Summer League 2017


5/1/20176/30/2017Swiss Adv/Intermediate/Rec TR
5/1/20176/30/2017Swiss Intermediate/Rec MW

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Registration will be $49. All participants who register on time will receive a jersey and a disc. Each team receives two complimentary pitchers at The Great Dane after each game.

Men may play in one league.

Women may play in both leagues.

Registration will open around May 1, specific date and time TBA. Anyone who registers before May 15 will get a shirt and disc as long as their team has the required minimum players registered and paid. Teams need to have 6 men and 6 women paid by May 15 in order to participate in Summer League. If a particular night fills to team capacity, teams will be accepted first come/first serve based on when they had the 12 people required for a roster.

When a team registers, the team captain will have the ability to select a preference for both game start time (6:00/7:30/either) and side of town (West/East/both). Schedules will be made to meet preferences as much as possible, but teams will likely have games outside of time or location preference.

Parks in use this year (subject to change):

West – Blackhawk, Flagstone, Manchester, Midtown Commons, Sandstone

East – Burr Jones, Elvehjem, Glacier Hill, North Star, Olbrich, Orlando Bell, Secret Places, Veterans Memorial

Central (Both) – Baxter, Olin, Swan Creek, Stoner Prairie


2017 Rule Change

Late last year, WFDF (the World Flying Disc Federation) evaluated a variety of rules intended to promote gender equity in the mixed division. Those proposals can be read about at the following link:

In previous years, MUFA Summer League operated under a 4:3/3:4 offense decides rule. This means the receiving team on each point chose which ratio with which the point would be played. For the coming two years, MUFA will be adopting the WFDF proposals for mixed ratio.

For 2017 (this season), MUFA Summer League will operate under an endzone decides rule. After the initial flip, a second flip will happen with the winner designating a specific endzone “End Zone A”. For the first half, the team that starts each point in End Zone A, regardless as to whether they are receiving or pulling, will decide the ratio for that point. For the second half, the opposite end zone will be used for each point.

In 2018 (next season), MUFA intends to switch to a prescribed ratio. After the initial flip, a second flip will happen with the winner selecting the ratio for the first point (4:3 or 3:4). After that point, the ratio will flip for the second and third points. After the third point, the ratio will flip back again. The ratio will flip every two points for the rest of the game. (Halftime has no effect.) Teams will no longer select a ratio throughout the game; the ratio will rotate automatically.

We believe this pair of rule changes will help support gender equity in our summer league, and move us towards a true mixed experience.

Ringer Rule 2017:

You are a ringer if you are under 35 as of June 1, 2017 and have played at college or club nationals, or have played on a professional roster. You are a ringer if you are currently on a professional roster.

Ringer Limits:

TR Swiss: 3 ringers of each gender on the roster, 2 of each gender on the field

MW Swiss: 2 ringers of each gender on the roster, 2 of each gender on the field