Spring League 2019 > MW Men

Games are ON for tonight April 17th. Please be aware that all play MUST STOP at first sight of lightning.

If have any questions, please email mufa.leagues@gmail.com.

LeagueRegistration StartRegistration EndRegister
MW Women3/15/20194/3/2019Register
MW Men3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Tuesday Women - coached3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Tuesday Men3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Thursday Womens Recreational3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Thursday Men3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Thursday Coed Adv. Draft3/15/20194/4/2019Register
Thursday Coed Rec3/15/20194/2/2019Register