaughan, Elliot Mad Carls
2168 Vedvig, Hillary Maury's Sleeperhold
2169 Veele, Collin Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
2170 Veele, Rebecca Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
2171 Vehe, Susan Re-do!
2172 Vellky, Jordan Tasteful Nudes
2173 Venuta, Joe Callahan Job FC
2174 Verbeten, Mari The Gut Microbiome
2175 Vergeront, Chris Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
2176 Vermaire, Anna Bomb Snaps
2177 Vetter, Ann Penultimates
2178 Vetter, Noah Penultimates
2179 Vick, Hannah How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
2180 Villasenor, Vanessa Break-fast Club
2181 Vinyard, Valerie Beer Me 5 Junk Slap
2182 Virnig, Luke Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem
2183 Viscariello, Natalie The Physbees
2184 Vlk, George Space Hucks
2185 Vogler, Ashley twolfpack
2186 Vogt, Nick
2187 Voigt, Elly The Gut Microbiome
2188 Volk, Daniel Sultans of Swing
2189 Vollbrecht, Ceci Dank Strats
2190 Vorlander, Rachel New Phone, Who Disc?
2191 Vosberg, Emily New Phone, Who Disc?
2192 Voskuil, Adam Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop
2193 Voss, Josh Parental Advisory
2194 Wagner, Casey Scoober Snacks
2195 Wagner, Heidi Disc-fil-A
2196 Wagner, Karli Spotted Cows
2197 Wagner, Kelly Space Hucks
2198 Wagner, Mitchell New Phone, Who Disc?
2199 Waite, Amber Floaters
2200 Waite, Lindsey Break-fast Club
2201 Walcott, Owen Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
2202 Waldenberger, Julie Glitter Pirates XII
2203 Waldinger, Arik Madtown Polar Bears
2204 Waldorf, Bradley Earth Ninjas
2205 Walker, Margaret Peaked in HS
2206 Walker, Peter A Good Day to TryHard
2207 Wallace, Eli Tops and Bottoms
2208 Wallace, Micayla Panthers
2209 Wallis, Stacey Fugwump
2210 Wallrath, Matthew twolfpack
2211 Walter, Autumn The Physbees
2212 Walter, Daniel Nerd Herd
2213 Wan, Xinan Glitter Pirates XII
2214 Wang, Arthur Warrior Princesses
2215 Wang, Daniel Team Discount
2216 Wang, Jennifer Team Discount
2217 Warman, Andrea MUFAsa
2218 Washburn, Caitlin Drunk Chupacabra
2219 Wasserman, David Green Eggs and Hammers
2220 Wasserman, Gabe Green Eggs and Hammers
2221 Wasserman, Isaac Green Eggs and Hammers
2222 Wassink, Joanna Pacifists With Discs Not paid
2223 Watermolen, Emma Jim
2224 Watkins, Christopher Rough Riders 2018
2225 Weber, Alison Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
2226 Weber, Brennen Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind
2227 Weber, Kaylin New Phone, Who Disc?
2228 Webster, Noah The Decency Police
2229 Wedel, Joey Grimace and the Hamburglars
2230 Wedemeyer, Kent Teach Me How to Hucky
2231 Wedig, Katie Re-do!
2232 Weeden, Alexandra Break-fast Club
2233 Weinmann, Andrew Dominant Fat
2234 Weisberg, Derek 2Spooky
2235 Weiser, Julia Jerkstore
2236 welch, eric Tops and Bottoms
2237 Welker, Nick Rough Riders 2018
2238 Wells, Don Discs Out For Harambe
2239 Welsch, Jackie Break-fast Club
2240 Welsch, Sam Break-fast Club
2241 Wempner, Jenelle Disctopia
2242 Wen, Christina Disciples
2243 Wendt, Morgan Exit 69
2244 wendt, samantha Exit 69
2245 Wente, Hannah Team Hot Stuff
2246 Wentworth, Morgan Jerkstore
2247 Wertz, Travis Can't Touch Disc
2248 West, Devin Spotted Cows
2249 Westerberg, Charles Disc-It and Gravy
2250 Westerberg, Christa Disc-It and Gravy
2251 wex, toby The Bacon Effect
2252 Wheatley, Kase DiscPun
2253 Wheeler, Alison Happy Salmon
2254 Wheeler, Garrett
2255 Wheeler, Natalie MUFAsa
2256 Whelan, Steven The Cones of Dunshire
2257 White, Amy Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
2258 White, Devon Octicorns
2259 White, Jeffrey Exit 69
2260 White, Manix Frisbabes
2261 Whiting, Deanna Warrior Princesses
2262 Widger, Martha Discfunctional
2263 Wieben, Mia Frisbabes
2264 Wiederholt, Jake Whiskey disc
2265 Wiegel, Taylor How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
2266 Wierenga, Lauren Discertators
2267 Wilder, Ryan Huck Huck Goose
2268 Wilen, Chris Mad Carls
2269 Wilke, Justene Spotted Cows
2270 Wille, Logan DiscPun
2271 Willer, Tim Bascom Swill
2272 Williams, Christopher Disctopia Not paid
2273 Williams, Kevin Earth Ninjas
2274 Williams, Kyle Sofa Kingdom
2275 Williams, Nate Whiskey disc
2276 Williams, Spencer The OC
2277 williams, thomas Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
2278 Williams, Tyler A Good Day to TryHard
2279 Willsey, Veronica twolfpack
2280 Wilson, Carly Callahan Job FC
2281 Wilson, Darian Hammer Throw Shawty
2282 Wilson, Emily Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters
2283 Wilson, Jake Happy Salmon
2284 Wilson, Kieran Grimace and the Hamburglars
2285 Wilson, Nick Game of Throws
2286 Wilson, Rachel Exit 69
2287 Wilson, Willy Disciples
2288 Wiltzius, Amy Penultimates
2289 Wiltzius, Gwen Penultimates
2290 Wims, Tamara Green Eggs and Hammers
2291 Winder, Nick DTF: Down to Flick
2292 Windgassen, Tricia DISCR/Cut9
2293 Winnowski, Clio Honey Badgers
2294 Wipperfurth, Karlie Hammer Throw Shawty
2295 Wipperfurth, Laura How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
2296 Wipperman, Kate Octicorns
2297 Wipperman, Matt Octicorns
2298 Wirag, Maggie Madtown Polar Bears
2299 Wirth, Karin Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
2300 Wirth, Trevor Hammer Throw Shawty
2301 Wise, Jacob Needle in a Ho Stack
2302 Wiseman, Robyn A Good Day to TryHard
2303 Wismer, Daniel Still Counting
2304 Witcraft, Cassie Huck Huck Goose
2305 Witte, Eric Frisbeers
2306 Witte, Garrick Team Discount
2307 Witter, Zeke Bae Blades
2308 Witter, Zeke Space Hucks Not paid
2309 Wittkowske, Michael The Decency Police
2310 Wobeter, Sharon StripNGo
2311 Wolfe, Hayley Disctopia
2312 Woller, Nathan Whiskey disc
2313 Wong, Alex Green Eggs and Hammers
2314 Wong, Courtney TBD
2315 Wong, Joann The Otter Team
2316 Wong, Lily Green Eggs and Hammers
2317 Wood, Iliana A Parliament of Owls
2318 Wood, Jamie Game of Throws
2319 Wood, Natalie Grimace and the Hamburglars
2320 Wood, Philip Disciples
2321 Woods, Courtney Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
2322 Woodson, Jenna Drunk Chupacabra
2323 Worringer, Michael MUFAsa
2324 Wright, Aaron
2325 Wright, Alex Game of Throws
2326 Wright, David How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team
2327 Wright, Kirby Still Counting
2328 Wright, Stephanie Rodents of Unusual Size: I'm XVIII and I Like It
2329 Wyant, Jasmine DTF: Down to Flick
2330 Wykle, Matthew The Decency Police
2331 Wyman, Dan 8-inch Floppy Disc
2332 wyse, tim Pacifists With Discs
2333 Wyse Reeser, Angie Pacifists With Discs
2334 Xiong, Cherry Still Counting
2335 Xiong, Kalia Still Counting
2336 Yablonski, Karly Cooper is the Best Dog
2337 Yan, Johnny Disctopia
2338 Yang, Chai Disc in a Box
2339 Yang, Kao Lee Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
2340 Yang, Matthew Disciples
2341 Yang, Rachel Huck Huck Goose
2342 Yang, Travis Honey Badgers
2343 Yang, Tsu Parental Advisory
2344 Yang, Yuewn-lann The Physbees
2345 Yao, Evan Disc in a Box
2346 Yee, Jeremiah Disciples
2347 Yentz, McKayla frisBEES?
2348 Yeoh, Jonathan Mini Giraffes
2349 Yoder, Noah Tops and Bottoms
2350 Yogarajah, Branavan Break-fast Club
2351 Yokosh, Frank Frisbeers
2352 Yoo, Gloria Honey Badgers
2353 Young, Kaitlyn Needle in a Ho Stack
2354 Yu, Darren The Cones of Dunshire
2355 Yuen, Matt Honey Badgers
2356 Zaber, Michelle Floaters
2357 Zacharski, Abbey Lil' Uzi Vert Stack
2358 Zakowski, Clare Thundering Turtle Troupe
2359 Zapotocny, Ryan DISCR/Cut9
2360 Zarovy, Kaitlin Disc-It and Gravy
2361 Zarrinnam, Brenden Disctopia
2362 Zarzycki, Oskar Callahan Job FC
2363 Zasada, Jake Cooper is the Best Dog
2364 Zdanovskaia, Maria Skinny Helmets
2365 Zearing, Creal No Talent Ass Clowns
2366 Zeilinger, Brianna Tasteful Nudes
2367 Zeininger, Katie Dandy Lions
2368 Zenner, Tyler Team Discount
2369 Zettersten, Martin Ring of Fire
2370 Zheng, Jane Peaked in HS
2371 Zheng, Xi Frisbeers
2372 Zhou, Daniel Sultans of Swing
2373 Zia, Dan Whiskey disc
2374 Zibton, Zoe The Decency Police
2375 Zickert, Bradley Whiskey Discs
2376 Ziehr, Ben Breaking Wind
2377 Ziehr, Jake Breaking Wind
2378 Ziehr, Michael Breaking Wind
2379 Ziehr, Natalie Breaking Wind
2380 Zietz, Taylor Your Mom Not paid
2381 Zietz, Taylor Your Mom Not paid
2382 Zillmer, Joe Assistants to the Traveling Secretary
2383 Zimbric, Joe DiscPun
2384 Zimmerman, Joshua Dominant Fat
2385 Zingsheim, Adam The Bacon Effect
2386 Zinn, Nick Sultans of Swing
2387 Zyhowski, Drew Panthers