Summer League 2018 > Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW

AUG 21 - All games except Tier 1 winner's bracket are canceled for today due to the monsoon. Games will be rescheduled for Thursday Aug 23 pending new reservations with the city. These games are also OPTOINAL so check with the opposing captain to make sure both teams are available. We apologize for the soggy end to the season.

View the brackets using the link next to your Group on the standings page.

Summer League Finals will take place at Breese Stevens Field on Wednesday, August 22nd. Free food and drink for all summer league participants. Guests can get food and drink ($5 donation suggested).


Fall League info here:

Player List

# Name Team Not Paid
1 Aakre, Shaun Nuclear Wasted
2 Abell, Lacey Average Joes
3 Abell, Nate Average Joes
4 Abing, Jessa Frisbings
5 Abing, Lexi Young Bloods
6 Adkins, Morgan Childisc Gambino
7 Agnew, Daniel Three Buck Huck
8 Ahles, Roger Northern Exposure
9 Aiken, Erik Hold the Disc
10 Aiken, Laura Hold the Disc
11 Alber, Nadia Northern Exposure
12 Albert, Austin Disc Jockeys
13 Alcorn, Dave Best Friends Squad
14 Aldrich, Natalie Whiskey Disc
15 Aley, Ian Best Friends Squad
16 Aley, Megan Best Friends Squad
17 Allen, Eric Disc Pics
18 Allen, Jonathan Team Ramrod
19 Allen, Raphael The Team Who Must Not Be Named
20 Allen, Sarah Team Ramrod
21 Alpino, Alyssa Less Cheer, More Beer
22 Altvater, Natalie Throwmodynamics
23 Alvin, James You Can't Handle Us
24 Amato, Brandon Frisbee4dayz
25 Ambrose, Mat Northern Exposure
26 Anderson, Haley Thunderpants
27 Anderson, James Best Friends Squad
28 Anderson, Kyle Huck Lords
29 Anderson, Kyle Nuclear Wasted
30 Anderson, Lyon Make Cuts, Not War
31 Anderson, Mitch Tardiscs
32 Andreasen, Ketty Macrocycflick Stacktones
33 Andrew, Charlie Compact Discs
34 Andrew, Tiffany Frisbee4dayz
35 Anfinsen, Richie Whiskey Disc
36 Angelo, Carter Huck Dynasty
37 Angileri, Sue Mind the Gap
38 Anton, Gigi Huck Dynasty
39 Arcand, Renee Old Ruffians
40 Armbruster, Morgan Huck Dynasty
41 Armenta, Selina Massive Dump
42 Armstrong, Robert Nuclear Wasted
43 arnold, gabi Limp Discs
44 Arnold, Mitch Disc Jockeys
45 Arnold, Sydney Huck Huck Goose
46 Arnold, Travis Throwmodynamics
47 Athanas, Sam Team Ramrod
48 Aylward, Leah Frisbee4dayz
49 Babich, Kyle Ruth Badder Disc-burns
50 Backes, Grace Frisbings
51 Baken, Ashley Huck Dynasty
52 Baker, Bernadette Mind the Gap
53 Baker, Claire Death Throw
54 Baker, Kathleen Throwmodynamics
55 Baker, Michelle Average Joes
56 Baker, Preston Scotch Ale and APA, Please
57 Bakhtiar, Hamza Tardiscs
58 Balantekin, Michael Old Tomatoes
59 Balas, Ari West Side Slimes
60 Ballweg, Gabrielle The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
61 Bambrough, Tyler Childisc Gambino
62 Bansal, Karan Ghost Squirrels
63 Barko, Josh Huckuna Matata
64 Barko, Lauren Huckuna Matata
65 Barlow, Benjamin Compact Discs
66 Barnes, Dylan Whiskey Disc
67 Barnett, Kevin Throwmodynamics
68 barrett, kendall Nuclear Wasted
69 Bartelheim, Michael Huck Lords
70 Basu, Trina Karl's Feet (Pink)
71 Batenhorst, Krista Huck Huck Goose
72 Bauer, Bryson Childisc Gambino
73 Bauer, Jace Childisc Gambino
74 Bauer, Jamie Karl's Feet (Pink)
75 Bauer, Jessica Tardiscs Not paid
76 Bauer, Jessica Tardiscs
77 Bauer, Megan (Vingers) Karl's Feet (Pink)
78 Bauer, Paxton Childisc Gambino
79 Bauhs, Brian Three Buck Huck
80 Baumann, Clare Hammers & Rumpus
81 Bavery, Jeff Omar
82 Beaber, Luke Average Joes
83 Beadle, John Mind the Gap
84 Becerril, Alejandra Massive Dump
85 Beck, John Up in the Air
86 Becker, Ben Death Throw
87 Becker, Michael Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
88 Beckman, Erica Three Buck Huck Not paid
89 Bednarek, Tristan Huck Huck Goose
90 Bell-Gawne, Keari Ruth Badder Disc-burns
91 Bellart, Michael Frisbings
92 Benforado, Charlie Backhand Baddies
93 Bentley, Leah 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
94 Berg, Ian Whiskey Disc
95 Berger, Beau Disc Pics
96 Bergman, Chelsea Ghost Squirrels
97 Bergmann, Trillian JAG
98 Berkholtz, Matthew Reckless D-havior
99 Berkholtz, Molly Reckless D-havior
100 Bernard-Donals, Shoshana Massive Dump
101 Berndt, David GenghDisc Khan
102 Bernhardt, Dan Cheetahs
103 Berry, Laura Siberian Khatru
104 Berry, Patrick Siberian Khatru
105 Berto, Tim Three Buck Huck
106 Bertsch, Aaron Average Joes
107 Betry, Katie Mind the Gap
108 Betts, Adriana GenghDisc Khan
109 Biba, Carl Less Cheer, More Beer
110 Biba, Mikayla Less Cheer, More Beer
111 Bierman, Brian Discombobulated
112 Bills, Haley Risky Frizzness
113 Bills, Payton Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
114 Bindel, Kris Ruth Badder Disc-burns
115 Bissen, Adam Old Ruffians
116 Bizub, Brian Beta Blockers
117 Bjorklund, Erik Frisbings
118 Blackmore, Kelli Frisbeenacci Sequence Not paid
119 Blackmore, Kelli Frisbeenacci Sequence Not paid
120 Bley, Lyndsey Death Throw
121 Bloom, Mitch Frisbeenacci Sequence
122 Bly, Rich Some Taste
123 Boatman, Anna Tardiscs
124 Bock, Alexandria Cheetahs Not paid
125 Bock, Dan Cheetahs
126 Boey, Mike Huck Huck Goose
127 Bolanowski, Paul Team Ramrod Not paid
128 Bonebright, Madi Young Bloods Not paid
129 Borchardt, Clay Tardiscs
130 Boutom, Sarah Throwmodynamics
131 Bowser, Kalli Up in the Air
132 Boynton, Sami Massive Dump
133 Bradshaw, Lauren Old Tomatoes
134 Brady, Valya Compact Discs
135 Breen, Matt Frisbings
136 Brehmer, Zandi Old Ruffians
137 Bremer, Andrew Average Joes
138 Bremer, Jim Frisbeenacci Sequence
139 Brethauer, Anne GenghDisc Khan
140 Breunig, Janell 12 Inch Discs
141 Brewer, Adam Hammers & Rumpus
142 Brewer, Katherine Hammers & Rumpus
143 Bridge, Madalynne Death Throw
144 Brighouse glueck, Maisy West Side Slimes
145 Brill, Shelly Frisbee4dayz
146 Brisbin, Noah Three Buck Huck
147 Brodnick, Phill Northern Exposure
148 Brodnick, Sarah Northern Exposure
149 Brooks, Alison Mind the Gap
150 Brooksbank, John bangerang
151 Brophy, Blair Make Cuts, Not War
152 Brown, Adam bangerang
153 Brown, Anthony Northern Exposure
154 Brown, Bonnie Northern Exposure
155 Brown, Derek Death Throw
156 Brown, Marissa Nuclear Wasted
157 Brunner, Jim Up in the Air
158 Bruns, James Up in the Air
159 Bryan, Kristin West Side Slimes
160 Buchanan, Renee Frisbeenacci Sequence
161 Buck, Claire Disc Jockeys
162 Budde, Megan Omar
163 Buelo, Collin Huck Dynasty
164 Buencamino, Adam Backhand Baddies
165 Buenfil, Claire Risky Frizzness
166 Buescher, Kyle bangerang
167 Burden, Davis You Can't Handle Us
168 Burditt, Jonathan Frisbee4dayz
169 Burditt, Lydia Frisbee4dayz
170 Burns, Cooper Respiratory Discstress
171 Burns, Nick Hold the Disc
172 burns, rebekah Cheetahs
173 Burns, Sarah Hold the Disc
174 Burtley, Robert Hold the Disc
175 Busch, Anjali Northern Exposure
176 Byrne, Tim GenghDisc Khan
177 Cai, Reggie Backhand Baddies Not paid
178 Cai, Reggie Backhand Baddies Not paid
179 Calbaum, Emily Average Joes
180 Caldararu, Stefan Ex Frisbaes
181 Caldwell, Kyrie 12 Inch Discs
182 Cale, Travis Not paid
183 Camp, Ben Frisbee4dayz
184 Campbell, Logan Hot Pie!
185 Cann, David Sand People
186 Carlberg, Matt Less Cheer, More Beer
187 Carlson, Julia Nuclear Wasted
188 Carpenter, Adam Hold the Disc
189 Carpenter, Nolan Young Bloods
190 Carr, Jenna bangerang
191 Carr, Lindsay Frisbeenacci Sequence
192 Case, Sarah Thunderpants
193 Case, Tamara Hold the Disc
194 Casey, Liam Risky Frizzness
195 Cassel, Jillian 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
196 cassidy, jason Hammers & Rumpus
197 Castelic, Kaitlyn 12 Inch Discs
198 Castillo, Juliana Risky Frizzness
199 Catlett, Timothy Thunderpants
200 Cavadini, Chris Literally no one here works at Epic
201 Cavadini, Liz Literally no one here works at Epic
202 Cech, Dan Nuclear Wasted
203 Cegelski, Ben 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
204 Ceperley, Liz Northern Exposure
205 Cernek, Megan Macrocycflick Stacktones
206 Cernek, Preston Macrocycflick Stacktones
207 cha, chiey Avengers: The Later Years
208 chambers, max West Side Slimes
209 Champion, Malek Ex Frisbaes
210 chang, choua Avengers: The Later Years
211 Chang, Khai Avengers: The Later Years
212 Charles, Tyler Old Ruffians
213 Chaudoir, Justin CUBE
214 Chen, Claire Compact Discs
215 Chen, Holly 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk Not paid
216 Chen, Stephen Beta Blockers
217 Chenevert, Justin Old Tomatoes
218 Chesley, Corey Karl's Feet (Pink)
219 Chester, Elise You Can't Handle Us
220 Chipault, Marc Hold the Disc
221 Chittajallu, Nandita bangerang
222 Choe, Joshua Beta Blockers
223 Choiniere, Phil Huck Huck Goose
224 Chong, Jamie Frisbee4dayz
225 Christie, Nate Less Cheer, More Beer Not paid
226 chyou, gene Compact Discs
227 Cianciolo, Bart Mind the Gap
228 Ciccola, Gabby Massive Dump
229 Clark, Ross Three Buck Huck
230 Clark, Ryan Throwmodynamics
231 Cleland, Spencer Siberian Khatru
232 Clemens, Lisa 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
233 cleveland, matthew Discombobulated
234 cleveland, sarah Discombobulated
235 Clevidence, Brett Limp Discs Not paid
236 Clevidence, Brett Limp Discs
237 Close, Shawn Tardiscs
238 Clucas, Evan Old Ruffians
239 Coburn, Justine Hammers & Rumpus
240 Coburn, Kevin Hammers & Rumpus
241 Cochran, Mark Less Cheer, More Beer
242 Coffman, Emilio The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
243 Comunale, Gabriella Nuclear Wasted
244 conley, will Death Throw
245 Connell, Mark Hammers & Rumpus
246 Connors, Julianne Old Tomatoes
247 Conrad, Jacob Frisbings
248 Converse, Mei-Lien "MY DISC FELL OFF"
249 Cook, Taylor Throwmodynamics
250 Cooper, Charles Cheetahs
251 Cortez, Kathy Massive Dump
252 Cotter, Alex Mind the Gap
253 Cotter, Alison Mind the Gap
254 Cotter, John Mind the Gap
255 Cotter, Rick Huck Huck Goose
256 Coulson, Alison Respiratory Discstress
257 Cowan, Erin Karl's Feet (Pink)
258 Cowan, Molly Massive Dump
259 Cramer, Alex Hold the Disc
260 Creamer, Vaughn Hammers & Rumpus
261 Crisco, Sean Huck Huck Goose
262 Crosby, Michael Death Throw
263 Crowell, Kaitlyn GenghDisc Khan
264 Crownover, Lilly You Can't Handle Us Not paid
265 Curtis, Dave CUBE
266 Curtis, Drew CUBE
267 Cushman, Alexander Siberian Khatru
268 Czuprynski, Adam Karl's Feet (Pink)
269 D'Angelo, Chelsea Nuclear Wasted
270 Dai, Haiwen Risky Frizzness Not paid
271 Dailey, Anna Literally no one here works at Epic
272 Dammann, Alexander Huck Dynasty
273 Dang, Allice JAG
274 Daniels, Elli Disc Jockeys
275 Dargiewicz, Michelle Karl's Feet (Pink)
276 Dark, William Up in the Air
277 Darvin, Camila Siberian Khatru
278 Darvin, Isabela Siberian Khatru
279 Darvin, Shae Siberian Khatru
280 Davenport, Emily Hold the Disc
281 Davenport, Grace Huck Huck Goose Not paid
282 davenport, mitch Cheetahs
283 davies-walsh, anne Compact Discs
284 Davis, Diana Karl's Feet (Pink)
285 Davis, Mark Karl's Feet (Pink)
286 Dawson, Chris Make Cuts, Not War Not paid
287 Dawson, Kelly Cheetahs
288 De Cicco, Susan Average Joes Not paid
289 De Cicco, Susan Mind the Gap
290 De Haan, Jacob Nuclear Wasted
291 De Moulin, Zach Macrocycflick Stacktones
292 De waard, Matt Ghost Squirrels
293 DeAngeles, Alex West Side Slimes
294 DeGuire, Joshua 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
295 Deisinger, Phil Make Cuts, Not War
296 Delannay, Martine Respiratory Discstress
297 Denton, Brent 12 Inch Discs
298 Derendinger, Whitney Best Friends Squad
299 DeSantis, Nick Death Throw
300 Detert, Ana 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
301 Devine, Lauren Make Cuts, Not War
302 Dewitt, Joe Massive Dump
303 Dias, Andrew Thunderpants
304 Diaz, Saul Ex Frisbaes
305 Dickens, Gabe Young Bloods
306 Dickson, Lauren Team Ramrod
307 Dilweg, Kian Ex Frisbaes
308 Dilweg, Mercer Ex Frisbaes
309 Dimmig, Anissa Limp Discs
310 Do, Phil Make Cuts, Not War
311 Dobbert, Michael bangerang
312 Doherty, Ian Reckless D-havior
313 Doherty, Ken Frisbee4dayz
314 Doherty, Peyton Huck Lords
315 Domina, Katie Make Cuts, Not War
316 Dorsey, Anne JAG
317 Dorsey, Kevin JAG
318 Dorster, Cole Disc Jockeys
319 Draves, Garrison Whiskey Disc
320 Drenning, Evan Compact Discs
321 Drews, Michael Hold the Disc
322 Drexler, Max Ex Frisbaes
323 Druckrey, Joshua Frisbings
324 Dryer, Jodi Omar
325 Duff, Joey Childisc Gambino Not paid
326 Dullum, Joshua Young Bloods
327 Duma, Gregory Huck Huck Goose
328 dunlap, claire Young Bloods
329 Duval, Ben Reckless D-havior
330 Dyer, Ione Some Taste
331 Dykhne, Michael Frisbee4dayz
332 Eagan, Nat Throwmodynamics
333 Ebert, Elizabeth Ghost Squirrels
334 Echevarria, Sam GenghDisc Khan
335 Eckberg, Zac Ruth Badder Disc-burns
336 Edari, Syovata Omar
337 Edelstein, Dinah Omar
338 Edelstein, Noah Omar
339 Egan, John Scotch Ale and APA, Please
340 Egan, Kurt Team Ramrod
341 Egan, Sarah Team Ramrod
342 Egherman, Cora GenghDisc Khan
343 Eiter, Andy Literally no one here works at Epic
344 Eklof, Emily Cheetahs
345 Eklof, Kristi Cheetahs
346 Eklof, Nate Cheetahs
347 Eklof, Sandra Cheetahs
348 Eklund, Rachael Huck Huck Goose
349 Elward, Barret Nuclear Wasted
350 Emmerich, Greg The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
351 Erickson, Sam "MY DISC FELL OFF"
352 Ericson, Andrew Backhand Baddies
353 ernst, abigail Huckuna Matata
354 Esser, Jake Compact Discs
355 Ezell, Sydney Discombobulated
356 Fabian, David Average Joes
357 Fahey, Connor "MY DISC FELL OFF"
358 Fahey, Patty Huck Huck Goose
359 Fallon, Caroline Ruth Badder Disc-burns
360 Fallon, Monica Ruth Badder Disc-burns
361 Fan, Katie Sand People
362 Farwell, Jordan Reckless D-havior
363 Fedele, Nicholas Karl's Feet (Pink)
364 Fedie, Brad Old Ruffians
365 Feiner, Nicole You Can't Handle Us
366 Fendryk, Randy Whiskey Disc
367 Feng, Brad Massive Dump
368 Fennig, Robyn Reckless D-havior Not paid
369 Fenske, Rachel Ruth Badder Disc-burns
370 Ferreira, Vera Hold the Disc
371 Ferris, Jacob Tardiscs
372 Fink, Sara JAG
373 Finn, Claudia Disc Pics
374 finn, laurel Respiratory Discstress
375 Fitzgibbon, Kaci Reckless D-havior
376 Fleiner-Etheridge, Teagan Huckuna Matata
377 Flores, Mabel Tardiscs
378 Flowerman, Camila Old Tomatoes
379 Foellmi, Emily Average Joes
380 Foellmi, Thomas Average Joes
381 Fong, Steve Best Friends Squad Not paid
382 Ford, Zachary Best Friends Squad
383 Fortune, Jacob Hot Pie!
384 Fortune, Jennifer Hot Pie!
385 Foster, Jason 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
386 Francke, Joseph Up in the Air
387 Frank, Ashley Hot Pie!
388 Frank, Curtis Hot Pie!
389 Freber, Mari JAG
390 Freeman, Brent Frisbee4dayz
391 Frey, Nicole You Can't Handle Us
392 Friedman, Dave Omar
393 Frost, Kevin Mind the Gap
394 Fruhling, Kyle Sand People
395 Fruit, Andrea You Can't Handle Us
396 Fuller, Sarah Best Friends Squad
397 Fumusa, Sonya Risky Frizzness
398 Furlan, Luke West Side Slimes
399 Fuster, Hector Throwmodynamics
400 Gaglio, Alessandra Reckless D-havior
401 Gahan, Curran Throwmodynamics
402 Galebach, Peter Throwmodynamics
403 Gammie, Avery You Can't Handle Us
404 Gariti, Zachary Limp Discs
405 Garner, Keith Karl's Feet (Pink)
406 Garrison, Mark Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
407 Garvey, Joshua Sand People Not paid
408 Garvey, Kieran Backhand Baddies
409 Gaston, Luke Huck Lords
410 Gaston, Mitchell Huck Lords
411 Gatica, Carlos Limp Discs
412 Gaura, Peter Frisbings
413 Gautt, Danielle Northern Exposure
414 Gavin, Quinn "MY DISC FELL OFF"
415 Gay, Jackson West Side Slimes
416 Geers, Sarah Discombobulated
417 Geier, Taytum Disc Jockeys
418 Geier, Trevin Disc Jockeys
419 Gelhausen, Jeffrey Hammers & Rumpus
420 Gensler, Sara Hold the Disc
421 Georgieff, Jennifer The Team Who Must Not Be Named
422 Gerbitz, Logan Disc Jockeys
423 Gerdes, Austin Disc Jockeys
424 Germany, Sam Less Cheer, More Beer
425 Gerzsik, Rob The Team Who Must Not Be Named
426 Getz, Kelsey Scotch Ale and APA, Please
427 Giesfeldt, Kari Old Ruffians
428 Giesfeldt, Matthew Old Ruffians
429 Giftos, James Limp Discs Not paid
430 Gile, Adam Northern Exposure
431 Gjerloev, Amalia Up in the Air
432 Glassel, Griffin West Side Slimes
433 Gleason, Jon Karl's Feet (Pink)
434 Gleason, Kelsey Karl's Feet (Pink)
435 Gleason, Kevin Karl's Feet (Pink)
436 Gleason, Tom Karl's Feet (Pink)
437 Goedken, Molly 12 Inch Discs
438 Goeldi, Michael 12 Inch Discs
439 Goeldi, Shannon 12 Inch Discs
440 Goelzer, Austin Tardiscs
441 Goetz, Annika Young Bloods
442 Goines, Devin Average Joes
443 Goldberg, Michael JAG
444 Goldstein, Daniel Disc Pics
445 Gomez, Timothy Thunderpants
446 Gonsalves, Valerie Three Buck Huck
447 Gonzalez, Arianna Huck Lords
448 Gonzalez, Sean Three Buck Huck
449 Good, Walker Northern Exposure Not paid
450 Good, William Northern Exposure
451 Goretski, Emily Best Friends Squad
452 Gormley, Adam Siberian Khatru
453 Goss, Will CUBE
454 Gottlieb, Robert Throwmodynamics
455 Grady, Kenny Some Taste
456 Graffy, Peter Old Tomatoes
457 Graham, Jessica Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
458 Grandon, Colin "MY DISC FELL OFF"
459 Gregg, Peter Ghost Squirrels
460 Gregory, Andrew Beta Blockers
461 Gries, Danielle Literally no one here works at Epic
462 Griesbach, Tim Make Cuts, Not War
463 Grifhorst, Dave Average Joes
464 Grimm, Erin Three Buck Huck
465 Grimm, Matt Three Buck Huck
466 Grinstead, Paul JAG
467 griswold, bailey Frisbee4dayz
468 Grossmann, Amanda JAG
469 Grover, Sam Scotch Ale and APA, Please
470 Grovergrys, Doug Mind the Gap
471 Grutzner, Anna Backhand Baddies
472 Gulke, Johanna Respiratory Discstress
473 Gullicksrud, Nathan Hold the Disc
474 Guse, Calvin Risky Frizzness
475 Gutenberger, Michele Huck Huck Goose
476 Guthrie, Savannah Literally no one here works at Epic
477 Guzman, Alejandro 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
478 Haddon, Bryan Old Tomatoes
479 Haerr Hartmann, Geordi (General) Sand People
480 Hagedorn, Jisela The Team Who Must Not Be Named
481 Hagen, Christopher Death Throw
482 Hahn, Alex "MY DISC FELL OFF"
483 Hahn, Sophia Ruth Badder Disc-burns
484 Haig, Kathy Mind the Gap
485 Haines, Rachel Hot Pie!
486 Hall, Nolan Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
487 Hallan, Grant Team Ramrod
488 Hallow, Abby Ghost Squirrels
489 Hallum, Zach Thunderpants
490 Hampton, Aidan Young Bloods
491 Hamre, Molly CUBE
492 Haney, Ryan 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
493 Hang, Cheng Fu Avengers: The Later Years
494 Hann, Mara Young Bloods Not paid
495 Hannemann, Sara Disc Pics
496 Hanson, Alex Frisbeenacci Sequence
497 Hanson, Bjorn Northern Exposure
498 Hanson, Hallie Nuclear Wasted
499 Hanson, Kristen Northern Exposure
500 Harford, Ross Limp Discs
501 Harris, Ashley Risky Frizzness
502 Harris, Olivia Macrocycflick Stacktones
503 Harrison, Joseph Frisbee4dayz
504 Hartmann, Megan JAG
505 Haupt, Madeleine Scotch Ale and APA, Please
506 Hayes, Hannah Scotch Ale and APA, Please
507 Hayes, Madeline Ruth Badder Disc-burns
508 Haynor, Lynne JAG
509 Hebert, Tyler Some Taste
510 Heffernan, Amber Mind the Gap
511 Heili, Simeon Less Cheer, More Beer
512 Heitkamp, Chris Frisbee4dayz
513 Heller, Dane Average Joes
514 Helley, Justin Hot Pie!
515 Hellgren, Dana Hammers & Rumpus
516 Henige, Alexander Risky Frizzness
517 Henningsen, Erika Ghost Squirrels
518 Her, Pa Avengers: The Later Years
519 Herdzik, Sophie Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
520 Herl, Mitchell The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
521 Herrmann, Dave Discombobulated
522 Herrmann, Giselle Discombobulated
523 Hershberger, Benjamin Childisc Gambino
524 Hesse, Steven Beta Blockers
525 Hessler, Devin Tardiscs
526 Heyvaert, Lucas Frisbeenacci Sequence Not paid
527 Heyvaert, Lucas Frisbeenacci Sequence Not paid
528 Hildebrand, Evan The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
529 Hill, Laura The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
530 Hill-Gorman, Henry Limp Discs
531 Himebaugh, Keith Huck Huck Goose
532 hines, megan Ruth Badder Disc-burns
533 Hinkens, AJ Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
534 Hinkens, Tim Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
535 Hippensteel, Greta Respiratory Discstress
536 Hoegh, Benjamin Old Tomatoes
537 Hoegh, Brittany Old Tomatoes
538 Hoeksema, Brad Less Cheer, More Beer
539 Hoening, Tad JAG
540 Hoffman, Sabrina Old Tomatoes
541 Holland, Chris CUBE
542 Hollinger, Steve Hot Pie!
543 Holmes, Kimmie Childisc Gambino
544 Holzhausen, Ellie bangerang
545 hooker, cody Cheetahs
546 Hope, Sarah CUBE
547 Hopefl, Sarah Omar
548 Hopkins, Aaron Frisbeenacci Sequence
549 Hopkins, Megan Frisbeenacci Sequence
550 Hopp, Casey bangerang
551 Hopp, Cristin bangerang
552 Horn, Dani Disc Pics
553 Hovde, Glenn 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
554 Hovne, Ben Hot Pie!
555 Howering, Craig 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk Not paid
556 Hoyt, Sam Backhand Baddies
557 Huberty, Shannon Huck Huck Goose
558 Huckins, Eric Whiskey Disc
559 hudec, dan Make Cuts, Not War
560 Huebsch, Zachary Huck Lords
561 Huerth, Eric The Team Who Must Not Be Named
562 Huerth, Rachel The Team Who Must Not Be Named
563 Huffer-kiesow, Caylyn Old Ruffians
564 Hull, Nicklas Young Bloods
565 Hundt, Aaron Frisbee4dayz
566 Hunt, Kyle Huckuna Matata
567 Hunter, Gage Limp Discs Not paid
568 Hupalo, Sofiya CUBE
569 Hurley, Amanda Thunderpants
570 Husom, Ella Old Ruffians
571 Husom, Ryan Old Ruffians
572 Huszagh, Meredith Massive Dump
573 Hutson, Mark Risky Frizzness
574 Huttenhoff, Michael 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
575 Huttenhoff, Patrick 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
576 Ibarra, David 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
577 Illg, Joseph Compact Discs
578 Illing, Jake Three Buck Huck
579 Isenberg, Will Macrocycflick Stacktones
580 Ishikawa, Andrew Sand People
581 Jacobs, Daniel Backhand Baddies Not paid
582 Jacobson, Lucas Nuclear Wasted
583 Jacobson, Nick Respiratory Discstress
584 Jaeger, Sam Childisc Gambino
585 Jahr, Caleb Frisbee4dayz
586 Janisch, Derek GenghDisc Khan
587 Janke, Brian Ghost Squirrels
588 Jekel, Wes West Side Slimes
589 Jens, Shay Huck Dynasty
590 Jensen, Lani Team Ramrod Not paid
591 Jiang, Yanzi Beta Blockers
592 Jin, Ian bangerang
593 Joachim, Alyssa Ghost Squirrels
594 Joers, Samantha Frisbings
595 Johnson, Everett Some Taste
596 Johnson, Hamp GenghDisc Khan
597 Johnson, Keeley GenghDisc Khan
598 Johnson, Leah Death Throw
599 Johnson, Nathan Discombobulated
600 Johnson, Nathaniel Ex Frisbaes
601 Johnston, Annie Whiskey Disc
602 Johnston, Kris "MY DISC FELL OFF"
603 Jolon, Lawrence Massive Dump
604 Jones, John Risky Frizzness
605 Juntunen, Becca Massive Dump
606 Just, Elizabeth Respiratory Discstress
608 Kaepplinger, Kelly Best Friends Squad
609 Kahl, Whitney Old Ruffians
610 Kainz, Denise Reckless D-havior
611 Kaiser, Gabrielle Three Buck Huck
612 Kaker, kristin Three Buck Huck
613 Kalsbeek, Riley The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
614 Kalscheur, Nathan GenghDisc Khan
615 Kalvin, Derek Childisc Gambino
616 Kamke, Lisa Hot Pie!
617 Kamps, Will Huck Lords Not paid
618 Kamps, Will Huck Lords
619 Kancherla, Yochana Thunderpants
620 Kane, Ali Old Ruffians
621 Kania, John Hot Pie!
622 Karbusicky, Andrew Risky Frizzness
623 Karbusicky, Emma Childisc Gambino
624 Karls, Aly Some Taste
625 Kasprzak, Jack Scotch Ale and APA, Please
626 Kassander, Kim Disc Jockeys
627 Kasten, Richelle Huck Dynasty
628 Katovich, Erik Cheetahs
629 Kaveggia, Sarah Literally no one here works at Epic
630 Kearney, Kenny Cheetahs
631 Kearns, Niall Hammers & Rumpus
632 KEAVENY, RYAN Limp Discs
633 Keckley, JW Ruth Badder Disc-burns
634 Keene, Jerod Scotch Ale and APA, Please
635 Kelley, Andrew Massive Dump
636 Kelley, Fran Young Bloods
637 Kelley, Ross Best Friends Squad
638 Kelly, Sean GenghDisc Khan
639 Kemis, Jason Whiskey Disc
640 Kenefick, Sean 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
641 Kenitz, Colin Reckless D-havior
642 Kenny, Savannah Disc Jockeys
643 Kerber, Andrew Huck Dynasty
644 Kerekes, Julie The Team Who Must Not Be Named
645 Khan, Aahad Beta Blockers Not paid
646 Khan, Nadia Karl's Feet (Pink)
647 Khodavandi, Bobby Frisbeenacci Sequence
648 Kidd, Jason Old Tomatoes
649 Kiedrowski, Katie Huckuna Matata
650 Kilgariff, Tierney Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
651 Kilian, Andrew Average Joes
652 Kilian, Bailee Average Joes
653 Kine, Fiona Cheetahs
654 Kirking, Hillary Best Friends Squad
655 Kishter, Ben Sand People
656 Kishter, Stephanie Sand People
657 Klebenow, Matt Up in the Air
658 Klein, Ashley Literally no one here works at Epic
659 Klingbeil, Ashley Ghost Squirrels
660 Klinkner, Alex Limp Discs
661 Klintworth, Alex Huck Huck Goose
662 Klintworth, Hannah Huck Huck Goose
663 Klubertanz, Kara 12 Inch Discs
664 Klubertanz, Matt 12 Inch Discs
665 Kluetzman, Tyler Frisbee4dayz
666 Knackert, Josh Ghost Squirrels
667 Knackert, Josh Make Cuts, Not War Not paid
668 Knauth, Tod Compact Discs
669 Knight, Adam JAG
670 Knoedel, Michael Massive Dump
671 Knoespel, Carina Literally no one here works at Epic
672 Knoespel, Matthew Literally no one here works at Epic
673 Knor, Tim Northern Exposure
674 Koch, Nixie Ex Frisbaes Not paid
675 Koehler, Kyle Compact Discs
676 Koepke, Duncan You Can't Handle Us
677 Kohli, Lisa Massive Dump
678 Kokinos, Brittney Sand People Not paid
679 Komula, Ashley Three Buck Huck
680 Komula, Conor Three Buck Huck
681 Kontur, Wayne Ghost Squirrels
682 Kopish, Treeman Hold the Disc Not paid
683 Koran, Eric Huck Lords
684 Korbel, Allie Frisbings
685 Koroma, Nina The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
686 Kosmerl, Emily Hot Pie! Not paid
687 Kost, Danielle Frisbee4dayz
688 Koszewski, Michael Best Friends Squad
689 Kotecki, Shawn JAG
690 Kotoski, Elizabeth Frisbings
691 Kowalchuk, Kevin bangerang
692 Kreuger, Alex Some Taste
693 Kreuger, Joshua Best Friends Squad
694 Kreuger, Michael Some Taste
695 Kriete, Matt Nuclear Wasted
696 Krishna, Siddarth Throwmodynamics
697 Krueger, Jianna Young Bloods
698 Kruger, Thomas Death Throw
699 Kubsh, Adam "MY DISC FELL OFF"
700 Kubsh, Alysha "MY DISC FELL OFF"
701 Kuchar, Kasey Huck Lords
702 Kuchenbecker, Chris The Team Who Must Not Be Named
703 Kucinski, Ken Siberian Khatru
704 Kuen, Reid The Team Who Must Not Be Named
705 Kujawa, Chrissy Compact Discs
706 Kumar, Vishesh Siberian Khatru
707 Kunin-Goldsmith, Noah Hot Pie!
708 Kunze, Lizzie Whiskey Disc
709 Kuse, Annie Some Taste
710 Kuse, Josh Some Taste
711 Kwon, Nika Ex Frisbaes
712 La Porta, Jared 12 Inch Discs
713 LaBreche, Toni Death Throw
714 LaCroix, Dan The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
715 Ladika, Chris Best Friends Squad
716 Lam, Kevin The Team Who Must Not Be Named Not paid
717 Lammert, Lauren Scotch Ale and APA, Please
718 Lammert, Patrick Scotch Ale and APA, Please
719 Lamouria, Rebekah Ruth Badder Disc-burns
720 Landerud, Marki Hot Pie!
721 Landerud, Peter Hot Pie!
722 Landphier, Andrew Old Tomatoes
723 Lane, Anna Ex Frisbaes
724 Langhenry, Molly Throwmodynamics
725 Larson, Benjamin Old Ruffians
726 Larson, Callie Up in the Air
727 Larson, Edward Sand People
728 Larson, Emma Sand People
729 Larson, Hannah Best Friends Squad
730 Larson, Kimberly JAG Not paid
731 Larson, Kimberly JAG Not paid
732 Larson, Kimberly JAG
733 Larson, Oliver Compact Discs Not paid
734 LaRue, Heather Old Tomatoes
735 Last, Daniel Best Friends Squad
736 Lawless, Rachel Disc Pics
737 Lawrence, Jarvis Team Ramrod
738 lawrence, kaleb Team Ramrod
739 Lawton, Tommy Childisc Gambino Not paid
740 Lazenby, Sara Hot Pie!
741 Leas, Emily Three Buck Huck
742 Leas, Karl Three Buck Huck
743 Lee, Andrew Risky Frizzness
744 Lee, Pa Avengers: The Later Years
745 Lee, Sheng Avengers: The Later Years
746 Lee, Teng Avengers: The Later Years
747 Lee, Tshachee Avengers: The Later Years
748 Lee McVey, Hoi Ming Backhand Baddies
749 Lehmann, Dylan Young Bloods
750 Leighton, Maria Beta Blockers
751 Lemke, Derek Hot Pie!
752 Lendved, Nolan Up in the Air
753 Leonard, Riley Average Joes
754 Lepisto, Meghan Omar
755 Lepisto, Ryan Omar
756 Lepold, Adam Huck Huck Goose
757 LeRoy, Brendan Huckuna Matata
758 LeRoy, Stephanie Huckuna Matata
759 Lett, Beth Hold the Disc
760 Levine, Aaron Discombobulated
761 Levine, Natalie Discombobulated
762 Lewein, Alex GenghDisc Khan
763 Lewein, Laura GenghDisc Khan
764 li, alec Respiratory Discstress
765 Lieberman, Raizel Compact Discs
766 Limberg, Suzy Best Friends Squad
767 Lin, Christie Old Tomatoes
768 Lindblom, Michelle Up in the Air
769 Lindholm, Joliene Tardiscs
770 Ling, Brianna "MY DISC FELL OFF"
771 Lippitt, Luke Karl's Feet (Pink)
772 Lippold, Molly Whiskey Disc
773 Listol, Kayla Omar
774 Listol, Mitchell Omar
775 Listol, Trevor Omar
776 Littler, Anneka Mind the Gap
777 Lock, Loren Tardiscs
778 Locke, John Siberian Khatru
779 loper, Alita Frisbeenacci Sequence
780 Lor, Charlie Avengers: The Later Years
781 Lord, Jennifer Northern Exposure
782 Lortie, Jevin Omar
783 Lotlikar, Sushmita 12 Inch Discs
784 Lotter, Lauren The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
785 Loughran, Caitlin Beta Blockers
786 Loving, Caleb West Side Slimes
787 Loy, Maria Three Buck Huck
788 lukas, christian "MY DISC FELL OFF"
789 Lund, Gabby Some Taste
790 Luthin, Adam CUBE
791 Lutz, Greg bangerang
792 Lynch, Courtney Northern Exposure
793 Lyons, Emily Sand People
794 Lyshek, Espen Ex Frisbaes
795 MacDonald, Nick Huck Huck Goose
796 Machhi, Rushad Beta Blockers
797 Mack, Nicholas Huck Dynasty
798 Magnin, Ally Frisbings
799 Magruder, Kate Ghost Squirrels
800 Mahaffey, Theo West Side Slimes
801 Mannarino, Catie Hold the Disc
802 Marcotte, Sarah Respiratory Discstress
803 Mark, David Old Ruffians
804 Marquet, Alexis Hammers & Rumpus
805 Marshall, Maddy Disc Jockeys
806 Martens, Kylee Average Joes
807 Marthaler, Chad The Team Who Must Not Be Named
808 Martin, Sara Compact Discs
809 Martinelli, Laura Macrocycflick Stacktones
810 Marty, Chase Some Taste
811 Marx, Jason Hammers & Rumpus
812 Maskarinec, Ann Mind the Gap
813 Maskarinec, Dan Mind the Gap
814 Masse, John Nuclear Wasted
815 Matsche, Ben Whiskey Disc
816 Matsoff, Helen Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
817 Matthews, Aaron Omar
818 Mauel, Samantha "MY DISC FELL OFF"
819 May, Laurel Some Taste
820 McCanna, Alicia Compact Discs
821 McClanahan, Jake Tardiscs
822 McCormick, Stephanie Less Cheer, More Beer
823 McCune, Erin Young Bloods
824 McElroy, Scott Respiratory Discstress
825 McFarland, Jeff Northern Exposure
826 McFarland, John You Can't Handle Us
827 McGinley, Andrew Risky Frizzness
828 McGraw, Laura Hammers & Rumpus
829 McGuire, Colin Cheetahs
830 McGuire, Michael Macrocycflick Stacktones
831 McKaveney, Kayla Huckuna Matata
832 McKenzie, Caleb Tardiscs
833 McKittrick, Dane Compact Discs
834 McLaren, Nick Up in the Air
835 McNamara, Ian Omar
836 McNett, Megan The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
837 Mechelke, Ryan Less Cheer, More Beer
838 Mechler-Hickson, Alex Beta Blockers
839 Mehnert, Eric You Can't Handle Us
840 Meier, Madeline Compact Discs
841 Meister, Danny Karl's Feet (Pink)
842 Meixelsperger, Casey Respiratory Discstress Not paid
843 Mellenthin, Ashley Team Ramrod
844 Mentink, Kathy Discombobulated
845 Merkes, Megan Whiskey Disc
846 Merrins, Matthew Hot Pie!
847 Metcalfe, Jordyn Limp Discs
848 Mettel, Kaden Risky Frizzness
849 Mettel, Quinn Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
850 Metzger, Leah You Can't Handle Us
851 Meyer, Ashley The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
852 Michel, Daniel Childisc Gambino
853 Michel, Jake Massive Dump
854 Middleton, Alexis Average Joes
855 Middleton, Chris Average Joes
856 Millen, Annie Hot Pie!
857 Miller, Alex Best Friends Squad
858 Miller, Dan Three Buck Huck
859 Miller, Kayla Macrocycflick Stacktones
860 Milton, Grace Young Bloods
861 Miner, Danny Less Cheer, More Beer
862 Miner, Michael Less Cheer, More Beer
863 Mischke, Danielle Huck Dynasty
864 Misemer, Joseph Less Cheer, More Beer
865 Miskus, Rachel Huckuna Matata
866 Moeller, Ben Huck Huck Goose
867 Moeller, Kayley Huck Huck Goose
868 Mohamed, Liban Old Tomatoes
869 Moktader, Arif Massive Dump Not paid
870 Moll, Ben Young Bloods
871 Mollet, Jordan Ghost Squirrels
872 Monroy, Ivan Huck Lords
873 Montagna, Stephen JAG
874 Morin, Krista GenghDisc Khan
875 Morken, Colleen Beta Blockers
876 Morovic, Brett Young Bloods
877 Mosley, Jessi Less Cheer, More Beer
878 Mosser, Tyler Huck Lords
879 Mount, Meredith Death Throw
880 Moynihan, Kylie Less Cheer, More Beer
881 Mueller, Olivia Frisbee4dayz Not paid
882 Mueller, Olivia Team Ramrod
883 Mukherjee, Rohin Risky Frizzness
884 Mulchrone, Ashley Massive Dump
885 Mulligan, Kieran Siberian Khatru
886 Mumm, Addison 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
887 Mund, Benjamin 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
888 Murphy, Michaela Ruth Badder Disc-burns
889 Murray, Ellen Throwmodynamics
890 Murray, Jacob Tardiscs
891 Myers, Jake Backhand Baddies
892 Nadherny, Weston Best Friends Squad
893 Nashold, Langston Ex Frisbaes
894 Navarro, Yerith Young Bloods
895 Negrin, Samantha Best Friends Squad
896 Nellis, Hadley You Can't Handle Us
897 Nelsen, Lori Frisbeenacci Sequence
898 NElson, Adam Best Friends Squad
899 Nelson, Carl Massive Dump
900 Nelson, Jeff bangerang
901 Nelson, Victoria Huck Huck Goose Not paid
902 Nelson, Victoria Huck Huck Goose Not paid
903 Nelson-Luck, Tiann Hot Pie!
904 Nepper, Julia Omar
905 Nettesheim, Charles Best Friends Squad
906 Neumeyer, Michael Nuclear Wasted Not paid
907 Neupert, Brandon Reckless D-havior
908 Nguyen, Andrew Beta Blockers
909 Nguyen, Frank Throwmodynamics
910 Nicolet, Brianna Huckuna Matata
911 Niess, Spencer Team Ramrod
912 Niggemann, Alissa Sand People
913 Niles, Alyssa Ghost Squirrels
914 Nimmer, Lilly Whiskey Disc
915 Nissen, Josh Three Buck Huck
916 Nissen, Kristin Three Buck Huck
917 Niver, Brian Scotch Ale and APA, Please
918 Nocita, James Nuclear Wasted
919 Norsten, Greg Disc Pics
920 Nortwen, Lucia Young Bloods
921 O'Brien, Bradley The Team Who Must Not Be Named
922 O'Dell, Maggie Siberian Khatru
923 O'Donnell, Laurie Respiratory Discstress
924 O’Neill, Shannon Team Ramrod
925 Oaks, Olivia Siberian Khatru
926 Obua, Andre Beta Blockers
927 Oemig, Otto 12 Inch Discs
928 Oemig, Sarah 12 Inch Discs
929 Ogden, Andrew Hammers & Rumpus
930 Ogden-Nussbaum, Alice Siberian Khatru
931 Ohl, Nick Less Cheer, More Beer
932 Olivas, Danielle 12 Inch Discs
933 Oliver, Carl The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
934 Olson, Aeli Macrocycflick Stacktones
935 Olson, Brant bangerang
936 Olson, Carleigh Karl's Feet (Pink)
937 Olson, Casey Karl's Feet (Pink)
938 Olson, Corey 12 Inch Discs
939 Olson, David Best Friends Squad
940 Olson, Eagan Young Bloods
941 Olson, Ian Thunderpants
942 Olson, Josh Ruth Badder Disc-burns
943 Olson, Katrina Thunderpants
944 Olson, Kory Karl's Feet (Pink)
945 Olson, Mary Karl's Feet (Pink)
946 Olson, Theresa Hammers & Rumpus
947 Oseth, Marek "MY DISC FELL OFF"
948 Osterbauer, Andrew Disc Pics
949 Otis, Shane Some Taste
950 Ottens, Danny Huck Lords
951 Ottens, Dominic Huck Lords
952 Otto, Melissa CUBE
953 Oury, Hannah Tardiscs
954 Owen, Gina Young Bloods
955 Owen, Matt Massive Dump
956 P, Emily Frisbings
958 Paffel, Fred JAG
959 Pahnke, Brittany Frisbeenacci Sequence
960 Paplow, Brittany Frisbee4dayz
961 Paplow, Casey Frisbee4dayz
962 Parkhurst, Ashley Massive Dump
963 Parsons, Bill Discombobulated
964 Parsons, Kristi Compact Discs
965 Parsons, Susan Discombobulated
966 Patterson, Kayla "MY DISC FELL OFF"
967 Patterson, Margaret Childisc Gambino
968 Paulios, Amy Discombobulated
969 PAULSON, SARA Limp Discs
970 Paust, Amien Sand People
971 Paust, Rami A Sand People Not paid
972 Pawley, Maryellen Frisbings
973 Payette, Alexis Frisbings
974 Payne, Amy Average Joes
975 Payne, Jessica Compact Discs
976 Pearson, Zachary 12 Inch Discs
977 Peck, Brian Not paid
978 Peck, Brian Frisbee4dayz
979 Peck, Steve bangerang
980 Pelland, Kayla Throwmodynamics
981 Pennetta, Nicole Massive Dump
982 Penning, Katie bangerang
983 Perkins, Lydia CUBE
984 Pernsteiner, Jessica GenghDisc Khan
985 Perreth, Sam Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back Not paid
986 Perreth, Sam Respiratory Discstress Not paid
987 Perry, Rachel Compact Discs
988 Petersen, Dylan Sand People
989 Peterson, Abby Backhand Baddies
990 Peterson, Katie Huck Dynasty
991 Phelps, Kate Ruth Badder Disc-burns
992 Philibeck, Adam Huckuna Matata
993 Phillip, Abby The Team Who Must Not Be Named Not paid
994 Phillip, Abby The Team Who Must Not Be Named Not paid
995 Phillips, Nick Disc Jockeys
996 Phillips, Rob Macrocycflick Stacktones
997 Piatt, Arthur Up in the Air
998 Pike, Katie Old Ruffians
999 Pinon, Sarah Old Ruffians
1000 Piontek, Jessica Some Taste
1001 Piper, Laurel Disc Pics
1002 Pipes, Mackenzie Literally no one here works at Epic
1003 Pitcher, Travis Frisbee4dayz
1004 Podell, Dan Old Ruffians
1005 Poet, Marshal Macrocycflick Stacktones
1006 Poet, Nicole Macrocycflick Stacktones
1007 Pollen, Cassandra Literally no one here works at Epic
1008 Pollen, Joel Literally no one here works at Epic
1009 Porto, David Karl's Feet (Pink)
1010 Poskin, Zach Massive Dump
1011 Poulin, Joshua Reckless D-havior
1012 Powell, Tommy Reckless D-havior
1013 Powers, Emily Throwmodynamics
1014 Powers, Thorne Risky Frizzness
1015 Pozza, Sarah CUBE
1016 Probst, Daniel Respiratory Discstress
1017 Prom, Alyson Disc Pics
1018 Proulx, Maggie CUBE
1019 Pruett, Jesse Macrocycflick Stacktones
1020 Qin, Frank Massive Dump
1021 Qiu, Vicky Less Cheer, More Beer
1022 Quick, Allison Hold the Disc
1023 Quinn, Clare 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
1024 Quinn, Paul 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
1025 Quinn, Sean Backhand Baddies
1026 Radin, Jonathan Frisbeenacci Sequence
1027 Ramsey, Rachel West Side Slimes
1028 Rand, Jackie Three Buck Huck
1029 Randolph, Alex Less Cheer, More Beer
1030 Randolph, Hailey The Team Who Must Not Be Named
1031 Ranheim, Will Ex Frisbaes
1032 Ravelo, Edu Respiratory Discstress
1033 Raymer, Brianna Omar
1034 Reams, Kendra Hold the Disc
1035 Reddan, Sophia Backhand Baddies
1036 Reddin, Michael Make Cuts, Not War
1037 Reddin, Michelle Make Cuts, Not War
1038 Redovich, Jake Literally no one here works at Epic
1039 Redsten, Genevieve Backhand Baddies
1040 Reece, Stacie Scotch Ale and APA, Please
1041 Reed, Ashton Risky Frizzness
1042 Reeg, Lauren Ghost Squirrels
1043 Reichel, Megan Frisbeenacci Sequence
1044 Reichel, Nick Frisbeenacci Sequence
1045 Reigstad, Ryan Frisbeenacci Sequence
1046 Reigstad, Tessica Frisbeenacci Sequence
1047 Rempel, Sarah Thunderpants
1048 Renforth, Cassie Huck Lords
1049 Reno, Steve Less Cheer, More Beer
1050 Repp, Nic Childisc Gambino Not paid
1051 Rettler, Amy bangerang
1052 Reynolds, Parker Omar
1053 Richters, Grant Karl's Feet (Pink)
1054 Richters, Karl Karl's Feet (Pink)
1055 Richters, Paul Karl's Feet (Pink)
1056 Rifken, Kate Make Cuts, Not War
1057 Riters, Lauren Thunderpants
1058 Ritter, Bryan Huck Dynasty
1059 Ritzow, Max Huck Dynasty
1060 Roach, Ella Risky Frizzness
1061 Robb, Dawson Discombobulated
1062 Roberts, Benjamin 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
1063 Roessler, Nate Siberian Khatru
1064 Roetker, Patrick Ruth Badder Disc-burns
1065 Rohlfing, Jordan Make Cuts, Not War
1066 Romaine, Claire Less Cheer, More Beer
1067 Romero, Amanda Compact Discs
1068 Romero, Jared Compact Discs
1069 Rose, Brady Macrocycflick Stacktones
1070 Rose, Caroline 12 Inch Discs
1071 Rose, Daniel Frisbeenacci Sequence
1072 Rouse, Alex Backhand Baddies
1073 Royea, Jamie Less Cheer, More Beer
1074 Ruesch, Jensen Limp Discs
1075 Rundhaug, Syver The Team Who Must Not Be Named
1076 Rust, Adrienne Team Ramrod
1077 Ryan, Jordan CUBE
1078 Ryan, Nick Respiratory Discstress
1079 Ryan, Roman Respiratory Discstress
1080 Sabatino, Abbey Discombobulated
1081 Sabatino, Connor Discombobulated
1082 Sadecki, Molly Frisbings
1083 Sakai, Jill Mind the Gap Not paid
1084 Sampat, Apoorva Throwmodynamics
1085 Sanborn, Tucker Disc Jockeys
1086 Sandholm, Lily Ex Frisbaes
1087 Sarbacker, Tyler The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
1088 Sarkela, Teresa Compact Discs
1089 Saxton, Tom bangerang
1090 Scalissi, Joey Limp Discs Not paid
1091 Scarpace, Michelle Omar
1092 Schaal, Cady You Can't Handle Us
1093 Scharff, Aaron Huckuna Matata
1094 Scheckel, Teddy Backhand Baddies
1095 Schenkel, Casey JAG
1096 Schewe, Ben Mind the Gap
1097 Schewe, Jim Mind the Gap
1098 Schewe, Ted Mind the Gap
1099 Schieber, Ricky Make Cuts, Not War
1100 Schilcher, Andrew Northern Exposure
1101 Schindler, Lindsey 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
1102 Schleicher, David Karl's Feet (Pink)
1103 Schlickman, Alli Huck Lords
1104 Schmitt, Amanda Team Ramrod
1105 Schmitt, Heather Less Cheer, More Beer
1106 Schmitt, Sarah E West Side Slimes
1107 Schmock, William GenghDisc Khan
1108 Schneberger, ZoeCeleste Backhand Baddies
1109 Schneider, James Nuclear Wasted
1110 Schon, Michael Old Tomatoes
1111 Schottsy, Dance 12 Inch Discs
1112 Schreier, David Hold the Disc
1113 Schuette, Chandler Huck Dynasty
1114 Schultz, Cole Ruth Badder Disc-burns
1115 Schutz, Andy Thunderpants
1116 Schuyler, Zachary Less Cheer, More Beer
1117 Schwarzmeier, Jay Omar
1118 Scott, Tamara Childisc Gambino
1119 Scudder, Joly Childisc Gambino
1120 Scudder, Paul Risky Frizzness
1121 scullion, jadon Hammers & Rumpus
1122 Seim, Gretchen Make Cuts, Not War
1123 Seiser, Caleb CUBE
1124 Seiser, Cameron CUBE
1125 Sellman, Max Ghost Squirrels
1126 Sellman, Olivia Ghost Squirrels
1127 Selm, Kevin Ghost Squirrels
1128 Semrau, Kelli Whiskey Disc
1129 Sender, Joe Sand People
1130 Sepehr, Ryan Huck Dynasty
1131 Shaw, Danielle Frisbee4dayz
1132 Shaw, Lauren Frisbee4dayz Not paid
1133 Shea, Gracie Disc Pics
1134 Sheavly, Erin Throwmodynamics
1135 sheavly, jonathan Throwmodynamics
1136 Sheedy, Connor Literally no one here works at Epic
1137 Sheehy, Lauren Karl's Feet (Pink)
1138 Sheehy, Tom Young Bloods
1139 Sherer, Derrick Not paid
1140 Sherer, Derrick Ruth Badder Disc-burns
1141 Sherf, Cody Average Joes
1142 Sherf, Sarah Average Joes
1143 Sheridan, Jessica Tardiscs
1144 Sherman, Alyssa Huck Dynasty
1145 Sherman, Eric Discombobulated
1146 Sherwood, Tim Disc Pics
1147 Shoemaker, Olivia Risky Frizzness
1148 Shrago, Ben 12 Inch Discs
1149 Sibley, Dave Ruth Badder Disc-burns
1150 Siegmann, Isaac Whiskey Disc
1151 Siewert, Carly Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
1152 Silver, Amy Huck Huck Goose
1153 Simmons, Aaron Throwmodynamics
1154 Simonis, Tara Up in the Air
1155 Sippl, Stefanie The Team Who Must Not Be Named
1156 Sisson, Grace Cheetahs
1157 Slaughter, Calvin You Can't Handle Us
1158 Slaymaker, Laura Three Buck Huck Not paid
1159 Slusser, Danielle The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
1160 Smearsoll, Kevin Respiratory Discstress
1161 Smedema, Daniel bangerang
1162 Smith, Dusty Ruth Badder Disc-burns
1163 Smith, Jennifer Make Cuts, Not War
1164 Smith, Jessica Sand People
1165 Smith, Jordan Karl's Feet (Pink)
1166 Smith, Mark 12 Inch Discs
1167 Smith, Megan Team Ramrod
1168 Smith, Nick Cheetahs
1169 Smith, Ryan Team Ramrod
1170 Smith, Sarah Team Ramrod
1171 smits, taylor Whiskey Disc
1172 Smyth, Karmen Young Bloods
1173 Snider, Mark Frisbee4dayz
1174 Sobczak, Gabe Beta Blockers
1175 Sobotik, Atzie Disc Jockeys Not paid
1176 solari, jaden West Side Slimes
1177 Sorenson, Erika Cheetahs
1178 Spatola, Syd Huck Lords
1179 Speicher, Jordan Respiratory Discstress
1180 Sperstad, Ben Ghost Squirrels
1181 Spevacek, Nicholas Risky Frizzness
1182 Spoehr, Ben Old Ruffians
1183 Spoerke, Justin GenghDisc Khan
1184 Sponseller, Nicole You Can't Handle Us
1185 Sprecher, Alicia JAG
1186 Spyker Mechelke, Annette Less Cheer, More Beer
1187 Srebnick, Taylor Sand People
1188 St Germain, Ashlea Tardiscs
1189 St Peter, Bridget Omar
1190 St Peter, Joe Omar
1191 Staats, Alexander Frisbeenacci Sequence
1192 Stahlke, Ryan Team Ramrod
1193 Stanton, Jack Childisc Gambino
1194 Stanton, Jessica Huck Huck Goose
1195 Starkman, David Huck Huck Goose
1196 Statz, Amber Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
1197 Statz, Branden Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
1198 Statz, Tom JAG
1199 Stecha, Sam Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
1200 Steier, Tyler 12 Inch Discs
1201 Stein, Zane West Side Slimes
1202 Stenklyft, Max Childisc Gambino
1203 Stephan, Karl Risky Frizzness
1204 Stepien, David Compact Discs
1205 Stevens, Zach Team Ramrod
1206 Stewart, Erik Risky Frizzness
1207 Stilwell, Matthew Omar
1208 Stolzenberg, David 12 Inch Discs
1209 Stravinski, Greg Frisbeenacci Sequence
1210 Stroman, Andrew Frisbings
1211 Stroud, Devyn Best Friends Squad
1212 Stump, Tyler Literally no one here works at Epic
1213 Stutz, Ella Frisbeenacci Sequence
1214 Sullivan, Carynne You Can't Handle Us
1215 Sullivan, Kelsey Scotch Ale and APA, Please
1216 Sumiarta, Jahan Backhand Baddies
1217 Sund, Nicky Best Friends Squad
1218 Sunde, Adam GenghDisc Khan
1219 Susuki, Kristen Thunderpants
1220 suy, anthony Team Ramrod
1221 Svaglic, Nate Scotch Ale and APA, Please
1222 Swanson, Zach Less Cheer, More Beer
1223 Sweno, Kim Omar
1224 Swenson, Alexander Nuclear Wasted
1225 Swenson, Kyle Risky Frizzness
1226 Swiecichowski, Valerie Huck Lords
1227 Swietlik, Chris Make Cuts, Not War
1228 Szalewski, Jenna Huck Dynasty
1229 Taber, Andrew You Can't Handle Us
1230 Tacey, Sean Throwmodynamics
1231 Talmo, Dan Northern Exposure
1232 Taves, Jay Hold the Disc
1233 Taylor, Ingrid Thunderpants
1234 Taylor, Kathy Hot Pie!
1235 Taylor, Russell Thunderpants
1236 Templeton, Nick JAG
1237 Terrien, Christine Literally no one here works at Epic
1238 Terrien, Philip Literally no one here works at Epic
1239 Teschendorf, Scott Karl's Feet (Pink)
1240 Tewatia, Harleen Ex Frisbaes
1241 theisen, paul CUBE
1242 Thelke, D''Laney 1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk
1243 Thieleke, Amy Up in the Air
1244 Thomas, Matt Macrocycflick Stacktones
1245 Thomey, Madeline Siberian Khatru
1246 Thompson, Catherine Ex Frisbaes
1247 Thompson, Jeremy Old Tomatoes
1248 Thompson, Lauren Ex Frisbaes
1249 Thompson, Ryan Frisbee4dayz
1250 Tiedt, Jason Disc Pics
1251 Timm, Makayla Huck Lords
1252 Toland, David JAG
1253 Tomesh, Garett Reckless D-havior
1254 Toniolo, Maria Scotch Ale and APA, Please
1255 Tourtillott, Abby Limp Discs
1256 Townsend, Liz Beta Blockers
1257 Tran-Le, Anh Bao Hold the Disc
1258 tremlett, stephen Average Joes
1259 Trent, Nick Some Taste
1260 Trimborn, Sarah Reckless D-havior
1261 Tucker, Jeffrey Less Cheer, More Beer
1262 Turco, Anne CUBE
1263 Turner, Dan Disc Pics
1264 Umhoefer, Heidi Disc Pics
1265 Underwood, Scott Frisbings
1266 Vaccaro, Sophia Siberian Khatru
1267 Vafadari, Nicole Make Cuts, Not War
1268 Van Beek, Cory Compact Discs
1269 Van Dyke, Nick Huck Huck Goose
1270 Van Handel, Carol Northern Exposure
1271 Van Haren, Ben Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
1272 Van Haren, Michael Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
1273 Van Lehn, Reid Throwmodynamics
1274 Van Leuven, Mary Make Cuts, Not War
1275 VandenLangenberg, Nick Literally no one here works at Epic
1276 Vanderleest, Clay Whiskey Disc
1277 Vang, Jerry Avengers: The Later Years
1278 Vang, Lee Avengers: The Later Years
1279 Vang, Mai Kou CUBE
1280 Vang, Sheng Avengers: The Later Years
1281 Vasiljevic, Eva bangerang
1282 Vasta, James Tardiscs
1283 Vera, Jessica CUBE
1284 Verbrick, Amanda The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
1285 Vicen, Emma "MY DISC FELL OFF"
1286 Vicen, Nathan "MY DISC FELL OFF"
1287 Vig, AJ The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
1288 Vils, Travis Omar
1289 Vishnevsky, Maria Up in the Air
1290 Voelkel, Amber Whiskey Disc
1291 Vogel, Cyrus Thunderpants
1292 Vogel, Kara Thunderpants
1293 Voichick, Jon Thunderpants
1294 Vorel, Justin Cheetahs
1295 Votava, James Ruth Badder Disc-burns
1296 Waagbo, Kacie Team Ramrod
1297 Wagner, Annie Disc Jockeys
1298 Wagner, Kelly Cheetahs
1299 Wagner, Nikki Less Cheer, More Beer
1300 Wagner, Patrick Whiskey Disc
1301 Waite, Amber Sand People
1302 Wala, Jeff Respiratory Discstress
1303 Walczak, Jordan Some Taste
1304 Waldschmidt, Zak Huck Lords
1305 Wales, Chris Omar
1306 Wales, Philip Omar
1307 Walesewicz, John Whiskey Disc
1308 Walter, Zak Siberian Khatru
1309 Waner, Alex Ruth Badder Disc-burns
1310 Wangelin, Sam GenghDisc Khan
1311 Ware, Isaac Frisbings
1312 Warlick-Short, Caitlin Thunderpants
1313 Warlick-Short, Ian Thunderpants
1314 Warnell, Brittany Literally no one here works at Epic
1315 Warren, Rob The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0
1316 Wassink, Joanna Hold the Disc
1317 waterman, andy Three Buck Huck
1318 Waters, Elizabeth Throwmodynamics
1319 Watson, Michal Discombobulated
1320 Watson, Nathan Huckuna Matata
1321 Watson, Tristan Huckuna Matata
1322 Way, Kati Childisc Gambino
1323 Webster, Jessica Nuclear Wasted
1324 Weigel-Sterr, Kyanna Limp Discs
1325 Weigel-Sterr, Rysa Reckless D-havior
1326 Weijola, Caitlyn Some Taste
1327 Weisensel, Emily Huck Lords
1328 Weiser, Julia Hold the Disc Not paid
1329 Weiss, Jaden West Side Slimes
1330 Weiss, Nathan Less Cheer, More Beer
1331 Weister, Kelsey "MY DISC FELL OFF"
1332 Welsch, Jackie Sand People
1333 Welsh, Evan bangerang
1334 wendt, sophie Limp Discs
1335 Wesenberg, Dylan JAG
1336 Westler, Scott Siberian Khatru
1337 Whalen, Caroline Some Taste
1338 White, Kyle Team Ramrod
1339 White, Nick Hammers & Rumpus
1340 White, Payden Beta Blockers
1341 White-Pentony, Austin Northern Exposure
1342 Whitebay, Eric Tardiscs
1343 Whitney, Bianca Whiskey Disc
1344 Widger, Martha Massive Dump Not paid
1345 Wieben, Mia Ex Frisbaes
1346 Wiedenhoeft, Finwe Ex Frisbaes
1347 Williams, Stephanie Hammers & Rumpus
1348 WIlliams, Stephon You Can't Handle Us Not paid
1349 Wilson, Chandra Average Joes Not paid
1350 Wilson, Hannah Death Throw
1351 Wilson, Ian Massive Dump
1352 Wilson, Jake Northern Exposure Not paid
1353 Wilson, Scott Mind the Gap
1354 Wisniewski, Rachel Karl's Feet (Pink)
1355 Witmer, Andrew Scotch Ale and APA, Please
1356 wollaeger, jack Backhand Baddies
1357 Wood, Mercede The Team Who Must Not Be Named
1358 Wratney, Brian Hammers & Rumpus
1359 Wright, Ethan Young Bloods
1360 Wu, Kelly You Can't Handle Us
1361 wunderlin, dustin Some Taste
1362 Xiong, Nou Soua Avengers: The Later Years
1363 Xiong, William Avengers: The Later Years
1364 Yang, Cha Avengers: The Later Years
1365 Yang, Shownfu Avengers: The Later Years
1366 Yee, Jeremiah Mind the Gap
1367 Yee, Michael You Can't Handle Us
1368 Yen, Ethan Tardiscs
1369 Yogarajah, Branavan Mind the Gap Not paid
1370 Youngblut, Dan Less Cheer, More Beer
1371 Yslas, Emily Old Tomatoes
1372 Zach, Nathan JAG
1373 Zappia, Dominic Ex Frisbaes
1374 Zettersten, Martin CUBE
1375 Zettler, Sydney Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back
1376 Zietz, Taylor Risky Frizzness
1377 Zimmerman, Bryan Tardiscs
1378 Zunker, John Disc Jockeys
1379 Zunker, Will Disc Jockeys
1380 Zydowicz, John Ghost Squirrels