Spring League 2019 > MW Women


The last two games for Spring league will be held on May 27th and May 29th.

Spring League All Star Game is on May 31st at Demetral field. The womens game is at 6 with the mens game at 7:30. Pizza and beer/soda will be available for all spring league participants. Guests are asked for a $5 donation to attend. 
 Please nominate one person from your team to play in the all-star game. You should poll your team for willingness/ability to play in the game. Captains are to respond once your team has made their decision.

LeagueRegistration StartRegistration EndRegister
MW Women3/15/20194/3/2019Register
MW Men3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Tuesday Women - coached3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Tuesday Men3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Thursday Womens Recreational3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Thursday Men3/15/20194/3/2019Register
Thursday Coed Adv. Draft3/15/20194/4/2019Register
Thursday Coed Rec3/15/20194/2/2019Register