Summer League 2018 > Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR

Aug 23 - all remaining championships and consolation championships are optional for today. Games are scheduled for 6:30 pm. . Contact your opposing captain to ensure the game will happen.

Tier 1 consolation - Northstar 1

Tier 2 winners bracket championship - Manchester 1

Tier 2 consolation - Sandstone 1

Tier 3 winners bracket championship - Stoner Prairie A

Tier 3 consolation - Sandstone 2

Tier 4 winners bracket championship - Manchester 2

Tier 4 consolation - Northstar 5

Tier 5 winners bracket championship -  Northstar 6

Tier 5 consolation - Manchester 3

Tier 6 winners bracket championship - Midtown 1

Tier 6 consolation - Midtown 2

Tier 7 winners bracket championship - Midtown 3

Tier 7 consolation - Hiestand 1

Tier 8 winners bracket championship - Hiestand 2

Tier 8 consolation -  Northstar 2




View the brackets using the link next to your Group on the standings page.

Summer League Finals will take place at Breese Stevens Field on Wednesday, August 22nd. Free food and drink for all summer league participants. Guests can get food and drink ($5 donation suggested).


Fall League info here:


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What’s new:?
1. New Gender Ratio rules for Tuesday/Thursday league
2. Monday/Wednesday League uses the same gender ratio rules as 2017
3. Men can now play on more than 1 team (the same as women)
4. New subs policy
5. Teams will select which of the swiss divisions they think their team will play at rather than rate their team on a 1-10 scale.
6. Teams need to be created before players sign up
7. Use for all league related questions

More details:
1. New Gender Ratio rules for Tuesday/Thursday league:

Tuesday/Thursday League will switch to alternating the gender ratio every 2 points from 4/3 men/women to 4/3 women/men.?

2. Monday/Wednesday League will remain with the 2017 rule which is teams alternate deciding on the gender ratio every point. Monday/Wednesday captains can choose to use the new rule of alternating the gender ratio every 2 points if they choose. ?

This will allow some teams who don’t feel they can meet the stricter requirement for 2018 to play in Monday/Wednesday for one more year. In 2019, Monday/Wednesday league will use the same rule as the Tuesday/Thursday League.?
As always, captains can agree to use whichever gender ratio rules they like if they both agree on it.?

3. Men can now play on more than 1 team (the same as women)?

Men can play on more than 1 team so the rules for men and women are equal. Players of either gender can play on one Monday/Wednesday team and one Tuesday/Thursday team.?

4. New subs policy:?

In order to make it easier to get subs for summer league, each team will be allowed 2 permanent subs that can be used anytime they have less than 5 players of a gender available at a game. You cannot use these subs if you have 5 or more regular roster players playing in the game. These subs official sign up on a team as a sub. Teams need to inform the opposing captain of their use of the subs, but the opposing captain has no say in their eligibility. They can automatically play. These subs must be on other summer league teams and they can be in the same league. Subs cannot be used in the playoffs. Any subs used in the playoffs must have the other captains permission first. Their is no additional cost to players to be subs on other teams.

In the past, it can be hard to round up subs at the last minute if the opposing captain might veto them and it sometimes puts the opposing captain in an awkward position. ?

With all the leagues functioning as Swiss Leagues, adding extra strong players to your teams doesn’t benefit your team as much anymore because if you win then it just makes your next games harder if your extra strong players don’t show up.
5. Teams will select which of the swiss divisions they think their team will play at rather than rate their team on a 1-10 scale:

In the past, there are teams who get confused about the 1-10 scale which is equivalent to a percentile of where they finished the previous year. ?

This year we will use the easier rule of just selecting which Swiss division their team is expected to play in. If your team finished in the 2nd group last year then select that as your starting point. It’s identical to selecting a league such as Rec C in the old system years ago.?

6. Teams need to be created before players sign up so players can select their team:?

This will reduce problems with people who enter the wrong team password or sign up for the wrong league and not check back to see if they ended up on their team until it’s too late for the short order. They still need a team password, but they also need to select the team they are signing up for.?